Whole Masoor Dal | Brown Lentils – Instant Pot/Stovetop

Masoor DalBrown Lentil Curry
Enjoy this delicious & healthy Whole Masoor Dal, also known as Brown Lentils Curry, made in the Instant Pot or Stovetop Pressure Cooker. Vegan & Gluten Free.
Masoor Dal made in instant pot served over rice in two bowls along with onions, tomato and rice solid Masoor Dal is besides popularly known as Brown Lentils or Sabut Masoor ki Dal. These are basically whole bolshevik lentils which are popular all over the world .
We make this Whole Masoor Dal identical much for dinner. It goes perfectly with rice, naan or roti/paratha. This dekaliter can be made in the moment pot or a stovetop blackmail cooker. I love the convenience of making lentils in a atmospheric pressure cooker, as they cook so cursorily and are about hands detached.

If you are newfangled to the instantaneous pot, check out this promptly frame-up scout .

What are lentils?

Lentils, besides known as Dal or Dhal are a miniskirt legumes. They are a dear source of protein, roughage and minerals .
There are many varieties of lentils such as scandalmongering ( moong and toor ), fleeceable ( moong ), crimson ( masoor ), brown ( solid masoor ) and black ( urad ) lentils .

Whole Masoor Dal / Brown Lentil Nutrition

These lentils are a rich source of dietary fiber and 11 grams of protein. They contain nine substantive amino acids, which makes them a democratic source of protein for a plant based diet .
Brown lentils hold their condition well while cooking. After cooking, brown lentils have a fantastic creamy texture. Brown lentils are besides easy to cook and make a bang-up main dish such as a dress, stews or soup .

How to make Whole Masoor Dal in Instant Pot?

Let ‘s start with gathering the ingredients. I use brown lentils, onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, greens chili capsicum and spices to make the dekaliter .
Ingredients for sabut Masoor Dal

  1. Rinse the brown lentils in water and chop the ingredients. You do not need to soak these lentils.
  2. Heat the instant pot in Sauté mode and add oil to it.
  3. Then add cumin seeds, onions, ginger and garlic. Saute for about 2-3 minutes.
  4. Then add tomatoes and spices. Stir and sauté for another 2 minutes.
  5. Now we are ready to add the lentils and water. Then pressure cook for 12 minutes at high pressure.
  6. After the cooking time is done, let the pressure release naturally. If you are in a hurry, you can also release pressure manually 10 minutes after the instant pot beeps.

Whole Masoor Dal in Instant Pot Step 1 Sauté onionsWhole Masoor Dal in Instant Pot Step 3 add rinsed brown lentilsWhole Masoor Dal in Instant Pot Step 2 add tomatoes and spicesWhole Masoor Dal in Instant Pot Step 4 Add water and stir Stir in the calcium hydroxide juice and trim with coriander .
Oh … the lentils are absolutely cooked and so creamy !

Masoor Dal ready in instant pot

How to make Whole Masoor Dal in Stovetop Pressure Cooker?

traditionally, lentils were first base boiled in a coerce cooker and then mix with tempering ( tadka ) made in a child pan. however this recipe makes whole Masoor Dal as a one-pot recipe .
Follow the lapp steps as above. In the stovetop pressure cooker, cook for 3-4 whistles ( about 12 minutes ) and let the blackmail unblock naturally .
Masoor Dal ready in pressure cooker Enjoy Whole Masoor Dal with Basmati Rice, Roti / Paratha or Naan .
We like to pair Masoor Dal with a vegetable raise fry along with the rice on the side. Some options for stimulate fry vegetables that would go well with this dekaliter – Aloo Gobi, Bhindi Masala ( Okra ) or Cabbage Peas .
Masoor Dal made in instant pot served in a bowl along with onions, tomatoes

You will love this Brown Lentil Curry:

√ It is easy to make and goodly
√ Uses simple ingredients that you will have in your pantry .
√ Vegan and Gluten barren

√ Creamy and delightful, arrant to serve over rice !
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