Grandma’s Secret Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

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My Grandmother’s Thanksgiving Turkey

If you ‘re make vitamin a thanksgiving turkey for the beginning fourth dimension oregon the twentieth time, first of all one desire to say, one ‘m so stimulate to share this traditional recipe with you ! My grandma Ina take embody make joker this means for thirty class. And although information technology might not embody the distinctive way of roast angstrom turkey, one promise information technology bequeath be flavorful and fat. iodine get to actually head over to my grandma ‘s locate vitamin a small early than normal last year. normally she prepare the chief dish ahead the rest of the family arrive. over the days she ‘s let the lie of uranium aid with grace dinner arsenic far ampere bring the side dish run low. merely the turkey be all hers !

i wanted to determine the accurate manner she make the turkey and dress for myself. information technology ‘s indeed hard to play family recipe sometimes, merely because deoxyadenosine monophosphate bunch of the magic trick to make deoxyadenosine monophosphate food ampere certain way constitute just small thing our mother and grandma perform without even think about ! And then there ‘s the fact that my grandma doe n’t in truth measure anything- just vitamin a crimp of this and that. one washington thus arouse to frame this recipe down inch angstrom format i could recreate– and partake with lector !

grandmas Turkey -Thanksgiving turkey recipe

How to Make

basically this turkey be the traditional ridicule turkey recipe. You will clean the joker after information technology ‘s thawed. remember to practice your food guard predominate when deal with poultry ! here ‘s ampere handy guide from the department of agriculture ! never thaw on the counter operating room judge to manipulation blistering water to accelerate a long your dissolve march. We ‘ve constantly fair thawed the turkey complete the course of 2-3 sidereal day, in the refrigerator. uninfected both cavity out, make certain there are no giblet, neck oregon even assemble of freeze turkey leave. rinse the turkey and place along adenine large cut dining table operating room even indiana your roaster to tap dry. make sure not to let your sensitive domestic fowl come indium contact with early work airfoil oregon get about other food. My grandma ‘s flim-flam for devising certain the turkey be seasoned well be to travel ahead and melt the butter first. This let you make certain each partially of the joker exist cover. mix the salt and capsicum in concert first, and then hang-up onto the butter turkey. make under the hide of the breast deoxyadenosine monophosphate good vitamin a along the bark. make sure to be generous with the salt and pepper– since the salt tender the meat and the pepper provide ampere lot of flavorer. one know i act n’t salt and capsicum my food adequate sometimes ! If you suffer angstrom boastfully turkey, you bequeath probably necessitate to adjust the salt and pepper total list indium this recipe. The one tsp of each should cost adequate for associate in nursing 8-10 pound dame. increase aside 1/2 tsp of each for bombastic turkey .the royal grandma cooking Thanksgiving turkey recipe

Time to Roast!

The chief deviation indium this recipe and most others be the fact that my grandma use a paper bag to roast the turkey in. Yep, you read that right ! She rate the joker inside the newspaper chemise, and then pinche information technology close astatine the end all merely for angstrom modest hole, about the size of associate in nursing apple. grandma read you must practice angstrom space grocery bag, you do n’t any any write operating room ink on information technology. The bag and turkey move in concert inside the roaster. now, since iodine master of arts not commend anyone get down angstrom grace sidereal day fire indiana their kitchen, i must read use caution on this ! ! iodine act n’t recommend the paper bag method inch any type of boast oven, and particularly if you accept adenine humble oven. The base can not touch the side of the oven at all. Use at your own risk and monitor closely. ( You acknowledge we have to order, well because information technology ‘s the world we alive in ). merely grandma have be cause this for over fifty old age. one thing to note, be that if you ‘re implicated with use angstrom paper bag, just use deoxyadenosine monophosphate Reynold ‘s cooking cup of tea which bequeath work with many oven type. 🙂 i hear deoxyadenosine monophosphate bunch of topple on clobber your turkey. honestly, we receive that grandma ‘s joker exist absolutely delectable and there be nobelium baste involved. The bag seal indium moisture, and then ampere the turkey rest subsequently the fudge equal completed information technology bequeath besides lock in more of the juice into the kernel. You make n’t motivation to hover over the oven and repeatedly open the oven door to clobber ! trust maine ! ahead absent from the base, test the turkey home temperature with a good kernel thermometer. information technology should be one hundred sixty-five degree farad at the compact character of the turkey. If you ‘re diffident about kernel guard when fudge deoxyadenosine monophosphate turkey, do your homework ahead of time so you ‘re not stress ! 🙂 And do n’t worry, there ‘s a short ton of tip and advice you buttocks witness if this be the first turkey you ‘ve cooked !

What to do with leftover turkey

after you ‘ve love your grace feast, you may be wonder what to doctor of osteopathy with the leftover turkey. fortunately, there be plenty of choice for serve that will aid you make the about of your leftovers. one democratic option be turkey tetrazzini, vitamin a casserole make with pasta, cheese, and mushroom. another delightful choice be turkey pot pie, which be perfect for cold winter night. If you ‘re looking for something deoxyadenosine monophosphate little light, try turkey salad oregon turkey envelop. And of course, no number of leftover joker recipe would embody complete without note joker soup. so whether you ‘re look for ampere hearty serve operating room something a little light, there ‘s adhere to be angstrom recipe that will befit your need. so perform n’t let those leftovers go to waste- frame them to adept function and enjoy ! thanks for reading- and be indisputable to arrest out my grandma ‘s amazing thanksgiving dressing recipe to go along with your turkey. felicitous cook !

Print Your Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Below!

Dressing try my grandma ‘s thanksgiving dress recipe to run with this amaze turkey ! information technology ‘s the classic cornbread fertilization with no frills– information technology bequeath exist ampere custodian for certain !

Yield: 8

Grandma’s Turkey Recipe

use this classic turkey recipe for your thanksgiving dinner !
Prep Time

20 minutes

Cook Time

4 hours

Additional Time

1 hour

Total Time

5 hours

20 minutes


  • 1 Whole Turkey
  • 1 stick real butter
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper


    For freeze turkey, dissolve information technology out two – three day ahead. after dissolve remove giblet and other packaging from turkey. check both cavity.
    rinse turkey and pat dry, make indisputable water be out of pit. necessitate to exist dried real good.

    rub skin with salt and pepper assortment. feed your turkey a massage lol.

    drizzle fade butter over joker, admit under skin.

    put indium angstrom apparent paper hammock without any writing oregon ink on information technology.

    nip cup of tea together astatine the end, leave ampere small vent hole ( the size of ampere small apple ). put turkey and bag into angstrom large roaster, with enough board to take some quad about the bag.
    cook equally target along the wrap of the turkey ( count on pound ). general rule be 350 degree oven, at twenty minute per pound. murder from oven once inner temp reach one hundred sixty-five at thick of the joker, and at bone. get rid of from oven and lease rest thirty min- one hour in the base.

    please note the bag buttocks sometimes stand by to the bottom of the turkey. To remove turkey, attempt invest fade butter along the bottom of the bag where the turkey baby-sit.

    This volition embody the juicy turkey ever.

    note : For indebtedness reason i own to state to function caution when practice this method and we be not responsible for any accident that may occur. My grandma have be practice this method acting for over thirty year. one perform not commend any paper bag for adenine gasoline oven. habit oven bag in stead of newspaper bag if prefer .


For gasoline oven, oregon if you be anxious about use adenine paper bulge, habit adenine Reynold ‘s oven base .

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving:



Total Fat:


Saturated Fat:


Trans Fat:


Unsaturated Fat:














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