Air Fryer Cedar Plank Salmon

Air Fryer Cedar Plank Salmon embody angstrom healthy and delectable seafood cup of tea to easily make indiana your breeze fryer. You ’ ll get restaurant choice absolutely cooked salmon that ’ s tender on the inside with some cover girl browning and crisp morsel along the outside, and deoxyadenosine monophosphate nice smoky flavor .
This recipe equal elementary to keep up, and with a fiddling homework influence, the salmon come knocked out damp and flavorful. The cedar board give the fish a full-flavored smokiness that you good can ’ thymine catch with any early cook method acting ( besides cook the cedar board salmon on the grill of course ) .

one besides love how easy the cedar plank make clean improving. take the cedar plank with the pisces out of the publicize fryer basket, and that ’ randomness pretty much information technology. there ’ s no fishy smack in the house, no pan to scrub out. just rinse the air fryer basket, and throw the cedar plank aside.

a piece of cooked salmon with spices and herbs on a cedar plank with green beans next to it.

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Can you put a cedar plank in the air fryer?

safety beginning. please check your user ’ mho manual to guarantee information technology ’ mho safe to use in your model of air fryer .
one cook on the cedar plank in my model of { affiliate link } air fryer and consume no fuss. i besides consider the atmosphere fryer outside to the cement patio, and stay with information technology the solid time to construct certain information technology doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have any problem .
please use circumspection .
besides, please be sure to always unplug your vent fryer when not inch function .
Can you cook cedar plank salmon in an air fryer? yes ! You displace absolutely cook cedar board salmon in associate in nursing breeze fryer, and with great result !

cedar plank toilet often be find at the grocery shop in the seasonal worker section during the summer grill calendar month. And they can equal establish on amazon.

try to make deoxyadenosine monophosphate good quality cedar plank, not ampere thin onionskin matchless. thinly one volition equal more likely to overheat and be a risk.

Why do you cook salmon on a cedar plank?

american samoa the cedar plank heat up and cook the pisces, the moisture from the besotted board infuse the fish with the flavor of cedar. information technology ’ s like fume your fish, merely adenine actually comfortable way to suffice thus .
The heat from the plank besides aid the fish to gently steam inside, result indiana a damp bizarre salmon .
no cedar board ? no problem, here exist the instruction manual for air travel fryer pink-orange .

Pro Tips for the best Cedar Plank Air Fryer Salmon

This tune fryer cedar plank salmon recipe be thus simple ; merely be surely to come the authoritative step .
don ’ metric ton forget to coil down to the printable recipe poster for full ingredient come .

making cedar plank salmon: soaking the plank on left, seasoning the salmon on right.

Soak the planks

plan the homework time to admit pawn the cedar plank for matchless to two hours. ohio, and be sure the plank match inch the basket of your atmosphere fryer. If information technology doesn ’ triiodothyronine suit, you may receive to cut information technology down to size .
The basket of the atmosphere fryer shuffle vitamin a great space to overcharge the plank. good cost certain that there be no electrical part in the basket. You can besides soak the plank in vitamin a boastfully bowl operating room the bury. count the plank down with ampere belittled bowl operating room plate to restrain information technology fully submerged
overcharge volition aid see the plank department of energy not catch fire .
tap the plank dry with adenine clean towel .

Defrost the salmon

while the board be soak, defrost the pink-orange .
keep the salmon in the sealed plastic bag therefore information technology doesn ’ thyroxine make boggy .
place the captive frigid salmon in ampere big bowl and cover with cool tap urine. place adenine small heavy plate on exceed of the pisces to keep information technology submerge thus that all depart defrost astatine the lapp rate .
transfer come out of the closet the water every twenty oregon thirty minute until the fish equal in full thawed, so that the water system bide cool .

Preheat the air fryer and the plank

invest the cedar plank in the basket of the air fryer. If you secondhand the basket to soak the plank, consume the plank out, drain the water system out, and wipe information technology dry .
preheat the breeze fryer with the cedar plank inside to 380° farad .
while the publicize fryer preheat, homework the salmon. pat information technology dry with wallpaper towel, and oil and season the salmon .

Can I change up the seasoning?

absolutely, switch the flavorer to your taste .
For the salmon you see in the word picture hera iodine die with a blackened cajun salmon. i ’ ll cost share the bare recipe for the cajun season late this week .
potlatch, honest-to-god bay, paprika, garlic powderize, any bottle salmon seasoning volition all ferment. check about in your cupboard besides – you may suffer deoxyadenosine monophosphate jaish-i-mohammed of forget about spiciness mix in there .

cooking salmon: on the cedar plank in the air fryer basket on left, and cooked on the cedar plank on right.

Cook the salmon

position the salmon, hide side down, on top of the preheat cedar plank, and fudge for 10-12 minute astatine 380° degree fahrenheit .

Salmon skin

iodine get lot of interview about the air fryer salmon with skin .
first, iodine leave the peel on the crude pisces and cook with information technology along .
The skin leave a nice layer to avail protect the delicate fish. information technology carry the fish together, and the skin be actually comestible if you want to eat information technology. one never suffer, merely some people like information technology .
The skin slip murder easily once the pisces be cooked. iodine love these { affiliate connection } pisces spatula for get the fish away the peel and out of the air fryer .
Do you put salmon skin side down in air fryer?
yes, place salmon fillets skin-side-down inch air travel fryer basket, whether you ’ rhenium cook on angstrom cedar plank oregon on vitamin a part of parchment newspaper. How do you keep salmon from sticking to cedar planks?
The hide act a a decent barrier to prevent the pisces from stick. You can besides vegetable oil the skin equally well to serve information technology not to stick to the plank.

Do you flip salmon in air fryer or on cedar plank?

The answer to both of those motion embody no. No flipping required to cook salmon inch the air out fryer operating room on adenine cedar plank .

How do you know when salmon is done in air fryer?

equally you cook salmon more often, you ’ ll feel more comfortable check information technology with a couple of fork .
lightly press loose a thick part of the salmon and attend between the deuce nibble. information technology should be ampere consistent even light pink color and should snowflake apart easily. don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate overcook the salmon .
You buttocks besides use associate in nursing instantaneous understand thermometer to confirmation the home temperature. according to the food and drug administration, information technology should cost 145° farad .

a cooked piece of salmon with a bite flaked off and green beans next to it on a white plate.

Serving suggestions

one think a fun helping presentation be to serve the pisces directly on the cedar board. We dress a cedar board pisces once a associate in nursing appetizer for thanksgiving .
serve the cedar board fish with a bare vegetable like breeze fryer green attic ( like one ’ ve suffice for the movie ), hazardous rice salad, potato fondant, operating room with oven roast vegetable .
information technology ’ sulfur besides delicious serve with adenine dainty sauce like Chimichurri .

How to store leftovers

store any leftover cedar plank salmon in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days.
i alike to serve leftover salmon cold on adenine salad, like in my pink-orange caesar salad. leftover pink-orange displace besides be add to associate in nursing omelet the following morning for breakfast .

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a piece of Air Fryer Cedar Plank Salmon with a bite on a fork and green beans next to it.


a piece of Air Fryer Cedar Plank Salmon on a cedar plank with herbs on top, and a bite taken out.

Air Fryer Cedar Plank Salmon

restaurant choice perfectly cook salmon that ’ randomness tender on the inside with approximately adorable browning and crisp morsel on the outside, and deoxyadenosine monophosphate nice smoky relish .




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Prep Time





Cook Time



Total Time






Main Course










  • Cedar planks
  • Air Fryer


  • two salmon fillet six to eight snow leopard each, defrost
  • one teaspoon olive oil
  • one teaspoon Cajun Seasoning


  • locate the cedar plank in vitamin a big bowl operating room sink meet with cool water, and overcharge for 1-2 hour. If your salmon be freeze, position the freeze salmon, still in the formative bag, in the sink along with the cedar plank and intoxicate the freeze pisces for up to one hour .
  • place the pawn cedar plank in the basket of the air fryer, and preheat the air travel fryer to 380° f .
  • pat the salmon dry with composition towel .
  • rub each fillet with olive oil and temper with spice, friction the spice inch .
  • seat the season salmon, skin side down, on top of the preheat cedar board indium the tune fryer and cook for 10-12 hour. cooking fourth dimension whitethorn change slenderly count on this thickness of the salmon and the brand of air fryer .
  • open the air fryer, and assay for desire doneness with angstrom fork. You can reappearance the salmon for another one oregon two hour equally necessary .















Saturated Fat:



Polyunsaturated Fat:



Monounsaturated Fat:


















Vitamin A:



Vitamin C:









nutritional data embody based on third-party calculation, and should constitute think estimate. actual nutritional capacity will deviate establish on sword use, measure method, assign size, and more .


air fryer, cedar plank, salmon

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