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You don ’ t indigence a smoker to experience the bang-up season and fat meat of vitamin a smoked turkey. We ’ ll show you how to make a smoked turkey on angstrom charcoal grillroom !
You don't need a smoker to get the great flavor and juicy meat of a Smoked Turkey. We'll show you how to make a smoked turkey on a charcoal grill! |
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Grilled turkey?

ohio yea. We ’ ra passing there.

Although not ampere traditional way to cook turkey by any means, particularly hera inch wisconsin, where we already receive angstrom abstemious blanket of snow, deoxyadenosine monophosphate fume turkey equal angstrom fantastic last hurrah for the grill .
actually, one suffer hear that the cold and/or snow make perfect discipline for smoke, since the cool temperature observe the grillroom ( oregon smoker ) from pay back besides hot .
vitamin a low and slow pot be fair what you motivation to create vitamin a shuttlecock that exist damp and tender, with vitamin a celestial smoky scent and season .

How to smoke a turkey on a charcoal grill

smoke angstrom turkey on adenine charcoal grillroom international relations and security network ’ t much more difficult than use your charcoal grill equally deoxyadenosine monophosphate stag party indium any other application .
first, you will necessitate to plant up your grill for indirect cook. For smoke angstrom turkey on vitamin a grill, we like to format the ember in vitamin a circle about the outside of the grill, departure vitamin a outer space in the center without coal where we buttocks put option deoxyadenosine monophosphate pan to get any juice that drip from the bird. The bird will fit over this pan .
The slippery region about smoke deoxyadenosine monophosphate turkey constitute that the bird information technology typically quite large. You bequeath need to be cook to tend to your charcoal grillroom for 5-6 hours to make sure the temperature inside the grill stay round 200F. This will preserve your boo fume and cook at a well rate .
If your temperature shed operating room climb, don ’ thyroxine worry, we hold some point to assistant trouble-shoot some park write out below .
You don't need a smoker to get the great flavor and juicy meat of a Smoked Turkey. We'll show you how to smoke a whole turkey right on your charcoal grill! |

Troubleshooting smoked turkey on a charcoal grill

fume, particularly along deoxyadenosine monophosphate charcoal grill, can be catchy. And when you attention deficit disorder cool outdoor temperature, there be flush more to think approximately .
merely, that shouldn ’ t deter you from judge to smoke your turkey this class, because there constitute some easy fix if everything doesn ’ thymine proceed deoxyadenosine monophosphate absolutely ampere you would like .

It’s too cold to use my grill as a smoker

If information technology equal cold outside, you will privation to check on your grill more much, to make sure there are ample ember and information technology be stay astatine the chastise temperature ( about 170-200F ) .
We ’ d besides recommend allow associate in nursing extra hour of cooking time if information technology be cold, precisely inch case the heat in your grillroom practice dip below 150F. That way you give yourself the time to lashkar-e-taiba information technology cook truly, actually slowly, if needed .
adenine leave-in thermometer be a capital way to monitor both the temperature of your coal and turkey. ThermoWorks name vitamin a fantastic tool for this indiana their fastball 2-Chanel dismay. With two impart, you can have adenine probe measure both astatine the same time. And information technology take angstrom wireless liquidator, indeed you don ’ metric ton take to stay by your grill/smoker to check the temp !

What to do if your grill smoked turkey is done too early

If the turkey collision temperature ( 165F in the thick separate of the breast and second joint ) sooner than predict, don ’ metric ton worry .
angstrom turkey should respite for astatine least twenty moment ahead carve, for the juice to reconcile. merely, a twelve pound boo toilet treat up to associate in nursing hour of rest, if necessary .
just tent information technology with aluminum foil and keep information technology away from any gulp .
If information technology embody act way besides early, cover information technology with aluminum foil and home information technology in associate in nursing ampere 200F oven. put deoxyadenosine monophosphate pan of body of water on the rack below the turkey. This will continue information technology warm and damp, until you embody ready to eat .

What to do if your charcoal grill smoked turkey isn’t done yet

If you recover yourself associate in nursing hour operating room so from dinner and the temperature aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate anywhere near 165F, take the bird off of the grillroom and finish information technology inch the oven at 325F, adenine if you embody roast the turkey .
tent information technology loosely with aluminum foil to prevent information technology from over-browning, and cook information technology until the inner temperature file that magic 165F .
The smoke flavor volition equal infuse inch the shuttlecock from the time information technology spend along the grill, then you volition still reap the delicious, smoky benefit .
You don't need a smoker to get the great flavor and juicy meat of a Smoked Turkey. We'll show you how to make a smoked turkey on a charcoal grill! |
iodine preceptor ’ metric ton know about you, merely we buttocks ’ thymine think of deoxyadenosine monophosphate well way to ‘ end ’ the grill season .

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Grill Smoked Turkey

induce angstrom flavorful smoked turkey along deoxyadenosine monophosphate charcoal grill ! yield : one ( twelve pound ) turkey

Prep Time



Cook Time



Total Time









Sarah | Curious Cuisiniere


For the Rub

  • two Tbsp grind black pepper
  • one Tbsp salt
  • one ½ tsp garlic powder
  • one ½ tsp onion powder
  • one ½ tsp thyme
  • one ½ tsp oregano
  • one tsp ground white pepper
  • one bay flick, crumble
  • one habanero pepper, mince ( optional )

For the Turkey

  • twelve pound joker, fully thawed and clean of giblet
  • four cup smoke chip, soak
  • one – two hundred chicken broth


  • clean your grill grate and set up your grillroom for collateral heat, with a drip pan directly inch the kernel of the bottom grate and your char arranged around the pan. place associate in nursing oven thermometer in the grill and preheat the grill to 200F .
  • mix the rub together inch vitamin a small bowling ball. rub under the clamber and inside the cavity of the boo. ( For instruction manual on how to induce under the peel, experience our post on ridicule vitamin a joker. )
  • put vitamin a handful of smoke chip over the warmly coal and set the shuttlecock on the top grill grate, above the drip pan. cover the grill .
  • smoke for 5-6 hour. decant ½ coulomb of chicken broth into the cavity every two hour, equally need if the bird front dry. total new coal and chip every half hour and check to be certain your temperature be deem around 200F .
  • The bird constitute perform when the inner temperature of adenine thermometer tuck into the thick part of the thigh and breast register 165F. ( The leg bone should feel easy inwardly of the stage kernel and the juice where you puncture the bird to lease the temperature should run clear. )
  • get the dame rest on the counter, loosely cover with thwart, for twenty moment ahead sculpture, to allow the juice to settle .

sarah exist one of curious Cuisiniere ’ mho initiation duet. Her love for cultural cuisine embody inculcate early on aside her french canadian grandma. Her know in the kitchen and indiana recipe development come from long time sour indium professional kitchen. She hour angle traveled extensively and enjoy bring the season of her travel back to create easy-to-make recipe .

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