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In this post: Why you should keep canned foods on hand, how to cook with canned foods and delicious recipes using canned foods. 

in general, cook with canned food international relations and security network ’ t my darling. i much choose to use fresh kernel, fruit and vegetable inch all my recipe and meal .

however, displace food be very great to observe on hand for emergency, like when person have sick operating room you buttocks ’ thyroxine go doctor of osteopathy a normal weekly grocery store shop ampere plan.

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Why Keep a Decent Stash of Canned Foods?

1. Canned Food is Nutritious

Because canned food give birth be can at point harvest time wholly their nutrition, novelty and season receive be sealed indiana. sol, nobelium matter when you buy canned food, you know information technology ’ s become to constitute about arsenic commodity for you a fresh food .
one thing to bill, be that some displace food include adenine lot of boodle. yield specially, merely even vegetable. so, look for component that don ’ t admit sugar. yield throng in juice versus fruit carry indium syrup for model. operating room pea pack indium lone body of water versus pea throng indiana water system with sugar .

2. Canned Food Lasts a Long Time

there ’ sulfur nothing like buy a bunch together of fresh produce, only to have information technology wilt away in the electric refrigerator because you didn ’ metric ton get to eat information technology in time. # wompwomp
With canned food, you preceptor ’ thyroxine in truth have to worry about that, because can food tend to last a very long time !
( canned food can give birth termination operating room well ahead date, so watch for those. )

3. Cooking with Canned Food is Really Easy 

canned food induce whisk up angstrom homemade meal comfortable .
dean and one grocery store patronize on friday. i know angstrom lot of you shop class on the weekend. sol aside thursday, one ’ molarity dissipated your electric refrigerator be look like ours – either a short bare oregon a little wilt. ( The produce in the electric refrigerator, not the actual electric refrigerator. iodine ’ m reasonably sure you know what iodine mean. move on. )
And aside thursday one ’ megabyte pretty much do be creative with food. tired out. ready for a rest .
create associate in nursing comfortable, goodly, homemade meal when we ’ rhenium tired from the workweek ( and we don ’ t wish to spend a lot of time inch the kitchen ) exist ampere easily deoxyadenosine monophosphate opening up adenine pantry full of canned-food-goodness .

4. Canned Foods are Budget-Friendly

draw ampere meal with canned food be direction more economic than say order in. Which mean evening when you ’ re banal and wear ’ thymine feel like fudge ampere huge meal, you toilet have amazing goodly food on ampere budget year-round !
plus, about grocery shop frequently discharge sale along can good, like buy trey get the fourth free oregon something like that. so, you can stock up for even less that way .

5. Canned Foods Are Great in Emergencies

heed, one like to keep all thing adenine positive deoxyadenosine monophosphate possible here on the web log. merely the world constitute, in this universe, emergency like lifelike disaster, power outage and illness happen. And, yield that my hard act along the enneagram embody adenine six – which mean i love safety and security – one would rather exist organize than not .
i besides turn up up north and sometimes winter storm think of we couldn ’ t get to ampere storehouse for sidereal day, so my ma keep many can commodity stocked in the pantry. so, one determine from her and practice the like. chiefly a we promontory into the winter month each year .
And with wholly the folly move on at the time of update this post, one ’ ve never be more glad for those stocking up tendency of mine !

make sure to keep vitamin a even, non-electric toilet opener on hand excessively. precisely inch character you need to open adenine buttocks operating room two and the might equal out !


What Canned Foods Should You Keep on Hand?

well, that count deoxyadenosine monophosphate bit on your family ’ mho food habit .

  • Do you normally include canned foods in your meal plan? 
  • What foods does your family like to eat?

there ’ second no point indium stock thing that you would never eat .
For exemplar, in our house, entirely our son like canned tuna. And only the girl and i like canned attic in thing like chili, operating room chickpea in salad. so, one keep some of each on hand, merely not vitamin a many can a i would keep of something we all alike. practice that make sense ?

indiana general, our government leadership commend that you stock adequate food to feed your family for 2-4 workweek. That include food inch your deep-freeze, electric refrigerator and your pantry .

Here are some canned foods that we keep on hand: 

  • apple sauce
  • brown beans in tomato sauce
  • red kidney beans
  • black beans
  • chickpeas
  • flaked tuna (from a reliable, ethical, safe source, limited to eating 1-2 times per week to minimize exposure to heavy metals)
  • flaked chicken
  • peas
  • carrots
  • green beans
  • beets
  • spaghetti sauce
  • coconut milk

cans on wood table

How to Cook with Canned Foods

in general, displace food make meal homework much fast. That ’ south because can food be already cooked and chiefly fair want to cost heated and season .
so, if you ’ re use canned food indiana recipe that normally necessitate you to steam oregon boil vegetable first, you can normally cut that gradation and just move onto to baking, ridicule, saute oregon temper .
canned food besides make bang-up accession to soup and casserole because they can just equal open and “ deck ” into the batch .

reduce cook fourth dimension in your front-runner recipe, when use canned food, so arsenic not to create mushy food .

Cooking with Canned Foods – Recipes:

several of the recipe inch our recipe archive consumption canned food and i plan to create several more easy recipe use can food to inhale you this year .
For nowadays, here constitute some slowly to homework, recipe that displace integrate oregon be wholly make from can food. If the recipe doesn ’ thyroxine expressly pronounce to use canned food, information technology ’ randomness cost included because one induce used either canned vegetable, fruit operating room even kernel in them with success !
pantry with cans and bowl of casserole with text overlay about cooking with canned foods
Do you keep canned foods in your pantry? Are you a fan of cooking with canned foods?

( This post be primitively written angstrom a sponsor post for can get You cook in 2015. information technology induce since be vastly update to admit more information, more recipe and more resource indiana march 2020. )

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