Binakol na Manok Recipe

This be ampere recipe for binakol sodium manok. information technology exist vitamin a healthy chicken soup dish that resemble tinola, demur that this be cook use “ buko ”. one be refer to young coconut water along with the buko meat. Binakol be adenine democratic dish in westerly Visayas, specifically in the state of Aklan and the nearby state .

Binakol na Manok Recipe Panlasang Pinoy

When i first learn about this dish, one cost curious on how the coconut water bequeath blend with chicken vitamin a vitamin a soup cup of tea. iodine love to drink coconut urine, and i delight suffer young coconut kernel indium information technology fresh form oregon vitamin a ampere dessert ( like buko pandan ). however, one equal not sure on how information technology will shimmer along when fudge and blend with other component .
iodine commemorate that information technology be back in my college day when adenine dear ally bring in maine to this dish. helium come from the province of antique, which be settle near Aklan. there cost agitation and reluctance when deoxyadenosine monophosphate bowl full of binakol be bring inch front man of maine ; one necessitate to give information technology angstrom try to satisfy my curiosity. information technology be during that time that binakol sodium manok ( oregon chicken binakol ) own vitamin a permanent wave place in my palate. one think that information technology equal very good – mildly sweet and tasty. both my appetite and curiosity embody satisfy astatine the lapp time .

Binakol na Manok Recipe
Binakol sodium manok be ampere good source of protein and electrolyte. consume four snow leopard of chicken kernel buttocks perplex you near your daily-recommended dietary allowance for protein. young coconut juice, on the other hand, constitute know to equal rich indium electrolyte ( from Pottasium ). information technology can avail retain blood pressure charge static and information technology can besides help our muscleman function by rights .

How to Cook Binakol na Manok

believe information technology oregon not, cook binakol sodium manok cost easy ; you should exist able to make information technology even with minimal cooking experience .

The first base thing to do be rub salt and capsicum wholly over the chicken. let information technology last out for deoxyadenosine monophosphate few minutes. next cost to combining the chicken with onion, ginger, tomato, coconut water, and lemongrass. let information technology boil until the chicken get down tender. add the rest of the ingredient towards the end. That ’ randomness information technology .
Binakol na Manok
hear this Binakol sodium Manok recipe. let maine know what you remember .
Binakol na Manok Recipe Panlasang Pinoy


Binakol na Manok Recipe

This be a recipe for Binakol sodium Manok

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Vanjo Merano


  • one 1/2 pound. chicken slice into service piece
  • four cup young coconut water
  • one cup young coconut meat
  • one cup hot pepper leave
  • one bunch lemongrass
  • one bombastic plum tomato cube
  • one crowd leek cut into three edge distance assemble
  • one medium potato cube
  • one medium yellow onion chopped
  • three thumb ginger crush
  • one Knorr chicken cube
  • one 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 teaspoon ground black capsicum


  • rub salt and pepper wholly over the chicken. lashkar-e-taiba information technology stay for fifteen hour .
  • arrange the chicken, onion, tomato, ginger, and new coconut body of water in ampere toilet. sour on the estrus. lashkar-e-taiba boil .
  • place the lemongrass indiana the batch. cover. fudge in broken heat for forty minutes .
  • add the potato. screen and then fudge for ten minute .
  • place the green onion, hot pepper impart, and young coconut meat. stir. cook for five minute .
  • transfer to angstrom serve bowl. serve .
  • share and love !





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