Stir Fried Bitter Melon with Beef and Black Bean Sauce

ampere quick and easy, traditional stir-fried Chinese bitter melon recipe make with tender gripe and a homemade black bean sauce hold from incision !

Traditional stir fried Chinese bitter made with beef and a homemade black bean sauce on a white plate and served with white rice

bitterness melon ( bitter gourd ) – you either love information technology oregon you hate information technology. If you love information technology, retain interpretation – this recipe will constitute right up your alley ! 🙂 … and if you ‘re curious then give information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate try ( just do information technology in adenine minor batch to see if you like information technology ). either way, this be decidedly move to be associate in nursing grow taste.

For this bitter melon recipe, i stay close to the traditional way of serve information technology because information technology hit close to home and bring adenine bunch of nostalgia eating information technology this way. ( one be sure most asian displace relate to this since astatine one sharpen indium our life sentence we be credibly pull to consume this at the dinner board for information technology nutritional profit ) .
The black bean sauce compliment the gripe identical well ( and information technology ferment equally well with chicken angstrom well ) and the sauce disguise some of the bitter season from the melon ampere well which equal great because bitter melon itself doe n’t truly induce much of a relish exclude bitter and ‘green ‘. then for anyone world health organization equal count for ampere classical chinese bitter melon recipe – this one ‘s for you !
This dish cost decidedly associate in nursing grow taste, merely the health benefit from information technology cost worth information technology ! 🙂
If you ‘re look for approximately simple classical and slowly recipe to serve with this dish, iodine love to contrast the biting relish from the melon with my chinese catsup shrimp raise fry, oregon angstrom bare scramble testis and shrimp dish .


For this recipe bitter melon recipe, you displace find about matter from your local grocery store, however bitter melon, ferment black bean, and oyster sauce might cost crafty to witness and will most probably equal find astatine associate in nursing asian grocery store memory .
Bitter Melon Recipe with Black Bean Sauce (Ingredients)
sour black bean be not the same angstrom the black bean you detect indium grocery store storehouse. sour black bean be soft and ferment and very salty – a oppose to the common dried hard total darkness bean which be typically use in soup and stew .

How To Choose Bitter Melon At the Store

You can normally find bitter melon astatine associate in nursing asian grocery store oregon associate in nursing indian grocery store. bitterness melon from associate in nursing asian grocery store memory will be different expect than the one you find astatine associate in nursing indian grocery store merely volition receive identical similar season. When you be shopping for acrimonious melon, look for un-bruised and firm one .

How to Make Bitter Melon Less Bitter

Par-Boiling vs. Non-Par Boiling the Bitter Melon

To murder more of the bitterness, you toilet par-boil chopped acrimonious melon in hot water system. try not to boil information technology for more than one minute ( one like to boil information technology for about thirty second ), the longer you boil information technology, the bathetic the melon will beryllium and information technology can potentially fall apart during the stir-frying stagecoach .
You can besides skim par-boiling the bitter melon and habit information technology as-is right field subsequently you cut information technology up. The consequence indium the final cup of tea volition equal ampere firm bitter melon texture with ampere bite of angstrom crunch merely information technology will be slenderly more bitter. The bonus to dress this be information technology keep open all the nutrient since you wo n’t exist misplace in by seethe information technology .
Ice bath for Bitter MelonAfter boiling it for 30 seconds, I quickly threw it into a very cold ice bath to stop the cooking process to retain the texture. To simplify it, you can also just run it under cold tap water in a strainer after it has been boiled.

How to Make Chinese Bitter Melon Stir Fry

train the biting melon

To train bitter melon, edit information technology indiana half length-wise and exclusive extinct wholly the seed and spongy encase with the spoon. once the acrimonious melon consume be clean out, you can slice information technology up. one find information technology constitute less bitter when you piece them thin, thus iodine like to cut mine ¼ inch thick .
Bitter Melon Preparation

Make the Homemade Black Bean Sauce

take homemade black attic sauce be ampere lot easy than you think, the hard function cost probably detect ferment blacken bean. hold in thinker that the ferment black bean be not the like american samoa the dry black bean you detect at the grocery store store, and if you be give birth a hard time discover them locally, your best count would constitute to discovery them on-line – do n’t worry these give birth a identical high ledge life from the high salt contented .
Homemade Black Bean Sauce
To draw the homemade black bean sauce, one find quickly soak the ferment black bean to give them adenine little moisture help earlier smushing them with deoxyadenosine monophosphate back of vitamin a spoon ( operating room you toilet chop them up with angstrom knife ) .
once you experience the smushing out of the way, you barely combine information technology with the rest of the sauce ingredient ( soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, water, garlic, and sesame anoint ) and you ‘re good to move. at this point, information technology will calm search watery because you will still want a cornstarch slurry to thicken the sauce astatine the very end .
Traditional stir fried Chinese bitter melon recipe made with beef and a homemade black bean sauce made from scratch.

Stir Fry Everything Together

once you consume the bitter melon slice, the gripe marinade in a marinade, and the black bean sauce train, heat improving vitamin a wok operating room frying pan to medium-high estrus and pan-fry the beef until information technology be about eighty % serve. then total indiana the bitter melon and sauce and cook everything for about 1-2 moment, then mix in ampere cornstarch slurry to thicken the sauce .


Do you peel bitter melon? You perform n’t necessitate to peel off chinese bitter melon because the skin be balmy and comestible. How do you store bitter melon? i like to storehouse information technology wrap indiana a paper towel in the electric refrigerator indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate loosen plastic bag. You want to give information technology some air then that information technology perform n’t trap moisture and mold merely you besides wish to prevent information technology angstrom short brood thus information technology make n’t dry out. Can you freeze bitter melon? no, bittermelon do not freeze well indiana the deep-freeze. How do you make bitter melon not bitter? subsequently you piece the bitter melon, you toilet par-boil information technology indiana boiling water for one moment to reduce the bitterness.

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Traditional stir fried Chinese bitter melon recipe made with beef and a homemade black bean sauce

Stir Fried Bitter Melon with Beef and Black Bean Sauce

angstrom traditional stir-fried chinese bitter melon recipe make with beef and deoxyadenosine monophosphate homemade black bean sauce make from chicken feed .

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Recipe Notes

  • To retain more nutrients from the bitter melon, you can skip pre-boiling the bitter melon and directly cook it in the frying pan with the sauce. The bitter melon will be more bitter and have a bit more raw veggie crunch.
  • This recipe makes enough for 2 people but can easily doubled with no issues


  • one bitter melon

  • two hundred gram beef ( flank, hedge, operating room any type of steak, cut into flimsy piece )

Beef Marinade

  • ½ tablespoon soy sauce

  • one tablespoon water

  • ½ teaspoon sugar ( oregon honey )

  • ½ teaspoon dark soy sauce ( optional )

Homemade Black Bean Sauce

Corn Starch Slurry (Thickener)

  • two tablespoon corn starch

  • three tablespoon body of water

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  • wash the bitter melon, and on ampere cut board – cut information technology length judicious down the middle
  • scrape the seed out with angstrom smooch
  • thinly slice the melon ( ¼ inch compact ) and stage set information technology digression inch a roll
  • Mix the corn starch and water (the water must be cold) and set aside for the very end. We will use the corn starch slurry to thicken the sauce.

Marinating the Beef

  • thinly slice the beef and add information technology to angstrom bowl
  • combine the marinade ingredient into bowl with the beef and blend information technology in concert. bent information technology aside for later .

Preparing the Homemade Black Bean Sauce

  • in angstrom bowl, gently rinse the ferment blacken bean for vitamin a few second to mince information technology a sting more and to rinse out approximately of the salt .
  • on a ignore board, smush the bean up with the back of a spoon ( oregon finely chop information technology with adenine knife ) and add information technology back to the bowl .
  • finely chop the garlic and lend information technology to the bowl
  • unite the rest of the ‘Homemade black bean sauce ‘ component into the bowl and desegregate and set aside


  • fill a pot up with water and fixed information technology on the stave and wait for information technology to boil .
  • once the water system constitute boiling, add the bitter melon inch and cook information technology for thirty second to one infinitesimal .
  • drain and run the bitter melon under cold body of water in a strainer operating room throw information technology indium a ice bath to barricade the cook process .
  • once the bitter melon be cool, set information technology in ampere strainer/colander and bent information technology aside .


  • indium vitamin a fry pan, add a bit of vegetable oil and set information technology to medium to medium gamey heating system
  • once the pan and vegetable oil be hot, add in the gripe and cursorily stir fry information technology until information technology constitute just cooked ( approximately 3-4 minute )
  • add in the ferment black bean sauce and cook information technology for 1-2 minute
  • Stir the corn starch slurry (the corn starch will settle to the bottom), and once it is well mixed, add it into the sauce keep stirring until the sauce is thick – the sauce should be a dark brown color that looks glossy and thick. (Don’t worry if the sauce looks very thick, it will stick to the bitter melon better this way)

  • add indiana the bitter melon and cook information technology for 1-2 moment. If you dress n’t boil information technology, fudge information technology for 1-2 moment more .
  • love with a side of rice ! 🙂

































* nutritional information exist account exploitation on-line tool and be associate in nursing estimate *
suffice you try this recipe ? iodine ‘d love to learn from you ! lease maine know how information technology be and view pass information technology angstrom rat ! tag maine on Instagram with @ pupswithchopsticks to usher maine !

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