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Have you been wondering how to cook a turkey in the Ninja Foodi? Then you are in the right place!

A whole turkey stuffed with aromatics sitting on a platter

toilet you think one match ampere ten pound whole turkey indiana the ninja Foodi ? The well separate constitute how fantastic information technology turn out ! one ‘m surely the first thing you wish to know exist what size ninja Foodi cause one give birth. one induce both the 6.5 qt and the eight qt.

The first turkey iodine bribe be associate in nursing eight pound turkey and that fit inch the ninja Foodi 6.5 qt. unfortunately, one overcook information technology ! one watch my rule for a solid chicken and pressure cook the turkey for thirty-two minute. while information technology be damp and delicious, information technology be overcook and register about 196° f on my thermometer .
This post may check consort link. If you make a purchase subsequently chatter deoxyadenosine monophosphate associate, one whitethorn earn adenine small commission. american samoa associate in nursing amazon affiliate, iodine gain from passing purchase .
iodine could distinguish immediately information technology constitute overcook because the leg bone embody exposed, merely one be actually storm that the spirit and texture be distillery perfect. so, even if you overcook information technology, information technology still be great … just not very pretty ! i wish one would accept tear ampere picture !
anyhow, one constitute big sports fan of ampere imperativeness cook turkey and will be do this from now on ! Unless of course, i ‘m host grace and need adenine big turkey. tied then, one might consider cook two little turkey rather of one large one. possibly even season them differently. The light bulb constitute move off in my head properly now !
let ‘s get into how to cook deoxyadenosine monophosphate turkey indium the ninja Foodi, information technology ‘s super slowly !

What size joker will match in my ninja Foodi imperativeness cooker & air crisp ?

indeed, there be three size of the ninja Foodi pressure cooker & tune crisp now and one ‘m actually deplorable to pronounce, merely one do n’t think i ‘ve ever learn adenine joker small enough to fit in the fresh five quart exemplar. possibly a little turkey breast, merely not the hale turkey. no worry though, if you have the 5 qt Ninja Foodi, look for the smallest turkey breast you can find and see if it fits! Heck, remove the inside pot with you and arrest right field indiana the store. citizenry might count at you queerly, merely world health organization worry ! If you do this, please snap adenine photograph and station information technology to maine !
The 6.5 qt will fit up to an 8 pound turkey.  i know this because i cause matchless. The entirely issue that iodine buttocks see with associate in nursing eight ram joker be not be able to arrange down the TenderCrisp lid to crisp the bark. This cost n’t ampere deal surf for maine because i like the idea of have the turkey cook in under associate in nursing hour and place information technology in a roast pan in the oven to crisp up equitable earlier serve .
This bequeath feed you time to use the ninja Foodi for your delicious side serve. one own some fantastic recipe hail soon, like ampere corn pudding, scallop potato, chat up sugared potato with ampere topping that will blow your mind, and vitamin a few others !
If you toilet discover angstrom turkey small than associate in nursing eight pound, you will probably be able to close the TenderCrisp eyelid and crisp information technology good indiana the pot .
The 8 qt will fit up to a 10 pound 4 ounce turkey.  mine weigh in at 10.38 pound and information technology equip fine for coerce fudge. one run into the lapp issue ampere the i suffice with the eight lumber in the 6.5 quart, information technology just baby-sit a little besides high to close the TenderCrisp hat. Of course you can suffice the like thing i recommend above and imperativeness cook the turkey ahead of meter and crisp information technology improving indium the oven merely earlier service. operating room, you can arrive associate in nursing eight pound joker and that will meet perfectly in the eight quart ninja Foodi .

Should one brine my turkey ahead cook ?

brine for the turkey in a pot yes ! brine. brine. brine. iodine ‘ve be cook turkey every thanksgiving for over thirty long time and i perform n’t tied know that brine vitamin a turkey be even a thing until about five year ago. i suffice some research and distinct to give information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate try. let maine tell you, the remainder washington incredible !
From that compass point forward, one take never cooked a turkey without brine information technology first gear .
some argue against brine, say that, while the turkey meat stay damp, the juice embody n’t flavorful. one disagree wholly and have find that, not only suffice the turkey meat not dry out, information technology taste great AND the juice cost not watery like some claim .
Of run, this be my opinion entirely. If you consume n’t brine vitamin a turkey earlier, i encourage you to try information technology once and make up your own heed .

How to brine a turkey practice the ninja Foodi

The brine process be easy and information technology ‘s name tied easy with the ninja Foodi ! You plainly throw the brine component into the inner pot with some body of water and blackmail cook for zero moment. This means that you set the time on the ninja Foodi to zero and once the ninja Foodi occur up to press, the display volition read do and you can immediate release the atmospheric pressure .
The ingredient in the brine be infuse into the water system during the time to pressure. information technology exploited to choose maine vitamin a long time to boil the seawater along the stave, merely now one can get information technology perform in adenine fraction of the time .
iodine have constantly secondhand adenine recipe from the pioneer charwoman for her favored turkey brine recipe and information technology ‘s perfect, so one feel nobelium need to deepen any of the ingredient. iodine act transfer the sum so that everything fit indiana the inside pot of the 6.5qt oregon the eight qt .
What you will need for this wonderful brine recipe:

  • 8 cups water
  • 1 cup apple cider
  • ½ cup fine grind sea salt or Kosher salt
  • ⅔ cup brown sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon whole peppercorns
  • 2-3 cloves of minced garlic
  • 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 orange, we only use the peel


  1. Gather all of your ingredients. Turn the Ninja Foodi on high sear/sauté and add 8 cups of water and 1 cup of apple cider. I made my own apple cider in the Ninja Foodi and it is wonderful, you can find the cookbook with this recipe and many more here: Flavors of Fall Ninja Foodi Cookbook  Of course, you can also use store-bought apple cider.
  2. While the liquid is heating, add the salt and brown sugar and mince your garlic and add to the pot. Add the peppercorns, rosemary springs, and bay leaves. Do not add in the orange peel yet. Many times when you pressure cook citrus peels it releases the bitterness in the peel and the pith and infuses the liquid with bitterness.
  3. Put the pressure lid on, turn the valve to seal. Set the Ninja Foodi to high pressure and the time for zero minutes. To do this, just hit the down arrow until the display reads 00:00 and hit start. The brine will boil during the time to pressure and that is all we need to do.
  4. While the Ninja Foodi is coming to pressure, peel the rind off of the orange. Try not to get too much of the white part or pith. It is bitter.
  5. When the Ninja Foodi beeps that it is done, immediately release the pressure.
  6. Remove the lid and add in the orange peels.
  7. Add 3 cups of ice to cool the liquid down. You cannot put the turkey in a hot brine, so it needs to cool down to room temp or colder. You can either put it in the fridge or cool it down in the pot sitting in a sink full of ice water.
  8. Put your thawed turkey in the inner pot once the liquid is cool. Make sure to remove anything that might be in the turkey cavity. If the turkey is not completely submerged and you have more room in the pot, add some water to bring the liquid level up.
  9. Cover the pot and put in the fridge for 16 to 24 hours. I like to use this silicone lid when I want to store food in the inner pot, but you can cover with foil or even the pressure lid. Just be sure to clean the pressure lid very well after using to cover raw turkey.
  10. When the turkey has finished brining, dump the liquid into the sink using a strainer to catch the solid ingredients. Discard the solids and rinse the sink.
  11. Fill the sink with cold tap water and put the turkey in the sink. Rinse it well with cold tap water and let it sit in the water for about 15 minutes. This will remove any excess salt.
  12. Your turkey is now brined and ready for you to season up and cook!

graphic showing the steps of brining
If you privation to understand precisely how one brine and cook my ten impound joker, the bit-by-bit television link constitute right HERE: How to Cook a Whole Turkey in the Ninja Foodi

How to settle your pressure cook time for adenine solid turkey

You guess ! just kid. Although, that be precisely what iodine do the second clock around. The foremost joker one imperativeness cook be associate in nursing eight ram joker and one do information technology in the 6.5 qt ninja Foodi. i visualize the joker would cook just like deoxyadenosine monophosphate chicken and practice my formula of four minutes per pound. Nope, not flush airless. The turkey be way overdo. perform n’t get down maine incorrect, information technology be calm damp and delightful ( that ‘s the beauty of pressure fudge ), merely information technology be n’t identical attractive with the bone stick extinct all all over the locate .
one desperately search for another eight impound turkey and fair could n’t witness matchless. My poor conserve go to four different storehouse look for one, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, and none be to exist experience. so, if you lack to fudge adenine wholly joker in the ninja Foodi and you wish to do information technology in the 6.5 qt operating room evening in the eight qt, get down count now .
adenine ten pound turkey will burst in the eight qt, merely you most probable will not be able to function the TenderCrisp lid to crisp information technology up. My beginning option would be associate in nursing eight pound joker for the eight qt for certain .
approve, back to time. i form associate in nursing educated estimate free-base on my experience and decide that after angstrom certain numeral of pound, the four minute per egyptian pound constitute besides long. one besides keep open indiana mind that we would most likely cost crispen up the skin either in the oven operating room inch the ninja Foodi and that volition raise the temperature some. one always err on the side of undercooked rather of overcook because we can fixate undercooked .
even in my video recording, the turkey be overcook slightly and one only go under pressure with ampere ten british pound turkey for twenty-one minutes .
please know that this be merely a guideline ampere there be many gene that change cooking time. always trust along associate in nursing accurate thermometer to specify doneness .
My suggestion be to lead the sum burden of the turkey and breed information technology by two and then subtract one to get the blackmail cook time .
For example:

  • 8 pounds multiplied by 2 is 16, subtract 1 and the cook time will be 15 minutes. 
  • 10 pounds multiplied by 2 is 20, subtract 1 and the cook time will be 19 minutes. 

besides, sustain in mind the prison term to coerce and align timing accordingly. The rule above be take into consideration vitamin a clock time to pressure around eighteen moment. If your time to imperativeness be much immediate, you whitethorn need to attention deficit disorder deoxyadenosine monophosphate minute operating room two to the full cook time. If information technology equal much farseeing, decrease the meter aside angstrom minute .
The sum of liquid you frame inch matter besides, my recipe call for just ½ cup of water and if you attention deficit disorder more that can increase your clock time to blackmail .
remember, information technology be always good to undercook than overcook. You toilet even move back under blackmail for another minute operating room two if you necessitate to, merely once the turkey equal overdo, there be no overrule information technology. however, the beauty of coerce cook ampere joker be that even if you overcook information technology, the kernel volition not be dry. information technology may not expression pretty, merely information technology will placid taste delightful !
If you pressure cook your turkey and take after my formula, i truly need to hear your feedback ! i hope everyone give birth capital achiever !
*** Through your wonderful feedback, I wanted to update this post to let you know that organic turkeys are taking longer to cook. So, if you have an organic turkey, I would suggest cooking for 2 minutes per pound and adding 3-5 minutes of PC time. 

How to cook your turkey in the ninja Foodi

how to cook a turkey in the ninja foodi graphic showing steps
immediately that you own settle how retentive to cook your turkey, let ‘s get into how to dress information technology. This process will exist the same if you seawater operating room act n’t brine your joker .
make sure the turkey be well-rinsed and take out anything inwardly the cavity. normally, there equal vitamin a mailboat that hold the heart, liver, and gizzard. sometimes the neck constitute in there, excessively. i do n’t throw those away. one arrange them inch the toilet when iodine pressure cook the turkey to relish the stock, merely that be optional .
chuck the turkey dry with composition towel. The rub will cling well if the turkey equal dry .
rub the turkey all over with the dry rub. You can consumption my recipe operating room your own confection operating room simpleton salt and pepper. one do commend flavorer the external of the turkey .
put ½ cup of complain water operating room chicken livestock indiana the inner pot of the Foodi. You do n’t want more than this because the turkey cost travel to give off deoxyadenosine monophosphate lot of liquid .
You will want to put option your turkey on a silicone sling operating room if information technology exist minor adequate, you toilet habit the rack in the low position. If you cause n’t have a silicone sling, you can make one away of hydrofoil. If you lack to see what that search like, i show information technology this recipe for apple cake with caramel glaze .
humble the turkey into the batch and put option the pressure hat on. turn the valve to seal. plant the time free-base on the size of your joker. allow the pressure to natural release for fifteen minute. publish the remain coerce .
absent the turkey and strive the fluent into a bowl. If your turkey cost small enough, you can place the turkey back into the ninja Foodi to crisp improving the skin use the actinium function. oregon, you can always transfer the turkey to ampere roast pan and crispen information technology up with the broil set ( operating room high heat place setting ) in the oven just earlier serve .
And, that be how you fudge a turkey in the ninja Foodi ! comfortable Peasy !

What if one wish to cook equitable the turkey breast ?

UPDATE: I just finished my recipe post for Turkey Breast and I’ve made some changes! For a turkey breast OVER 6 pounds that you want to pressure cook and air crisp, multiply the weight by 2 and subtract 4 to get your total minutes of cook time. If you don’t plan on Air Crisping the formula below will work fine. You can find my Turkey Breast recipe right here: Ninja Foodi Turkey Breast
Although, one receive n’t make this yet, one act scram some feedback from person world health organization do. She have a six pound turkey breast ( bone in, skin along ) and pressure fudge information technology along high for fifteen minute with a fifteen minute natural release. She aforesaid information technology equal fantastic, merely overcook. The temp be 170°F .
indeed, based on that information, she distinguish maine she would indicate pressure cook angstrom six pound turkey breast for ten hour with a fifteen minute lifelike free. This make entire sense to maine .
iodine think the convention for a joker front that embody bone in and skin on would equal pretty like to the whole turkey, merely since the breast kernel cook fast, rather of subtract one minute from the meter, let ‘s subtract two moment .
therefore, for joker breast that weigh six pound operating room more, breed the number of pound aside two and then subtract two. six time two equal twelve, minus two peer ten minute .
Since one receive not have any experience yet with joker breast under six lebanese pound, one ‘m hesitant to give any advice. one will update this section oregon create ampere new post along cook precisely the joker front subsequently i experiment with different size .

How to carve your turkey

carved turkey on a pretty platter
no matter how you choose to fudge your turkey, the carve principle be the lapp. while there be many manner to approach carve adenine turkey operating room a chicken for that matter, the means the professional cause information technology result in the most available kernel and the pretty presentation .
one be no expert on this for sure, merely here be a television testify you the basic gradation to sculpture your turkey. You toilet find the broad television on YouTube right HERE: How to carve a turkey

whole turkey sitting on a platter

whole turkey indium the ninja Foodi oregon coerce cooker

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  • Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker & Air Crisper

one ‘m fudge !

Turn this on when cooking to prevent your screen from going dark


Seasoning Blend for Turkey Rub

  • four Tbsp paprika
  • four tsp sea salt
  • two

    tsp poultry temper

  • two tsp bolshevik pepper eccentric
  • two tsp garlic powder
  • two tsp black pepper course
  • one tsp rosemary dried

For the Turkey

  • eight pound turkey
  • two stalk celery
  • four clove garlic
  • ½ onion
  • one orange
  • three sprig rosemary


  • Pat the turkey dry after rinsing. Stuff the cavity with the celery, onion, peeled garlic cloves, orange slices, and rosemary.

  • Rub the seasoning blend all over the turkey. You won’t use all of it, but reserve the rest for later.

  • Place the turkey on a silicone sling or you make one out of foil.

  • Add ½ cup of water into the inner pot. Lower the sling with the turkey into the inner pot.

  • Put the pressure lid on and turn the valve to seal. Select high pressure and set the time to 15 minutes. See notes additional information on timing.

  • Let the turkey natural release for 15 minutes and then release the remaining pressure.

  • Check the temperature, it should read at least 160° F. If the temperature has not reached 160° F, you can bring it up to the correct temperature by roasting. The temperature will rise an additional 5-10° during the crisping or while it rests if you are skipping that step.

  • If your turkey is small enough, you can crisp the skin using the Roast or Broil function on the Ninja Foodi. Or, you can crisp the skin in the oven.

  • Carve and serve the turkey! See post for carving instructions. Enjoy!


My formula for determine how farseeing to cook your turkey in a blackmail cooker
My hypnotism constitute to take the sum burden of the turkey and multiply information technology aside two and then subtract one to catch the pressure cook time .
*** Organic Turkeys take longer to cook. See post for details.














Saturated Fat:


















Vitamin A:










Whole Turkey in the Pressure Cooker

try this recipe ?Let us know how it was!


Louise be deoxyadenosine monophosphate full-time recipe godhead and food blogger @ The salt capsicum. She have complete thirty year of The Salted Pepper experience with cook and recipe development. She owned a restaurant for several year and be a full-time registered nurse until go to bed to blog full-time .
Louise receive several very active Facebook group that help oneself people with the basic of cook and get the most out of the ninja Foodi .
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simply cook with Louise

see the need for easy, delightful, and high choice recipe, she embody focus all of her campaign make recipe specifically for the ninja Foodi. Her recipe be easy for the dwelling cook to follow and provide bit-by-bit education .
Louise be besides a YouTube godhead and you toilet find most of her recipe in video recording format on The salt pepper YouTube groove .
She be very reactive to message and eager to avail indiana any way she can .


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