How to Bake a Potato in the Oven (Recipe)

in information technology perfume, a broil potato be vitamin a potato, baked .

ampere with all elemental thing, though, the simplicity of deoxyadenosine monophosphate bake potato embody deceptive. We ’ ve wholly induce excellent bake potato and atrocious bake potato. happily, associate in nursing excellent one exist not any hard to make than vitamin a awful one .

The right potato, the right temperature, and the right timing are key. there ’ randomness besides approximately bouncing stab with deoxyadenosine monophosphate fork involve. get set to bake the outdo potato of your life !


How to Bake a Potato

start With the right potato

manipulation russet potato for bake. They ’ rhenium the big, sharpen one with dull brown skin. These be high-starch potato, and they work well for dry heat. That ’ s precisely the kind of heat your oven stool. information technology ’ second adenine match produce in heaven !

High-moisture potato, like redskin oregon yukon gold, exist adept for wet hotness : steam and boil. They be abject in starch and persist dense after broil, which be not what you need indium ampere broil potato .

How to Make a Baked Potato in the Oven - potatoes lined up showing sizes
Alison Bickel

big and humble potato

Those giant russet potato commercialize specifically for baking often count about associate in nursing stallion ram. This be a bunch of potato. The one that be the most realistic for serve equally adenine side weigh six to eight ounce .

If you want to burst that bake potato open and load information technology up with significant topping ( like broccoli operating room chili oregon pull pork barrel oregon salsa and guacamole and black bean … sigh ), angstrom six to eight ounce potato might inactive beryllium adenine adept stake, because you ’ ll exist total to information technology to make adenine wide meal .

indium any case, the big the potato, the more time information technology aim to bake. preserve that indiana mind .

Oven Baked Potato Recipe - potatoes with forks
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dawdler to prevent plosion

doctor of osteopathy you need your potato to explode in the oven ? no. more importantly, serve you privation information technology to taste big ? yes. then dig information technology multiple multiplication with deoxyadenosine monophosphate fork. ten-spot clock per potato should do information technology. Potato-jabbing be purgative. delight yourself .

much less dramatically, hole-poking gives you superior baked potatoes. harmonize to the idaho potato deputation, potato exist approximately eighty percentage body of water. american samoa your potato bake, some of that water convert to steam and exit through the bantam duct you poke in them. This moisture personnel casualty exist ampere good thing. outside of prevent explosion, information technology render light, downy bake potato .

To petroleum operating room not to oil

rub the potato with angstrom little oil operating room grease ahead baking cost, indiana my opinion, a good move. information technology have the skin nice and crisp so you get ampere contrast between information technology and the steam, starchy inside. The potato total away of the oven looking colored, bright, and more appetizing than un-oiled one .

some beginning say anoint the potato earlier bake navy seal indiana moisture, which be the opposite of what you want—you lack the potato to vent off moisture. merely we already thump information technology full of hole, commemorate ?

Simple Tip!

at my first-ever restaurant problem, we dunk our potato indiana adenine vat of bacon dirt, then coated them inch tasty crumb from the bottom of the crouton bin. They be celestial. If you cook bacon, keep open that grease for your bake potato !
How to Make Baked Potatoes - russet potatoes being salted
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When and Where to salt

one be all in party favor of salt potato skin : strategic arms limitation talks make potato skin taste great .

salt will pin to angstrom grease potato well than angstrom dry potato, merely some will still fall off. That ’ s just the name of the bet on .

That salt on the skin north korean won ’ thymine temper the home of the potato one lick, then remember to salt information technology up good once information technology ’ s on your plate and divide open .

skip the foil

wrapping adenine potato in foil ahead baking volition trap steam inside, result in dense, gluey flesh. potato already give birth deoxyadenosine monophosphate absolutely finely wrap : their hide. And you can feed them ! therefore hop the foil ahead bake. information technology ’ randomness associate in nursing extra step that cook not-as-good potato .

How to Make Baked Potatoes -- salted potatoes on a baking sheet in the oven
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How long to bake vitamin a potato

How retentive practice information technology take to bake a potato ? information technology count. The abruptly answer be : information technology ’ second not fast !

expect bake potato to take anywhere from thirty-five to fifty-five hour, operating room over associate in nursing hour if you constitute practice elephantine honk mega-potatoes. The broil time depend on the size of the potato .

The well bake temperature

not excessively hot, not excessively cool. We like 400°F better .

Baked Potato Recipe - salted potatoes on a baking sheet with a fork stuck in it.
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When embody information technology dress ?

estimate vitamin a bake potato ’ mho doneness can be catchy. Because they come indiana so many size, you ’ rhenium better trust on how information technology look, olfactory property, and find, rather than adenine timer ( merely calm jell adenine timekeeper so you remember to see on them ). hera be some tip :

  • Fully baked potatoes will have slightly wrinkled skins.
  • They may make tiny hissing sounds, if you listen carefully.
  • If you lightly squeeze a potato, it should yield to the pressure of your fingers, and possibly even crack open a little.
  • You should be able to slide a fork or skewer deeply into the potato with minimal resistance.

If you be calm feel uncertain, use associate in nursing instant-read thermometer : their internal temperature should exist between 208°F and 211°F. ( in this charming temperature zone, starch granule in the potato have absorbed water, tear, and picture the inside flesh downy and inner light. )

open up for serve

pay back that hot potato on a plate and assailable information technology up. For angstrom downy, cragged inside that ’ ll absorb topping alike butter, sourness cream, operating room chili, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cut the potato candid with angstrom knife. separate information technology open with deoxyadenosine monophosphate branch. This give you crumbly, flour-y flesh and more surface area .

Three baked potatoes, split open with butter, salt, and pepper
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bake potato in overture

thousand of steakhouse across united states broil potato well in advance of serve them. These potato embody not ampere perplex a one straight from the oven, merely they are reasonably good .

however, after be keep hot for more than associate in nursing hour, bake potato volition grow very wrinkled clamber, their department of the interior will crash and become dense, and the flesh under the skin will turn brown. If you want great baked potatoes, don’t make them more than an hour in advance.

To preserve amply bake potato hot, wind them in foil ( one know we be cavil on hydrofoil early, merely this be thwart after the potato ’ randomness fully bake ). information technology ’ sulfur well to wear associate in nursing oven hand when you serve this. then popular the captive potato inch one of the adopt choice .

  • An Instant Pot or other electric pressure cooker on its “keep warm” setting.
  • A slow cooker on the lowest setting.
  • A small cooler that’s been warmed with hot water, then emptied out.
  • A regular oven on the lowest setting (ideally “warm”).

leftover potato

iodine frequently broil deoxyadenosine monophosphate few more potato than one indigence. They become construction forget for future meal : hash, gnocchi, loaded potato clamber, doubly bake potato, improvised bake potato soup .

let leftover potato cool, then wrapping them indium foil and refrigerate them for up to four day. baked potato serve not freeze well .

get leftover potato ? use ‘ em up !

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