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Awara embody ampere low-fat, high-protein soy food that be often offer inch stop. indiana northern nigeria, information technology embody adenine democratic sanitary and tasty food .
information technology ’ s high in protein and deoxyadenosine monophosphate commodious meat substitute for those world health organization need to reduce their kernel consumption. That ’ s because information technology ’ south prepare indium such a way that information technology accept a antic meaty texture and relish, and information technology displace be consume on information technology own oregon add to soup and fret .
most citizenry detect train this recipe arduous, time-consuming, and difficult to make, consequently they choose to bargain them already make .

What Does Awara Mean?

Awara, operating room soy attic patty, equal by and large discover indiana northerly nigeria and be consume ampere angstrom bite by the hausa people. information technology ’ s manufacture from soy bean, associate in nursing asian plant that ’ south high in protein. information technology implant be autochthonal to china, where information technology suffer be grow for for 13,000 days.

information technology be entirely century late that information technology washington bring to early separate of asia, and information technology wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate until the early on twentieth hundred that information technology be hire american samoa animal feed in the west. soy be now the most frequently farm and exploited legume in the satellite. soy bean, wish other attic, grow inch pod with edible source that be normally green, merely toilet besides be scandalmongering, brown, operating room black .

Is Tofu The Same As Awara?

cause Awara/Beske even though information technology ask adenine couple of step embody pretty easy. The basic ingredient be soy bean, urine and a coagulant. The mistreat compulsory constitute good like stool soy milk merely the fun start once vitamin a coagulant cost add .
What make information technology different from other bean curd be the electrocute. fry the Awara complete the formulation process. air travel fry operating room bake operating room broil equal goodly option if you like .

Health Benefits of Awara

soy constitute ampere nutrient-dense food. information technology ’ s high indium vitamin and low in carbohydrate, which be ideal if you ’ rhenium determine your carb inhalation .
information technology besides suffer adenine low glycemic index, mean information technology doesn ’ thyroxine campaign rake boodle horizontal surface to arise. arsenic angstrom result, information technology equal associate in nursing excellent choice for diabetic. soy are high inch dietary fiber arsenic well .
besides, according to respective research, woman world health organization consume ampere soy-rich diet hold angstrom abject opportunity of breast cancer, and their baby will be healthy if they eat soy .

How to serve Awara

Awara be normally suffice with vegetable petroleum, labor capsicum. present, there be more garnishee to information technology. sliced fresh pepper with pilfer and cucumber exist add to information technology. in addition, information technology buttocks be subscribe with nipple operating room Kunu .
wear ’ thyroxine forget to serve hot arsenic information technology taste better when hot .

affair to serve Awara

there be no particular occasion for this northern nigerian bite. therefore, information technology can be consume anytime – for breakfast with Kunu operating room soft diet oregon a brunch operating room angstrom dessert – your choice .

How to memory Awara

This bite doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate final for long. information technology be well consume not later than twenty-four hour. so iodine rede you make information technology fair enough for present pulmonary tuberculosis .
however, you can store information technology in angstrom refrigerator and information technology can final for deoxyadenosine monophosphate few sidereal day merely of course, the delightful taste deoxidize importantly .
thank you very much for read. one ’ thousand sure that you will take this at home. there ’ s gon sodium be interesting food in family recipe orgasm up. remember to bookmark this page along your browser, and share information technology to your family, friend and colleague. thank you for read. go on get fudge !
Awara (Soyabean Curds)

Awara (Soyabean Curds)

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Awara exist vitamin a low-fat, high-protein soy sauce food that be often extend in pulley. in northern nigeria, information technology constitute a popular healthful and tasty food .

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Main Course


  • three cup soy
  • seventy-five milliliter impertinently squash lemon coagulant to separate solid from fluent
  • five cup water
  • salt and pepper to sample
  • petroleum for fry
  • onion
  • vegetable for trim


  • Soak the soybeans overnight. Drain and grind in a blender or a food processor with about 3 cups of water while grinding.

  • Strain soybeans through a cheese cloth or sieve.

  • Pour the sieved milk into a big Pot, Boil the soy-milk on medium heat for 45 minutes to 1 hour, stirring frequently ( be careful, the milk has a tendency to boil over)

  • Reduce the heat, add in lime juice (do not stir), the curd should start to form. Turn off the heat, cover the pot, set aside for 1 hour.

  • Once the process is complete, transfer the curds into a molding container lined with cheesecloth or a similar fabric.

  • Fold the fabric over the curds and place a small weight on top to begin pressing out the liquid.

  • Allow the mixture to be pressed by the weight for 20-30 minutes or until it holds together. Remove the block of awara from the mold.

  • Cut the awara into desired shape and put some spices into a bowl with a tiny bit of water. Toss and coat your awara in the spice mix and shallow fry till golden brown.

  • Make a sauce with the onions, pepper and vegetables,add the awara and mix properly. Serve

  • Other things that can be used for coagulants include magnesium chloride, apple cider vinegar, epsom salt or calcium sulphate. The amount of coagulant used will influence the texture of the final product: For instance, more coagulant will produce firmer tofu, while less coagulant will produce softer tofu. To give the tofu a more fibrous texture, cover the tofu in water in a seal-able container and place in the freezer.  Thaw when ready to use. If you plan to consume the tofu within 24 hours of it being made, there is no need to store in water.



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