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Hi Everyone,

I just don’t have the time these days to send out individual thank yous for those that make and review my recipes, but I  just want you to know that you are truly appreciated and it tickles me every time I get a review, knowing you tried my recipes and enjoyed them the way I do.

I even appreciate the ones that tried them and for some reason they didn’t work out for you.  Everyone has different tastes, and you can’t please everyone all the time.  

Lots of times people change the recipes, adding things, leaving things out, and not seasoning them to their own taste, and give a bad review…  Recipes are only guidelines, and if you follow mine and don’t like it, then it’s a personal preference as to why you don’t like it, and I appreciate that.  However, if you don’t follow my recipe then it is YOUR recipe that you don’t like, and my recipe shouldn’t be rated. IMHO   Thanks for trying them anyway  🙂




My name is Linda. I am happily single, and I live in Rochester NH. I just moved back to the town where most of my family lived years ago, and where I lived as a child, after living in NC for 5 years. I have 2 grown sons, a dil, and 2 beautiful grandsons.

I really enjoy my time here on Zaar posting recipes, trying new recipes, taking pictures, and reviewing lots of yummy recipes!

I love to cook, and share recipes. The recipes that I share are mainly my own creations, or family recipes passed down to me from my mom and grandmother, and other family members or friends. If I post something from somewhere else, it has to sound REALLY good to me for me to post it!

Many of the dishes that I prepare are simple, good, down home cooking. Many of them originate from New England, as my grandmother is from Maine, and my mother from New Hampshire. I do also like to try making some gourmet recipes as well, using my creativity along the way.

I started cooking at a the age of 8, helping my mother and grandmother in the kitchen. My curiosity for cooking has led me to create many of my own recipes through trial and error. I hope you enjoy them as much as my family and I do 🙂

In my spare time I play on my computer collecting recipes, and have been working on creating a cookbook to publish for some time, but have put it aside for now.

I also love to travel and shop. I love to go to the beach and mountains, and as food is a passion of mine, I love to dine out and try many different cuisines in the area, and with friends when I am traveling 🙂

I made my first herb garden in 2008, but have had vegetable gardens for many years in the past. I have done my share of canning and I love those fresh herbs and veggies all summer long!

My Rating System:

5 Stars ***** Outstanding recipe that I absolutely loved. It can be down home or restaurant quality, as long as it tastes great and I didn’t have to make any changes along the way! Also recipe has to have clear directions. One I would definately make again and again.

4 Stars **** Great recipe that I loved, but one that I may have had to tweak just a bit. Directions may have not been crystal clear. One I would make again and again with my changes.

3 Stars *** I liked the recipe, but had to add ingredients, or add more of a called for ingredient to have the recipe come out the way I like it. I would probably make again sometime.

2 Stars ** This recipe was ok, but I probably wouldn’t make it again due to lack of taste, undesireable texture, or unclear directions etc.

1 Star * This recipe was one I didn’t like at all. Either the amounts of ingredients were wrong (too little flavor or too much of one/some of the ingredients in the recipe), or the recipe didn’t come out right following the directions given. Lack of directions.

No Stars – I have tried the recipe in the past and want to make a comment, or I am adding a comment about the recipe posted, possibly a tip or what I feel to be important information about the recipe.


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