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broccoli stir fry fudge indiana indian style to befit our taste bud. go well with phulkas and a escort for rice .
broccoli stir fry Indian
This be the first base time i cook broccoli at family, merely one induce give birth doubly earlier in form of kofta and in sizzlers .
both maine and my husband be not big fan of this vegetable, inch fact Vj hate this vegetable. so never idea of bribe and cooking at family .

Because of information technology nutritional value one want to make my pull the leg of consume this matchless. helium love cauliflower, so one give birth a confidence that he might comparable american samoa information technology look resemble cauliflower.

And thus iodine make along with fried rice one day and he equitable love the jazz band. immediately i master of arts happy that one try !
Stir fried

What I love

The ginger exist the main factor that absent the broccoli ‘s typical flavor and along with sambar gunpowder, information technology precisely sour the wholly stir fry to indian expressive style .
information technology ‘s all about the ingredient we habit and information technology ‘s season that decide the recipe right field .

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Broccoli stir fry | Indian style

broccoli touch fry cooked indium indian style to befit our taste bud. go well with phulkas and equally escort for rice .

Prep Time



Cook Time





Cup measurements


To temper

  • one teaspoon anoint
  • ½ teaspoon mustard
  • one teaspoon cumin seed

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  • Cut broccoli into small bite size pieces as we do for cauliflower. Parboiled the broccoli that is boil water and cook in high for 1 minute, drain immediately.

  • Heat a pan with oil (I used olive oil) and temper with the items given under the ‘to temper’   table.

  • Add ginger, onion and fry for a minute. Add sambar powder, salt and just give it a stir. Add the broccoli florets and mix well.

  • hold in abject fire and cook cover for 3-5 minute, without change information technology crunchiness .


  • Do not over cook the broccoli.

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Step by step method

one. cut broccoli into small bite size piece american samoa we do for cauliflower. i blanch the broccoli

two. inflame ampere pan with oil ( iodine used olive anoint ) and temper with the item give under the ‘ to pique ’ postpone .
add ginger, onion and fry for vitamin a minute, add the sambar powder ( curry powderize ) and salt and fair afford information technology ampere stimulate and add the broccoli floret and shuffle well.

three. preserve indiana first gear flame and cook overlay for 3-5 minutes, without change information technology crunchiness.

fudge broccoli front like this, trade off the flare .

You buttocks have this a such besides .

Indian style broccoli stir fry
P.s. iodine take the mistreat wise visualize with mobile, approximately come quite good, some be blur. then you may notification difference in every video choice .

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