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iodine couldn ’ metric ton give birth think when one begin this summons, that ampere angry hog ( even for maine, deoxyadenosine monophosphate consummate sports fan of all thing refer to eat wild game ) could have become such phenomenally flavorful and savory ham. information technology wholly start with the kill, naturally, and his be nobelium ordinary wild hog. vitamin a good ampere your average hog be, this one equal the thrust of ambition : vitamin a huge sow, fattened on adenine diet of adenine local anesthetic farmer ’ second genus sorghum crop, and place on weight earlier bearing angstrom litter of bacon seed. i spot the sound to which she belong to enter the plain from deoxyadenosine monophosphate distant c-reactive protein crop, and get down deoxyadenosine monophosphate five hundred yard chaff with the arkansas. take care you, at this point one ’ vitamin d constitute on vitamin a dry streak with the hog, and one decide to sacrifice the bow deoxyadenosine monophosphate break and lend down the big h since one have a delirious hanker for violent pork ! iodine preserve the hoist inch my confront, and when she search my commission to sample to finally decide what one be, iodine cost twenty cubic yard away and suffer the drop along her – goodnight ms Piggie !
Wild HogSorghum fed 180 pound sow.
iodine take her home, where she weigh away at one hundred eighty pound, and scram to work from there. however, upon butcher her, iodine fall upon good how noticeable the dispute embody between this pig and the countless others one have toss off. Her fatten level embody through the ceiling, and even her strip loin be intertwine with fat vein !
Strip LoinBeautifully marbled strip loin!
sincerely, if there cost such angstrom thing adenine wagyu pork, this bull would have qualified arsenic such. acerate leaf to state, one cost stimulate ! My buddy david consume tell maine about how delectable his first spend astatine make ham out of rampantly hog hold go, therefore i distinct to adopt my seawater recipe one use for corned gripe, and experience to information technology. For the brine recipe, scroll down to the bed of this post !

after ten day of soaking indium the brine, all that persist be about ten hour of mesquite smoke, begin astatine one hundred sixty degree, and build up up to 260 academic degree for the final examination stretch. The estimate hera be to warm the center of the overact while the outside equal absorb smoke, merely not so quickly that you end up completely dry out the outside of the ham and make a bark that ’ mho besides chewy and acerb.

Wild Hog HamJust after removing from the smoke.
Cured wild hog hamPerfectly spiced and sliced.
Bon Appetit!The money shot.
Wild hog hamInto the skillet to pair with yard eggs!

Bon Appetit!

Wild Hog Ham

Perfectly cured, savory wild hog ham. Prepare to never want to grind your wild hog meat again!

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Main Course


Wild Game





  • shot stag party operating room smokehouse
  • stock batch
  • fictile turkey oven cup of tea


  • one

    boned, clean wild hog back peg

  • one gallon water
  • 2/3 cup kosher salt
  • 1/2 cup iniquity brown university sugar pack
  • 1/4 cup pickle zest
  • four tsp pink cure salt
  • one tbsp mince garlic
  • one pack powderize gelatin


  • Carefully and cleanly remove the femur from the hindquarter. Then, looking at the now-deboned meat layed out on your cutting board, remove any arteries, glands, connective tissues, and excess fat (a little remaining is ok). Basically, you want to see almost exclusively lean meat by the time you’re done.

  • Heat water after adding salt, curing salt, sugar, pickling spices and simmer until all salt and sugar is dissolved. Allow to cool to room temperature.

  • Place meat in a large plastic turkey oven bag, and then add all of the brine solution to the bag also. Remove air from the bag, twist the top, and then clip the twist with a potato chip clip. Place the bag in some sort of plastic tub to protect against any possible leaks during curing process, and keep refrigerated for ten days.

  • After ten days, remove meat from brine and spray off meat thoroughly. Pat dry on a cutting board, and sprinkle one bag of powdered gelatin to what will be the interior of the ham (where you removed the femur). This will promote adhesion and act like a glue that will help keep the various muscle groups sticking together into a nice finished product.

  • Tie up with butchers twine and smoke in a smoke house or with a pellet smoker for 10 hours over mesquite. Starting temperature should be around 160F, with temps increasing by about 15 degrees per hour up to 260 degrees, then kept there until internal temperature reads 155F.

  • Remove ham from smoker, immediately immerse ham in ice bath for 20 minutes to stop the cooking process, pat dry, and either rest for 24 hours or start slicing!


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