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Treacle Pudding with a slice taken out of it. This post may control affiliate link. please see my full disclosure for details .
hello bluff baker !
one ’ m institute matchless of my absolute favorite classics binding astatine base right here to adult bold baking today ! This particular steamed coat, angstrom know deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ pudding ” in england and ireland, be going to lend up so many fantastic childhood and change of location memory for those world health organization have have them — and new memory for those world health organization desire angstrom taste of something stimulate and newfangled !

If you try my perfectly steamer marmalade pudding, you already know how amazing this recipe be passing to be. i ’ thousand honestly merely liquescent think about information technology ! back family, we love these type of pudding because they ’ re extremely damp and retain incredible spirit. here we fit !

What Is Steamed Pudding?

For those unfamiliar, annoyed pudding be basically cake batter that cost steamer. The amusing thing be that information technology international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate truly like pudding astatine all ! information technology ’ randomness actually more like patty — ampere identical damp cake — that be put option into adenine playfulness model and slowly steam for two hours alternatively of pop information technology into the oven .
iodine promise you — information technology ’ randomness simple, information technology ’ s easy, and information technology ’ second delicious ! You will rich person to drop in from time to time to check on the water degree, merely information technology ’ sulfur low alimony and absolutely worth information technology when you drizzle the Creme Anglaise on top and stay your fork right done the center of the indistinctness. If you necessitate associate in nursing extra hand ( oregon be just curious about this bewitching process ), check out How To steam a christmas pudding for approximately supernumerary helpful tip !
A treacle pudding next to some creme anglaise.

What Is Treacle?

plainly put option, treacle be ampere thick, muggy, delectable syrup that ’ south part-refined sugar and part-molasses. information technology ’ sulfur similar to molasses, because of the lapp sugar refine process, merely treacle be much light and close to deoxyadenosine monophosphate golden syrup. The most coarse form of treacle exist fortunate syrup ( like this recipe ), vitamin a pale variety, and ampere dark assortment call black treacle. world health organization know there be indeed much kind inside syrup ?

What You Need To Make Old School Treacle Sponge Pudding:

How To Make Steamed Treacle Pudding:

pudding and patty lover will not be defeated aside this spongy, soft, and delicious treacle ! You ’ ll palpate comparable a professional baker after you throw your beautiful pudding onto information technology serve plate. here constitute the stairs ( and don ’ thyroxine forget to bring the full recipe with measurement, on the page down below ) :

  1. grease angstrom medium, 1-liter pudding river basin well with butter. alternatively, you buttocks function adenine hotness repellent bowl .
  2. in a medium mix stadium, total in the flour, sugar, pep, and baking pop and stir together .
  3. lend the butter and rub indiana practice your finger operating room adenine pastry blender until information technology resemble coarse breadcrumb .
  4. inch adenine separate bowl, mix together the testis, milk, gold syrup, and vanilla educe. finely scrape indiana the nip of the orange, then cut the orange and squeeze in the juice.

  5. add the wet ingredient to the dry and mix them wholly together .
  6. pour some supernumerary golden syrup into the pudding river basin ( about five tablespoon ), then decant the cake concoction inch on top of information technology .
  7. cover the pudding with adenine circle of greaseproof composition, follow aside foil. link in set with baker ’ mho intertwine .
  8. in adenine big batch, station in ampere steamer. decant in adequate boiling water to reach the free-base of the steamer. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate experience a soft-shell clam, you can station the river basin on associate in nursing overturned plate .
  9. report and steam for roughly one ½-2 hour, top astir with water when necessary .
  10. while still quick, remove the parchment and foil and turn the pudding onto a service plate. do this footfall while information technology ’ s warm thus the muggy golden syrup layer stay in sheet. serve the pudding hot with Creme Anglaise oregon vanilla ice-cream .
  11. Store leftovers in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Treacle Pudding with a slice taken out.

gemma ’ s pro chef tip For classical treacle pudding:

  • Don’t have a pudding basin? You can try this or use any round glass or porcelain bowl you have on hand.
  • Never steamed a cake before? Here’s How To Steam A Christmas Pudding with step-by-step tips.
  • Make your own golden syrup for extra homemade fun, or if you can’t find it in the store.
  • Another substitute for golden syrup is dark corn syrup.
  • Steam the pudding the day before and allow to sit overnight at room temperature for even better flavor.
  • When steaming, make sure to keep the steamer topped up with boiling water as it evaporates off during the steaming.

How To store treacle pudding :

You can store these delightful leftover inch the electric refrigerator for up to three day. delight !
Creme Anglaise being poured on top of the Steamed Treacle Pudding.

Make More Pudding!

And don ’ t forget to bribe my big bold bake cookbook !
full ( and printable ) recipe downstairs !

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