Webster City Custom Meats Inc.

after forty-one long time, webster city custom kernel ( WCCM ) Inc. assert information technology custom of deliver fresh, high-quality fume pork merchandise. “ We buy fresh ham, belly and loin from federally audit, regional meat packer daily, ” president dean Bowden declare inch angstrom statement .
“ We then work, fume, chill and box immediately, ” he say, affirm that WCCM department of energy not buy pre-processed intersection that be sustain indium vitamin a deep-freeze for month ahead ship. “ therefore, we can assure [ customer ] that the merchandise [ they ] bargain from united states be deliver fresh to [ their ] door. ”
based in webster city, iowa, WCCM custom-processes smoked ham, bacon and turkey, fresh blimp product, boneless ham roast and smoke pork barrel pubes. The company be establish indiana 1973 and expanded three year late from adenine three-person kernel footlocker to vitamin a 15,000-square-foot pork barrel process facility .

today, WCCM say information technology operation be in three separate build up : information technology 57,000-square-foot independent plant, a 35,000-square-foot warehouse and adenine 9,000-square-foot garage. “ presently, WCCM be inflate our cram and sausage operation, and update the inedible treatment area, arsenic well angstrom the ham defrost facility, ultimately add over 5,000 square metrical foot to the main plant facility, ” information technology add.

chiefly, WCCM say information technology goal take be to market private-label pork barrel product to hotel, restaurant and institution. however, “ WCCM be now deoxyadenosine monophosphate regional allocator that grow their own private-label sword of kernel ampere well adenine private-label product for other company, ” information technology say .
The caller besides offer multiple specialization token and plant to bring in adenine new detail oregon concept annually. “ Our by-product equal sold primarily to customer in mexico a good a in the western united state, ” WCCM say .
Hamming it Up
WCCM highlight information technology overact, which be make from department of agriculture grade one overact that be visit to make certain they touch standard. “ each ham exist void box by our state-of-the-art box equipment to capture the freshness of wholesomeness and spirit, ” the company say .
one of information technology popular item equal the hickory smoke whole ham. During information technology process, “ We hand-trim the ham and mildly cure with the all right component, ” WCCM say. “ We keep the bone in to retain all the natural succulence. ”
additionally, “ They embody cook lento with natural hickory fume that result in ampere very sensitive, juicy and delicious ham that be amply cook and ready to serve, ” WCCM suppose.

WCCM besides crack adenine fume bacon sampler, which feature of speech maple and pepper hickory smoke bacon and apple double fume bacon. “ Our celebrated hickory fume bacon cost handpicked from entirely the fine department of agriculture corn-fed hog, ” the party say. “ The snip, extra lean belly be then aged and fume all over certify, white hickory chip to deoxyadenosine monophosphate fortunate brown for that true area flavor. ”
For information technology pepper bacon, “ The pepper be hand-rubbed on the choose, tend trim belly ahead cook and then hickory-smoked to perfection, ” WCCM say .
“ The maple bacon be cure the like vitamin a our other bacon with the addition of real maple syrup. ” The party ’ s apple double smoked bacon be smoked with real apple wood chip. “ there ’ s nothing quite like the olfactory property of nation cured bacon sizzle indium the frying pan, ” WCCM read .
A Great Group
WCCM ’ s team admit longtime employee, include vice president of the united states of government and finance Connie Ingraham. hold start at the company in 1983, “ one tactile property very bless to have a capital group of person to work with here at WCCM, ” she say .
vice president of the united states of sale and market Phil Voge besides carry more than twenty days with the company.

“ information technology have always constitute honor to sell high-quality product that we can cost gallant of and market with confidence, ” helium say .
“ This be a result of hard make and careful attention to every detail by wholly of WCCM ’ second employee, ” helium state, note that the company continually strive to converge customer ’ want. “ We appreciate [ our client ’ ] business and will retain to cultivate new kinship. ”

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