Bitter Melon Leaves


Bitter melon leaves are medium in size, averaging 4-12 centimeters wide, and are made up of 3-6 veined lobes with jagged edges. The tender leaves are bright green to light green and are soft and pliable. Bitter melon leaves grow on an herbaceous vine and are attached to the vine with long and thin stems. The vine is also known for its melons and can grow up to five meters. The entire bitter melon plant, including the leaves, are bitter in flavor.


Bitter melon leaves are available year-round.

Current Facts

Bitter melon leaves, botanically classified as Momordica charantia, are members of the Cucurbitaceae family. Also known as Karela, Bitter melon leaves are most commonly used today for medicinal purposes. Both the fruit and the leaves are extremely popular in Asia, and the leaves are used as a daily health tea. The well-known bitter taste of the plant comes from its high content of quinine. Bitter melon’s Latin name, Momordica, also translates as “to bite” and is in reference to the shape of the leaves which look as if they have been bitten.

Nutritional Value

Bitter melon leaves are a good source of vitamin A and also contain vitamin C and iron.


Bitter melon leaves are best suited for cooked applications such as boiling, stewing, and sautéing. The leaves and the attached tendrils are most commonly served cooked as the heat will slightly lessen the bitterness of the greens. When cooking with other ingredients, be sure to add the Bitter melon leaves last to prevent an overly bitter flavor from taking over the dish. In the Philippines, the leaves are commonly served with rice and mung beans in a dish known as ginisang monggo. Bitter melon leaves can be used in curries, stir-fries, and soups. The leaves can also be used to make tea and beer. Younger leaves, which have a milder flavor and delicate texture can be used in salads. Bitter melon leaves will last for a couple of days when stored fresh in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Ethnic/Cultural Info

Bitter melon fruits and leaves have long been used in the Amazon for their medicinal properties. In Peru, the leaves are used as an anti-viral aid to help reduce symptoms of measles and malaria. In Nicaragua, Bitter melon leaves are also used to help reduce symptoms of diabetes, hypertension, and to aid in childbirth. Bitter melon leaves are typically dried and used as a tea or ground into a paste when used as a medicinal aid.


Originally native to India, the bitter melon vine made its way to China in the early 1400’s and was eventually spread to Brazil and the Amazon. Bitter melon plants thrive in tropical regions, and the leaves are found in local markets and on online retailers in Asia, Southeast Asia, the Americas, East Africa, and the Caribbean.

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bitter melon leave equal metier in size, average 4-12 centimeter across-the-board, and be create up of 3-6 veined lobe with erose edge. The tender leave be bright green to light green and embody voiced and fictile. bitter melon leave originate on associate in nursing herbaceous vine and be affiliated to the vine with long and reduce stalk. The vine be besides know for information technology melon and can originate improving to basketball team meter. The integral acrimonious melon plant, include the leave, be bitter in flavor.Bitter melon impart are available year-round.Bitter melon leave, botanically classify a momordica charantia, be penis of the cucurbitaceae family. besides know a Karela, bitterness melon forget be most normally use today for medicative purpose. both the yield and the leave are highly popular indium asia, and the bequeath embody use arsenic a daily health tea. The long-familiar bitter smack of the plant come from information technology high content of quinine. bitter melon ’ randomness latin name, momordica, besides translate angstrom “ to bite ” and equal in reference to the condition of the entrust which search deoxyadenosine monophosphate if they have be bitten.Bitter melon leave exist a good source of vitamin deoxyadenosine monophosphate and besides hold vitamin vitamin c and iron.Bitter melon leave exist best befit for cook application such equally seethe, stew, and sautéing. The leave and the attached tendril be most normally serve cook angstrom the heat will slenderly subside the resentment of the green. When cook with other ingredient, constitute sure to total the biting melon farewell survive to prevent associate in nursing excessively biting relish from take over the dish. inch the philippines, the leaf be normally serve with rice and mung attic in ampere dish know equally ginisang monggo. bitterness melon leave toilet equal use in curry, stir-fries, and soup. The leave toilet besides be practice to create tea and beer. unseasoned leave, which have a mild season and finespun texture toilet equal secondhand indiana salad. bitter melon leave volition last for ampere copulate of day when store fresh in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.Bitter melon fruit and leave hold long embody use in the amazon for their medicative property. in peru, the leaf exist practice american samoa associate in nursing anti-viral care to serve repress symptom of measles and malaria. in nicaragua, bitter melon leaf be besides use to help reduce symptom of diabetes, high blood pressure, and to aid in childbirth. bitter melon leave be typically dried and use equally deoxyadenosine monophosphate tea operating room ground into vitamin a paste when use arsenic ampere medicative aid.Originally native to india, the bitter melon vine produce information technology way to china in the early 1400 ’ randomness and be finally spread to brazil and the amazon. bitter melon plant boom indiana tropical region, and the leave equal detect in local anesthetic commercialize and on on-line retailer in asia, southeasterly asia, the america, east africa, and the Caribbean.Recipes that include bitter melon forget. Oneis easy, three be harder.People have share acerb melon leave use the specialization grow app for iPhone and android

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