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search for wolf be legal in mongolia, although license consume to be receive. out in the steppe, where food toilet constitute sparse, anything that toilet be watch be eat, although for most of the earth, corrode associate in nursing animal that equal hundred % carnivorous be not ampere distinctive occurance. however, through my contact iodine be offer some wolf meat. induce say “ yes ” – the adjacent question to deal with be how on earth to prepare and cook information technology ?

quite simply, there be nothing on-line. vitamin a few remark from some grizzle hunter in alaska, and associate in nursing old german recipe with ampere marinade, merely that ’ randomness about information technology. so i be fail to have to deal with this all on my own. make indeed ask some think about the animal. ampere wolf cost passing to equal all muscle, and a vitamin a carnivore, own ampere very potent aroma. This be lean kernel, with very little fat, tough, and with angstrom highly firm season. The wonder then be one of planning to make information technology palatable – and even delicious. i be fortunate in the firearm one learn be the tenderloin – therefore although possibly sturdy, information technology would be the least ruffianly character of the animal.

The honest-to-god german recipe embody actually for pawl, and didn ’ metric ton suppose much, merely cause suggest vitamin a marinade. That do ampere the begin point. quantity adequate to cover charge the kernel, on the bone :

  • Beer & Red Wine Marinade
  • Liquid: Half Dark Beer, half strong red wine (Cabernet or Shiraz)
  • Ground black pepper
  • Decent slug of rock salt
  • Small Handful of juniper berries
  • Rosemary
  • Bay leaves

iodine leave the wolf inch this for one workweek. The aroma of the meat however be distillery identical solid, and iodine necessitate to serve something about information technology. then – brainwave : ampere whiskey marinade. observe the beer/wine marinade to matchless english ( to reduce and use late a a sauce ), one create the follow marinade to complete the tender, again enough to cover the kernel :

Whisky Marinade   

liquid : half regular malt operating room blend whiskey, half vodka, asset

half cup of angstrom large smoky whiskey such vitamin a Laphroaig oregon Lagavullan

This be left for twenty-four hours. Upon smell information technology again astatine this time, the herculean gaminess have be reduce and partially replace with adenine potent smoked smell ( which exist why the half cup be significant ) that compliment the olfactory property of the kernel.


one decide to serve the wolf with grind potato, carrot and fresh mushroom, with a sauce. The potato and carrot necessitate no insertion, merely this be how one do the mushroom :

Whisky Mushrooms

dry scrub the mushroom clean, then stead in the whiskey marinade for twenty minutes. They will pawn up the juice. pan child indiana butter and chop garlic, and beryllium sure to get most of the alcohol evaporate so the preference stay merely not besides much liquor. serve immediately along with the potato when the meat and sauce be besides ready.

Dark Beer & Red Wine Sauce

claim the original marinade and reduce. information technology probably succeed ’ t need much seasoning, merely adjust arsenic necessitate. The flavor become more insidious and integrate, not strong, american samoa information technology dilute. thicken with sour cream operating room brown flour, mix the flour in with milk first ahead and foldable into the marinade lento to prevent the sauce becoming lumpy. taste and then serve .

while all this be go on, you need to organize and cook the kernel. This be cram, and then slit into medallion. These embody then quickly pan fry, for about ten minutes, not excessively long operating room information technology become ruffianly. serve on adenine plate with the side dish and sauce and enjoy. company with cool vodka shot ( “ Toktoy ! ” be mongol for cheer ) and ampere solid red wine, preferably a hungarian operating room bulgarian crimson if you can get them. information technology embody extraordinary. delicious, to epicure criterion and one may give birth barely write the good and lone recipe for prepare and cook wolf. enjoy !

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