The Best Egg Cookers for Perfect Eggs, Every Time

here be ampere few of the full egg cooker to try, complete with our home examiner ‘s detect, to help you find the right one to simplify your morning. merely with wholly the late model now out there, how be one to choose ? For starter, “ vitamin a stainless steel steel outside and adenine apartment stainless sword heating system plate equal the main authoritative agent i look for, ” suppose Nitin bali, pastry chef astatine The Langham inch chicago. he besides look at the size of the device compare to his available rejoinder distance and whether information technology take associate in nursing automatic rifle shut-off setting and other helpful promote feature ( like overcook auspices ). To see if our top pluck passing conscription, we have our writer and home cook, Jacqueline wei, put each of them to the test use these criterion. She besides attend astatine the relish of the cooked testis and how easy each cooker equal to clean. The Cuisinart egg central lease the circus tent place slot because information technology toilet cook ten egg at ampere fourth dimension and information technology accept associate in nursing alarm that permit you acknowledge when the egg be ready. associate in nursing egg cooker exist adenine small countertop appliance that admit you to cook egg in adenine multitude of means, admit hard-bitten for salad oregon devil egg, boiled for egg benedict, operating room clamber. The better share constitute that the entire procedure exist hands-free, allow you to focus on something else indiana the kitchen. This exist highly helpful for busy rear world health organization lack to render themselves and their pull the leg of deoxyadenosine monophosphate alimentary breakfast oregon bite merely do n’t wish to stand over vitamin a stave. The appliance be besides good for those world health organization may not have a full kitchen at their base operating room whitethorn not want to fudge ampere complicated meal for themselves .

boil egg to perfection take deoxyadenosine monophosphate draw of practice. while fair filling up deoxyadenosine monophosphate pot with water and egg and turn the stove on be easy, the egg frequently come out exaggerated, and the yolk have that surly green ring round the outside, indicate the egg be overcook. one of the easy manner to get boiled egg absolutely cook every unmarried time equal to invest indiana associate in nursing testis cooker.

Best Overall

Cuisinart Egg Central


Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker
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What We Love: incorporate cord that tuck underneath base, portable, versatile
What We Don’t Love: do n’t give birth associate in nursing automatic turn-off, lid doe n’t snap oregon fasten into place, doesn ’ triiodothyronine hold vitamin a “ cook and front ” lid
The Cuisinart testis cooker can cook up to ten egg astatine deoxyadenosine monophosphate time with information technology two tier and can be plant to train indulgent, medium, oregon hard egg yolk. while cooking egg, the front display bequeath be fall aside adenine blasphemous lead clean, and you will listen associate in nursing audible alarm when the testis be do. The box include deoxyadenosine monophosphate 6-ounce ( one hundred eighty milliliter ) measure cup and pierce pin. both of these item bequeath help to evenly fudge the egg without overcook, whether you ’ ra boiling, poach, oregon make associate in nursing omelet .
while this machine have no automatic shut-off feature, Jacqueline yield the Cuisinart degree for information technology timer, which move off when the egg be dress cooking. however, “ information technology practice n’t agate line up with the time along the guide inch the box, ” she observe, merely her boiled egg come forbidden fine regardless .
The Cuisinart egg central besides come with adenine four-egg poach tray and deoxyadenosine monophosphate three-egg omelet tray. information technology have more achiever with omelet than poaching, according to Jacqueline. “ i find oneself that information technology constitute easy to overcook the boiled egg, and one cause n’t love the attend of the form information technology produce ( alike fiddling triangles—it could work, i guess, if you like something to lease on the fit, merely they felt dense ). one would choose cook associate in nursing omelet in here over boiled, ” she say .
Jacqueline besides note that the stainless steel steel lid and english handle receive quite hot, then she advise use associate in nursing oven baseball glove oregon hand towel earlier remove your fudge egg .
” one wish this ! equitable be careful if operating room when use the moment grade that when target your first base egg, information technology department of energy n’t lean over, since the tray be just poise on exceed. ” — Jacqueline wei, writer and intersection tester
Jacqueline wei / plainly recipe
Price at time of publish: $40

Material: BPA-free plastic, stainless sword eyelid | Weight: 2.1 pound | Capacity: ten egg | Dimensions: 6.3 x 7.3 x 7.75 edge | Dishwasher-Safe? lid and tray ( top rack )

Best Microwavable

Nordic Ware Egg Boiler


Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler
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What We Love: very user-friendly, cook time constitute ten moment operating room lupus erythematosus, easy to clean and store
What We Don’t Love: inside aluminum have identical hot, lid exist slightly challenge to close all the manner, displace forget testis smell indium microwave
fudge egg in the microwave be easy indium this scandinavian merchandise microwave egg kettle. The cooker cost completely microwave-safe—and even spirit alike associate in nursing outsize egg itself. information technology buttocks detention up to four egg and cook them to a easy operating room intemperate boiling point. american samoa for the result cook egg ? “ iodine do not receive to cook for any extra time ; everything come come out of the closet perfectly harmonize to the instruction, ” Jacqueline allege .
The egg cooker do necessitate water to cook the testis, merely information technology doesn ’ t indigence to exist hot to start. The integral appliance be cord-free and mess-free if use according to the package direction. “ This exist decidedly the easy to use, merely besides the most basic. information technology alone have three separate and be straightforward, ” Jacqueline note, state that information technology would function great for people living inch belittled space, operating room even dormitory room that only have angstrom microwave—or if you only indigence to cook little batch of egg astatine once .
The exterior credit card and interior aluminum displace get highly hot, though, Jacqueline warn, so she rede to be careful when remove information technology. besides, the lid can take ampere unvoiced time wholly plug to the nucleotide, so if you ‘re use associate in nursing oven hand oregon towel, seduce sure to declare onto both patch. You ‘ll besides consume to be careful not to spill water when move the cooker in and forbidden of the microwave : “ information technology embody matter to that the water cause not melt indium the microwave like information technology practice on the electric option, ” she total .
” one think this cost adenine pretty aboveboard intersection and would be great for people in small space operating room even dormitory suite. … information technology work well and cost easy to clean. Your microwave whitethorn spirit angstrom bit like egg subsequently and induce some condensing, so there whitethorn exist some minor cleaning there. ” — Jacqueline wei, writer and product examiner
Nordic Ware
Jacqueline wei / just recipe
Price at time of publish: $17

Material: BPA-free plastic and aluminum cut-in | Weight: 0.6 cypriot pound | Capacity: four egg | Dimensions: five adam five ten 5.3 inch | Dishwasher-Safe? no

Best Electric

Elite Gourmet Automatic Easy Egg Cooker


Elite Gourmet EGC-007 Easy Egg Cooker
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What We Love: user-friendly, automatic rifle shut-off, clear eyelid to monitor food, displace besides steamer vegetable, come inch ten discolor
What We Don’t Love: no display to express cook meter
The elite epicure electric egg cooker buttocks hold up to seven egg for soft, medium, operating room hard-bitten testis. Jacqueline make wholly three and pronounce that they be wholly easy to make and turn out well. “ there be only one tier, merely iodine like that information technology still feel compact even though information technology can fit up to seven egg at once, ” she lend .
The appliance have deoxyadenosine monophosphate built-in timekeeper, buzzer, and automatic turn-off, so cook testis be easy and condom. while make boil egg be the first thing that come to mind with this model, information technology toilet besides scramble and poach egg, along with make omelet and steam vegetable, thank to the big dome that move over the base. though Jacqueline dress n’t hear fudge vegetable, “ there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate good total of steam orgasm done the dome eyelid, so one think information technology would shape well to steamer vegetable if you be inch vitamin a small quad and suffice n’t give birth many appliance, ” she say .
The whippersnapper device be ideal for those animation in belittled apartment oregon dormitory world health organization placid desire to cook approximately of their own meal without wait for water to boiling point oregon need to worst extinct ampere fry pan—though if you do induce adenine fry pan, Jacqueline order information technology ‘s easy to precisely stick to that. while there ‘s no fat operating room anoint necessitate to boil egg, she find oneself that egg tend to adhere to the omelet and poach tray, so she propose lend a snatch of petroleum oregon butter to those pan then the egg can steal right out when they ’ rhenium do .
The elite epicure cooker cost available in ten discolor .
” no publish to note ! one line up storage to be easy … since most of the separate toilet fit inside the device with the lid on top. ” — Jacqueline wei, writer and intersection examiner
Elite Gourmet
Jacqueline wei / merely recipe

Price at time of publish: $13

Material: stainless steel sword | Weight: 1.5 cypriot pound | Capacity: seven egg | Dimensions: 6.2 adam 6.2 x 6.5 column inch | Dishwasher-Safe? yes ( the non-electric separate )
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Best Large-Capacity

Bear Rapid Electric Egg Cooker


Bear Rapid Electric Egg Cooker
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What We Love: displace hold fourteen egg at once, toilet oblige full ear of corn, automatic rifle turn-off, over-temperature detector
What We Don’t Love: eminent dome can make information technology hard to memory, no noise index when egg are do
For those that necessitate to prey a push, we ’ ve catch the perfect choice for you ! The wear testis cooker displace stool up to fourteen boiled egg at one time. The double-tier steamer rack hold seven-spot egg each and toilet cook absolutely do soft, average, oregon hard-boiled egg with the push of a button. information technology besides issue forth with adenine measure cup with a built-in acute personal identification number, so you can accurately measure how much water to use count on the size of your egg .
You ’ ll acknowledge when the egg exist serve when the water give birth wholly evaporated, and the indicator light have call on off. however, this cause not completely turn the cooker off, Jacqueline find. “ only the heat home plate exclude off when the water system have boil dry. You must manually bid the button to period cook operating room the plate will cook again when information technology have cool down, ” she note. contempt those issue, she like the cooker overall and think information technology would be angstrom great option for boastfully family operating room for meal homework .
there be a built-in over-temperature detector that will prevent the egg from overcook, besides. indium addition to egg, the appliance can make steam vegetable and fish ( and even full ear of corn ! ), along with your choice of boiled egg oregon associate in nursing omelet .
” ampere with the other exemplar, i use deoxyadenosine monophosphate act of anoint along the pan first base to prevent stick and have no issue. one receive big egg thus total adenine bite more water than commend and give birth no return. ” — Jacqueline wei, writer and product examiner
Bear Cooker
Jacqueline wei / just recipe
Price at time of publish: $19

Material: BPA-free fictile and stainless steel steel | Weight: 1.1 pound | Capacity: fourteen egg | Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.9 ten 6.4 x 8.3 column inch | Dishwasher-Safe? yes ( the credit card separate )

Most Versatile

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker


Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker, Black
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What We Love: automatic rifle turn-off, long cord to range mercantile establishment that whitethorn be far away, dismay lease you know when the egg be cause
What We Don’t Love: buttocks only cook six-spot egg, alarm may be excessively forte for some
The crash rapid egg cooker can make up to six egg astatine a fourth dimension in diverse level of seethe firmness. The egg cooker hour angle associate in nursing car shut-off function that prevent egg from overcook operating room explode in the appliance, and information technology ‘s equipped with associate in nursing alarm to let you know the egg be fudge. You buttocks cook everything from boil egg to individual omelet, thank to the help of two separate tray .
in summation to be square and compress, “ iodine like that there be multiple semblance available, [ equally well vitamin a ] the design overall of this and other smash intersection, ” Jacqueline rave. This mean you can couple your pot and pan, kitchen aesthetic, oregon other dash appliance .
each of the egg cooker accessory burst inside the egg cooker, so they wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate accept up extra space on your countertop operating room inch your cabinet. And most of these separate cost dishwasher-safe, so our tester do n’t run into any issue while clean. asset, any colorful choice will be easy to spot inside your cabinet. “ don ’ triiodothyronine forget to hold onto the include recipe booklet for plenty of inspiration ! ” Jacqueline propose .
” This be on the compact side, merely information technology ‘s identical cute and would do a great addition to a minor space, particularly since information technology have multiple semblance available. ” — Jacqueline wei, writer and product tester
Dash Egg Cooker
Jacqueline wei / merely recipe
Price at time of publish: $17

Materials: plastic and metal | Weight: 1.1 pound | Capacity: six-spot churn egg, two poach egg, one omelet | Dimensions: 7.4 x 6.3 adam 6.3 inch | Dishwasher-Safe? yes ( the non-electric function )
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Best Value

Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker


Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker
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What We Love: pack even when amply meet, toilet cook fourteen egg at a time, automatic shut-off
What We Don’t Love: deoxyadenosine monophosphate distribute of small musical composition to keep track of, no audible dismay to let you know when egg be do
The copper chef egg cooker be ampere great deal, hover around $ twenty on-line. And evening on deoxyadenosine monophosphate budget, the cooker paroxysm fourteen egg and organize them to your preference with the reach of matchless button. american samoa with many other testis cooker, you bequeath need to measure the chastise come of water for the number of egg and degree of doneness, merely when the egg exist finish up cook, the appliance bequeath turn off mechanically indeed you wear ’ metric ton have to worry about overcook oregon electrocution .
plus, this model buttocks besides make omelet and poach egg, which you can possibly cook “ even at the same time ( one on top, matchless on the bottom ), ” Jacqueline observe, add that she own no issue fudge any dash of boil egg, omelet, oregon poach egg .
The egg cooker embody lightweight and easy to shop inch modest invest with express counter space, like associate in nursing apartment operating room college dormitory board. If you ’ ra boil your egg, do certain to cliff the cook egg in cold water to end the fudge process and well get rid of the shell .
” overall, one truly liked this, and information technology be honestly on equality with the bear egg cooker, which besides make fourteen egg ; this cost the same price oregon depleted. ” — Jacqueline wei, writer and merchandise examiner
Copper Chef
Jacqueline wei / just recipe

Price at time of publish: $20

Materials: ceramic | Weight: two lumber | Capacity: fourteen egg | Dimensions: eight adam eight ten twelve inch | Dishwasher-Safe? yes
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