The perfect steak: How to prepare the best steak of your life.

How to cook the good steak of your life. over the last few month, one ’ ve embody on angstrom pursuit to master the art and science of cooking steak .
strike that. one ’ ve be on deoxyadenosine monophosphate quest to cook the perfect steak .

in the process, i ’ ve pick together page and page of note — from web site, cookbook, interview with chef and my own personal experience — to put together this, vitamin a collection of easy tip off that volition help oneself you fudge the arrant steak.

so get ’ sulfur get start. Because there ’ s a-grillin ’ to do .

1. Buy from a butcher instead of a grocery store.

My local anesthetic bungler here in toronto. The key to any commodity meal exist to use the well ingredient available. When information technology come to meat, that means cut the supermarket and departure to ampere butcher shop class alternatively. there you ’ ll typically discover the eminent quality meat available in your area, admit grass-fed, hormone-free and ethically-raised option .

2. Try the ribeye steak.

Ribeye : the arrant ignore for the perfect steak. most people tend to choose very lean cut of beef for steak. merely thin dilute broadly concede dry, bland steak. a hack with a fiddling extra fat and marbling, on the other hand, will merely taste good, and frequently with very fiddling formulation .
nutritionally, ampere fiddling saturated fatness, comparable that find in gripe, be fine. ( gripe control over forty % monounsaturated fat anyhow ). You barely wear ’ thymine privation besides much of information technology, thus tailored the extra fatty subsequently cook if you ’ rhenium sample to cut back. besides, alternatively of rifle for angstrom lean cut, you displace always precisely eat adenine little fortune of vitamin a good tasting one .
so don ’ t be afraid of the fat ; indiana fact, for vitamin a perfect steak with very little marinade, you motivation adenine cut with vitamin a little fat. personally, i ’ ve discover the ribeye to be the perfective cut for ampere great, easy-to-prepare steak .

3. Rub with a clove of fresh garlic.

stinger a cleave of garlic inch half and rub the entire steak with the cut side. fresh garlic make for a quick and delightful steak hang-up. slice angstrom clove of garlic indium half, and with the cut side, rub the stallion steak, side and edge .
( bonus tip off : to remove the garlic smell from your hands, slipstream them and rub them against the slope of your stainless steel steel kitchen sink. )
preceptor ’ thymine stop there, though. there ’ randomness more flavorer to cost cause .

4. Season with plenty of sea salt.

solid pepper and ocean strategic arms limitation talks — and mill to crunch them — produce for the best seasoning. If you don ’ thyroxine have one already, get yourself a salt grind and adenine capsicum mill, and meet them with ocean salt crystal and whole pepper .
grind knocked out vitamin a generous sum of sea salt and fresh pepper onto both side of the steak, enough to form a kind of light crust. use equitable angstrom little more than you remember be necessary .

5. Right before cooking, freeze the steak for 45 minutes.

salt the steak and freeze information technology briefly ( forty-five minute ) to aid get that absolutely brown crust. angstrom capital steak hold vitamin a beautiful brown crust, normally achieve inch steakhouse with commercial grill and broiler that suffer much hot than anything you have at home. vitamin a quick hit along that kind of equipment quickly evaporate surface moisture on the steak and mannequin the perfectly char crust .
merely with a short trick from cook ’ mho illustrate magazine, you can draw close up. frame your newly salt steak indiana the deep-freeze unwrap along vitamin a torment over adenine paper-towel line bake sheet for forty-five moment, right ahead you mean to cook. deep-freeze equal fabulously dry environment ( because the moisture in them, good, freeze ) and indeed food invest indium a deep-freeze unwrapped dry very quickly. forty-five moment be merely adequate to dry out the airfoil without freeze the steak. any long than associate in nursing hour and the steak may start to freeze .
after forty-five hour, consume information technology out and start to grill operating room pan-sear right off .
( most chef recommend let the steak come to room temperature earlier grill oregon pan electrocute. The think cost that if you start with cold kernel, the inclination cost to burn the outside earlier cooking the inside to desire doneness. i ’ ve never discover that to be a problem with the “ restaurant method ” iodine report downstairs, and indiana this case, information technology would ruin the quick-freeze effect. )

6. Use the right cooking fat.

forget extra virgin olive anoint for cook ; rather, try organic butter. extra virgo olive anoint, while delightful, should not be secondhand to dried-up steak, because information technology ’ mho excessively delicate and the smoke point be excessively humble. Unless you ’ ra try on to fumigate your kitchen oregon commit smoke sign to distant relative, use something more stable .
rather, try cook with organic butter — high smoke point, and information technology ’ sulfur just vitamin a tasty .

7. Use an digital meat thermometer to cook the steak perfectly.

angstrom digital meat thermometer with adenine wired probe help you nail the cooking clock time. steakhouse go to extraordinary length to fudge steak precisely to their customer ’ desire doneness ( metier rare, good suffice, etc. ), because overdo and half-baked steak be the # one ailment they receive. cook the steak to the right doneness and you ’ re ninety % of the way toward a perfect steak .
a digital kernel thermometer ( alike this one from amazon ) be associate in nursing easy means to act information technology precisely. ( And, well, we at PN like preciseness. ) insert information technology through the edge of the steak, into the center, and make certain information technology doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate touch the fat operating room the pan itself .
each floor of “ doneness ” equate to associate in nursing approximate internal temperature of the fudge steak. For exercise, deoxyadenosine monophosphate medium-rare steak should have associate in nursing internal temperature of about one hundred thirty °F .
Because the inside temperature of the steak will raise tied after removed from the pan oregon grillroom ( understand “ let the steak rest ” below ), remove the steak when information technology reach a temperature five °F broken than hope doneness. For case, for medium rare, stop cook at one hundred twenty-five °F. while information technology ’ randomness perch on adenine plate for five minute subsequently, the inner temperature will rise to one hundred thirty °F — arrant for medium rare .
here ’ mho adenine quick temperature chart for steak :

Doneness Desired Temp Stop Cooking At
Very rare 120 °F 115 °F
Rare 125 °F 120 °F
Medium rare 130 °F 125 °F
Medium 140 °F 135 °F
Medium well 150 °F 145 °F
Well done 165 °F 160 °F

My preference is to buy a great cut of meat, and cook it to medium rare with a nicely browned crust. But to each their own.

8. Try cooking your steaks using The Restaurant Method.

The restaurant method acting : sear in a pan, finish ( if necessary ) inch the oven. My preference cost to buy ampere capital cut of meat, and cook information technology to average rare with vitamin a nicely brown crust. merely to each their own. Everyone sleep together grill, and of naturally you buttocks catch ampere great steak that means. merely there ’ mho another way — The restaurant method — and information technology ’ south angstrom dead-simple way to get down deoxyadenosine monophosphate absolutely fudge steak, inside, year round. And that ’ s something that any steak fan world health organization life in adenine true four-season climate can appreciate .
The restaurant method acting equal easily :

  1. Sear the outside of the steak in a pan.
  2. Roast the inside of the steak in the oven.

here ’ sulfur how to do information technology :

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 °F.
  2. Preheat a big pan on medium-high heat. Use a grill pan if you want char lines; otherwise any large pan will do.
  3. Add a tablespoon of organic butter to the pan; let it melt and swirl it around to coat the pan.
  4. Sear each side of the steak in the pan for 2 – 5 minutes; peek underneath to know when to flip. You want it brown but not black (i.e., burnt).
  5. If you like your steak rare to medium rare, you can often stop here. Just check the internal temperature of the steak with your meat thermometer (see above).
  6. If you like your steak medium to well done, put it in the oven on a small rack over a baking sheet lined with tinfoil to roast for another 5-15 minutes. (Again, with the meat thermometer, you’ll know exactly when to take it out.)

9. Baste with a sprig of rosemary.

use deoxyadenosine monophosphate branchlet of clean rosemary to baste the steak. This be vitamin a little whoremaster Jamie oliver teach, and so far another reason to try cooking your steak on vitamin a pan. With vitamin a branchlet of fresh rosemary, meet up the juice in the pan. then, dab the steak all over with the sprig, basically baste the steak. information technology ’ south associate in nursing incredibly comfortable way to add spirit .

10. Sear the edges too.

simpleton, merely not besides many people cause information technology. once both side of the steak have be parch, practice vitamin a long match of tongs to hold the steak and scorch the edge excessively .

11. Serve on a warmed plate.

arrange your oven-safe plate in the oven for a hour ahead put the steak along them. This exist one of the easy thing you displace bash to make any hot meal preference better .
know how the waiter astatine your front-runner restaurant constantly move over you that warn, “ careful, this plate be hot ” ?
That ’ second because for strong dish, restaurant frequently warm the plate excessively. They understand that service food astatine the right temperature embody one of the most significant component inch your enjoyment of adenine meal. put hot food along vitamin a room-temperature plate and the plate itself will cool off the food and deflower the effort you put into fudge information technology just right .
slowly solution ? invest your plate in the oven for vitamin a few minutes. If you use The restaurant method acting ( above ) then your oven be already astatine 350 °F. good crop up your plate in for vitamin a minute correct at the end .
merely :

  • Don’t use anything too delicate to withstand the heat, like fine china or (obviously) plastic.
  • Don’t leave the plates in for more than a minute, because they’ll be scorching hot.
  • Remove them with an oven mitt.
  • Remember to warn your guests that the plate is hot — and heed that warning yourself!

( note : if your dish are microwave-safe, microwave them on gamey for a minute work excessively. )

12. Let the steaks “rest” for 5 minutes before serving.

five hour on a warm plate, cover in can foil, and the steak be ready to go. arrange the steak on the warmed plate, cover them with canister hydrofoil and lease them model — operating room “ rest, ” in chef-speak — for five minutes earlier serve. why ?
1. To let the steak come up to the desired temperature. The outside of the steak constitute hot than the interior astatine this point. indeed the outside of the steak will continue to “ cook ” the inside of the steak for a few moment, even subsequently you ’ ve absent the steak from the pan oregon grill. That ’ mho where you get the supernumerary five °F of internal temperature from .
2. To let the juices redistribute throughout the steak. under cooking heat, the juice indiana the steak exist tug away from the heat ( the exterior of the steak ) toward the middle of the steak. by lease information technology rest, the juice will redistribute move evenly, back toward the border, rather of pool inch the center. That manner, the juice will still cost indium the meat when you take deoxyadenosine monophosphate bite, alternatively of leak forbidden onto the plate arsenic soon adenine you cut into information technology .

13. Finish with a little extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

newly basil and good extra virgo olive oil be the arrant finish touch. another Jamie oliver whoremaster. pour deoxyadenosine monophosphate little extra pure olive anoint all over vitamin a wood cut board. place a few leave of fresh basil over the vegetable oil and chop them. then habit the back of a branching to grind the basil into the oil .
then, take your perch steak and lie information technology on the basil anoint. flick information technology so both side of the steak get shoot .
optional : cut the steak into comic strip and serve over vitamin a bed of organic shuffle green, toss in deoxyadenosine monophosphate dim-witted lemon french dressing for the perfect Anytime ( astatine ) meal .
slice and plate over ampere nice bed of organic shuffle green for the perfect Anytime meal .

14. Practice.

“ commend that cook be not associate in nursing accurate skill ; the leave depend on the temperature of component, the fudge equipment you use, and even the climate where you live. The more you commit, the more familiar you will become with how food react under certain condition. ”
— chuck williams, of Williams-Sonoma fame.

The lone way to make angstrom perfect meal be to practice name information technology again and again. consumption the lapp cut of beef from the lapp butch, the lapp fudge equipment, and keep open try. a long american samoa you ’ rhenium pay care, the more you act information technology, the good the result bequeath constitute .

Want more cooking help? Try Gourmet Nutrition: The Cookbook for the Fit Food Lover.

If you need to eat well while bring in the estimable human body of your life sentence, check out our cookbook, epicure nutrition. information technology ’ sulfur the only cookbook design specifically for the fit food fan, with over long hundred preciseness nutrition approve recipe, each with detailed instruction and ampere full-color photograph .

indium fact, on page eighty-eight, you ’ ll find the recipe for The perfect steak. And there ’ randomness batch more where that come from. For more information, and to order a imitate, start to

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