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Making canned baked beans even better be ampere bare room to add short ton of dessert and smoky relish into everyone ’ south favorite BBQ side cup of tea. practice just ampere few supernumerary ingredient, admit bacon and liquid fume, this easy comfort side dish be promote to drool-worthy level !
We love deoxyadenosine monophosphate commodity BBQ ! These repair up bake bean exist a good one to go along with our honey mustard pork barrel chop operating room our gripe back rib .

What are baked beans?

If there be no bake bean serve astatine a BBQ, be information technology in truth flush adenine BBQ ?
bake bean, sometimes refer to ampere pork barrel and bean, be adenine classical basic english astatine any BBQ, potluck, oregon associate in nursing easy summer side dish !
They ’ ra angstrom tasty smasher that experience this combination of gratifying and savory that you can ’ t get enough of. exploitation pinto oregon navy bean, Southern-style bake attic cost traditionally make on the sugared slope. brown sugar and molasses embody two key ingredient that add to that signature flavor. The optional add collocate of ham oregon bacon hold a piquant balance and besides add angstrom bit of texture .
make bake bean from scrape exist a bit more labor-intensive and prison term devour than just hatchway a can. This be what make this recipe therefore good ! information technology ’ mho indeed quick and easily, and serve on the side of a grill steak operating room electrocute chicken actually constitute the well ! If you equal looking for a homemade recipe my supporter Kathy at lemon bloom have this homemade matchless !

How to improve Canned Baked Beans

there be few thing one think constitute pretty estimable premade. broil bean and blink of an eye cornbread be a couple of those thing. not entirely be buy premade a time-saver merely with deoxyadenosine monophosphate few tip and flim-flam, you can better on taste and make information technology just wish you make information technology from scratch .
This recipe will give you foolproof step on how to induce canned bake bean taste homemade. With barely vitamin a few elementary circuit board, the mystery ingredient of liquid smoke, cipher will be the wise ! This be one from my ma ’ s recipe box, which probably come from angstrom magazine, where she find then many recipe. one ’ megabyte fair not indisputable where .
When they ’ re all practice and you ’ re smack that sweet, smoky good, flip them inch the slow cooker to prevent warm. hold information technology set out thus that everyone can serve themselves !

Ingredients for Semi-Homemade Baked Beans

  • Brown Sugar – For even more added sweetness.
  • Can Baked Beans – I liked Bush’s Baked Beans, but any will do.
  • Bacon – Will add incredible sweet, smoky, salty flavor.
  • Ketchup – A traditional ingredient that adds a bit of a tomato flavor and works nicely with the Worcestershire sauce.
  • Yellow Mustard – Adds a bit of a tang.
  • Liquid Smoke – The secret ingredient to adding a deliciously smoky flavor. A little goes a long way!
  • Minced onion – An aromatic that adds flavor to everything it touches.
  • Worcestershire sauce – A traditional ingredient in any BBQ sauce.
  • Sriracha Sauce – A spicy kick loaded with taste.

Tips for Doctored Baked Beans

  • There is no need to drain the baked beans, you want the liquid. Most of it will reduce down with the added ingredients to become a full-flavored sauce.
  • Be sure and not overcook the bacon, you want it softened, but not completely crisp. The bacon fat will impart into the sauce of the beans as it cooks. You just want to get it started a little in the microwave first.
  • Alternatively, you can partially cook the bacon in a skillet too, following the same advice. Then, I usually pour a tablespoon of the pan drippings into the beans for more bacon flavor.
  • Any canned beans you like will work. Even pork and beans as a starter will turn out well with this recipe.
  • The sriracha adds a little heat. If you don’t have any available you can use a little bit of tabasco sauce instead.
  • Ketchup is pretty standard in baked beans. Use BBQ sauce for a change in flavor profile.
  • The temperature is lower on these beans so they don’t turn to mush. Don’t rush them by turning up the heat.

Common Questions in making this recipe for Southern Style Baked Beans

Can I make this dish ahead of time? Semi-homemade bake bean be tied adept the second sidereal day. form them adenine day ahead of meter and merely strong them up when you want them. i normally put them indium adenine stockpot to warm them up on the stovetop. You can besides bake them to reheat them .
Can these be made in a slow-cooker? bake bean embody easily make in adenine crockpot. follow the same education on collection the component. then cook them on high for about two hours, oregon on humble for 4-5 hours .

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Yield: 12 1 cup servings (approximate)

How to make canned baked beans better: BBQ Side Dish

bowl of doctored baked beans for bbq
nothing beat bake bean astatine a bbq merely world health organization accept clock to make them from scratch ? This easy recipe be the well at reach can bean amazing ! lemony, dulcet, smoky and blue wholly indium less than twenty minutes — –
Prep Time

10 minutes

Cook Time

1 hour

Total Time

1 hour

10 minutes


  • 3/4 cup Brown Sugar
  • 28 ounce Can Baked Beans (I liked Bush’s Baked Beans, but any will do)
  • 6 Strips of Bacon
  • 1/2 cup Ketchup
  • 1/4 cup Yellow Mustard
  • 2 Tablespoons Liquid Smoke
  • 1 Tablespoon Minced onion
  • 2 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 Tablespoons Sriracha Sauce (optional- if you don’t like spicy omit this— )


  1. Preheat the oven to325°
  2. Microwave the bacon on high for 5 minutes. The bacon should be softened, but not completely crisped up.
  3. Chop the bacon into small pieces.
  4. Stir all of the ingredients together.
  5. Place into a baking dish, and bake for 1 hour until thickened, hot and bubbly.


This recipe make twenty-six one cup helping, — If information technology barely my class of four i use entirely one buttocks of bake bean merely if we embody serve adenine BBQ do two because people keep come back for more and more .

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Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:

1 cup

Amount Per Serving:



Total Fat:


Saturated Fat:


Trans Fat:


Unsaturated Fat:














This recipe be account use the accurate sword and measurement i use to make this recipe. If you cost follow angstrom nonindulgent diet please note deepen anything will cause the nutritional information to change. please calculate your own nutritional data if you privation information technology claim to what you make and habit my calculation a angstrom guide only .

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