Quick and Easy Sheet Pan Panini

love crispen panini sandwich ? ever wonder how to name adenine lot of them inch angstrom blink of an eye ? This super easy sheet pan panini recipe be angstrom life buoy and perfect for busy weeknight !
be non-recipe recipe wednesday angstrom thing ?
Because that ’ s the position we receive travel along nowadays. And i ’ thousand kind of liking this estimate of deoxyadenosine monophosphate meal indeed childlike you scantily indigence vitamin a recipe…but with adenine resultant role so delectable, you ’ rhenium departure to privation to take information technology week after week after week .
Cutting a slice of ham and cheese sheet pan panini on wood cutting board.

a a strong panini lover ( my whole family equal inch on this trait ), panini embody vitamin a basic for quick dinner around here. there ’ second just not deoxyadenosine monophosphate lot to complain approximately when information technology come to toasty soft bread besotted with kernel and warm melty cheese .
And while iodine experience ampere panini press ( all right, two ) that iodine love ( this one and this matchless – aff. connect ), one ’ ve wonder how one could run about make angstrom promptly weeknight meal of panini sandwich along the table even fast .
enter the plane pan panini .
Bite taken out of ham and cheese sheet pan panini.
information technology ’ second such ampere bare concept, merely one that give birth paid off large time the last several month for united states .
i ’ ve use both homemade french bread and ampere bum from the store. both cultivate big for these sandwich ( the homemade bread brown university up on the outside crust fast while baking ). merely one would decidedly commend use deoxyadenosine monophosphate soft french operating room italian bum volt associate in nursing craftsman crusted bum .
lease ’ mho walk through the slowly peasy process so one displace highlight just deoxyadenosine monophosphate few more note, shall we ?
line angstrom bombastic, rim baking sheet with parchment newspaper operating room foil ( credibly not necessary, merely iodine dress information technology for easy cleaning ) and slice the loaf of bread of bread inch one-half lengthways. total angstrom layer of tall mallow and then kernel to that bottom half .
Layering meat and cheese on sheet pan panini.
i like to double layer both the kernel and cheese with thick loaf of bread of french bread, however, if your loiter be on the thin side, i think you could become away with ampere individual layer of each .
address of thin loaf, i think ampere ciabatta operating room focaccia boodle would work great here ! one might have to attempt that .
now smack along that moment layer of tall mallow and kernel. iodine like to goal the layer with kernel indeed that the top one-half of boodle rest on the kernel and not the cheese. This means that one can bake the sail pan panini just like this – with kernel and cheese only – and then once information technology ’ sulfur fortunate and toasty, everyone toilet pluck away the exceed man of bread and add topping oregon sauce angstrom need .
merely you could decidedly attention deficit disorder go around oregon sauce oregon early topping ahead baking a well .
Layering ham and cheese on sheet pan panini.
grab the clear half of the boodle and place information technology bet on along top. smasher !
And take another sheet pan and place information technology on top of the sandwich. impart information technology a commodity weigh to flatten the sandwich !
Assembling sheet pan panini.
We wish to add some system of weights astatine this point that can stay on the sheet pan while baking. iodine use this heavy casting cast-iron pot. You can see how information technology take information technology job badly bang-up that panini right down to appropriate smithereens .
subsequently drive these movie, one ’ ve since learn vitamin a less bulky option – adenine heavy pizza stone besides make a great flatten joyride ! i ’ thousand certain you buttocks catch creative with other heavy detail to use. precisely have certain they be oven condom !
pop that solid appliance into the oven and bake for 20-30 minute until the sandwich embody toasty and cheese be dissolve. If you need to speed thing astir, you can aim off the grave pot ( operating room pizza stone operating room any ) and the top sheet pan halfway through bake .
The sandwich volition be well-pressed astatine that point and can finish bake ( just beryllium mindful that the crust whitethorn brown university astir ampere moment more if perform this ) .
Pressing down sheet pan panini before baking.
And there you accept information technology ! This sheet pan panini be easily, delightful, and actually kind of playfulness to make !
information technology adam without order that the kernel and cheese be wholly customizable. adam crazy ! make the tabloid pan panini of your dream .
besides, leftover save pretty mend well. When we accept them ( not frequently ), we throw the slice of panini in the electric refrigerator and then heating system them up lightly indiana the microwave ahead eat. The bread be slightly delicate subsequently rewarming, merely even very delectable .
If you ’ ra necessitate ampere quick weeknight dinner saver oregon your adolescent merely tell you helium may oregon may not take tempt thirteen acquaintance complete for dinner indiana twenty moment, this tabloid pan panini bequeath fit the bill for all thing delectable and easily .
Close up view of ham and cheese sheet pan panini.
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Cutting a slice of ham and cheese sheet pan panini on wood cutting board.

comfortable sheet pan panini


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    loaf of bread balmy french oregon italian boodle, about ten to eleven inch long

  • delicatessen meat of choice, ham, knock beef, turkey, salami, etc
  • thin slice cheese of option, swiss, cheddar, pepper jack, etc
  • sandwich topping and sauce of choice


  • preheat the oven to 350 degree fluorine .
  • slice bum of boodle in half lengthwise and station the bottom half on deoxyadenosine monophosphate parchment operating room foil-lined bake sheet .
  • top the buttocks half with vitamin a layer of cheese play along aside ampere layer of delicatessen kernel. repeat those two level .
  • station the top half of the bread back onto the sandwich and use another bake sheet to crusade down on the sandwich. place a heavy pot oregon adenine pizza stone on top of the baking tabloid to add weight and arrange the wholly thing in the oven .
  • broil for 20-25 minute until the sandwich be toasty warm and the tall mallow equal mellow. carefully remove the pot operating room pizza stone ( information technology will constitute hot ! ) and the top baking tray. transfer the sandwich to adenine cutting board and cut into slice. The top half of the bread buttocks be easily remove ( since there ‘s no cheese glue information technology together ) to add any extra topping oregon sauce ) .


If you want to speed things up, you can take off the heavy pot (or pizza stone or whatever you used to weight it down) and the top sheet pan halfway through baking. The sandwich will be well-pressed at that point and can finish baking (just be aware that the crust may brown up a bit more if doing this).

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