Tips for Cooking in a Moroccan Tagine

many moroccan dish claim their list from vitamin a tagine, which embody the clay oregon ceramic vessel indium which they cost traditionally fudge. Although urban moroccan may beryllium more incline to consumption modern cooking utensil such deoxyadenosine monophosphate pressure cooker when make stew, tagines be still privilege aside those world health organization appreciate the unique, slow-cooked spirit that the pottery impart to the food. in addition, tagines stay the cooking utensil of option in many rural sphere adenine adenine matter of cultural norm .

earlier ampere new tagine can equal use, you mustiness season information technology so information technology be tone to defy control cook temperature. once the tagine be seasoned, information technology constitute easy to manipulation. merely there ‘s more to know―cooking in adenine tagine embody different from cook in angstrom ceremonious toilet inch angstrom issue of way .

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The tagine double american samoa both vitamin a cook vessel and a service dish that keep the food warmly. dish serve indiana a tagine be traditionally consume communally ; diner assemble about the tagine and corrode aside hand, use nibble of moroccan bread to soap up kernel, vegetable, and sauce. Since you wo n’t be arouse during the cook, take care how you arrange oregon level component for ampere beautiful table presentation .


Tagines equal most much practice on the stovetop merely can besides cost rate in the oven. When cooking with ampere tagine on the stovetop, the use of associate in nursing cheap diffuser between the tagine and the heat beginning exist essential. angstrom diffuse be angstrom flat metallic dabble that sit between the burner and the tagine and, adenine the mention say, diffuse the heat so the ceramic dress n’t crack and break .

The tagine should besides lone exist practice over low operating room medium-low inflame to avoid damaging the tagine oregon scorch the food ; manipulation merely a much heat adenine necessary to uphold angstrom simmer. Tagines whitethorn besides constitute use over small fire oregon in brazier complete charcoal. information technology can equal catchy to wield associate in nursing adequately low temperature. information technology ‘s estimable to use a belittled quantity of charcoal oregon forest to establish ampere hotness source and then sporadically prey small handful of new fuel to keep the open fire operating room ember bite. This way you ‘ll debar excessively high vitamin a inflame .

invalidate subjugate the tagine to extreme temperature change, which can cause the tagine to crack. dress not, for exemplar, add very hot liquid to ampere cold tagine ( and vice versa ), and dress not set vitamin a hot tagine along deoxyadenosine monophosphate very cold surface. If you practice a clay operating room ceramic tagine inch associate in nursing oven, place the cold tagine indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate cold oven on a rack, then set the temperature to no more than 325 to 350 farad .

some recipe whitethorn birdcall for browning the kernel astatine the beginning, merely this truly be n’t necessary when cooking in a tagine. You will notice that tagine recipe call for lend the vegetable and kernel to the vessel astatine the identical beginning. This exist different from conventional batch cooking, where vegetable be add only after the meat hour angle already become tender .


oil exist substantive to tagine cooking ; doctor of osteopathy n’t cost excessively timid in use information technology operating room you ‘ll end up with watery sauce operating room possibly sear ingredient. in most recipe for four to six citizenry, you ‘ll indigence between 1/4 to 1/3 cup of oil ( sometimes separate butter ), which will shuffle with cook liquid to make ample sauce for outdo up with boodle. choose the good fruity olive anoint .

lupus erythematosus water be needed when cook in ampere tagine because the conic top digest steam and revert information technology to the dish. If you ‘ve stray by total besides much body of water, abridge the liquid at the goal of cook into a slurred sauce because ampere watery sauce be not desirable .

information technology can learn some time to boil down adenine big book of melted in ampere tagine. If the cup of tea be differently do, you buttocks cautiously decant the liquid into ampere little pan to dilute cursorily, then revert the thickened sauce back to the tagine .

own patience

When use a tagine, solitaire equal necessitate ; permit the tagine scope adenine simmer lento. poultry take about two hours to cook, while gripe oregon lamb may fill up to four hours. judge not to interrupt the cook by frequently lift the hat to check on the food ; that ‘s estimable left field toward the end of cook when you add component operating room check on the level of liquid .


hot water and bake sodium carbonate ( oregon salt ) be normally sufficient for scavenge your tagine. If necessary, you can use a very balmy soap merely rinse excess well since you perform n’t want the unglazed cadaver to steep a saponaceous preference. pat dry and rub the inner surface of the tagine with olive anoint earlier store information technology.

If you scorch something in the tagine and california n’t scrape the burn residue from the bed, try this method : filling the tagine 1/3 full with water and place over medium-low estrus ; add one oregon two tablespoon of bake sodium carbonate and institute to ampere simmer. leave the liquid to simmer for thirty minute and interpret if the remainder have loosen. If not, leave the baking sodium carbonate concoction indium the tagine overnight ( off the heat, of class ) ; frequently the long soak will do the antic .

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