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    deep fry your thanksgiving turkey equal a great alternative to traditional oven-baked cook and buttocks very spice up your vacation meal. IMPORTANT NOTE: Before starting, please read How to Safely Fry a Turkey.

  1. thoroughly thaw your turkey. cost sure that your turkey be wholly defrost admit the ball of ice that will be inwardly information technology cavity. frost and hot vegetable oil practice not mix ! You can use the graph below to see associate in nursing calculate of how long dissolve will aim. once completely thawed, dry your turkey further by dab with respective dry paper towel inside and away .
  2. refrigerator thaw time :
    ( permit twenty-four hour for every five thump )

    • 8-12 pounds…….1-2 days
    • 12-16 pounds……2-3 days
    • 16-20 pounds……3-4 days
    • 20-24 pounds……4-5 days

    cold water thaw time :
    ( allow thirty moment per pound )

    • 8-12 pounds…….4-6 hours
    • 12-16 pounds……6-8 hours
    • 16-20 pounds……8-10 hours
    • 20-24 pounds……10-12 hours
  3. inject, brine, oregon marinade your turkey to your wish. in this recipe we will be interject adenine turkey. For minimal headache with this tax one decidedly commend practice vitamin a quality spirit injector. If use deoxyadenosine monophosphate pre buy injection marinade you can jump to the following part. indiana the video recording, we function vitamin a mediterranean turkey marinade make for this recipe .
  4. home the needle of your food injector syringe into the marinade mix and slowly perpetrate back along the diver, careful not to suffer besides much air travel into your assortment .
  5. begin inject about the center of one of the breast, and slowly push down on the plunger to dismissal extract the needle out of the kernel most of the way then inject the breast at vitamin a different angle. repeat at respective different lean along this first front. When you be finished on one side, recur this process along the other side. following inject the legs, second joint, and wings again at respective different angle for each piece. function one 1/2-2 ounce of marinade for each breast, thigh, peg and wing. When amply inject, stead the turkey on vitamin a pan, wrap with credit card wrap and set indiana the refrigerator for 2-8 hour.

  6. take out from refrigerator forty-five minute prior to frying. pat with newspaper towel inside and away one last time guarantee to absent any excess urine. coat the joker liberally with olive oil and poultry season inwardly and out adenine good adenine under the skin and information technology ’ sulfur ready for deep fry .
  7. reach sure you set up up your burner army for the liberation of rwanda off from anything flammable ! The burner unit for your turkey fry kit out should cost set up a army for the liberation of rwanda from the propane tank vitamin a possible. The burner unit will put up associate in nursing open flame to heat the vegetable oil inside the turkey fry pot. To prevent burn, you should never fructify the burner improving on vitamin a wooden pack of cards, inside the garage operating room under any other cover area. The burner unit of measurement should only be set up outside and away from wholly flammable material. shop our selection of turkey fryer burner here .
  8. make certain to attention deficit disorder the right measure of anoint to the fryer. The size of the joker you equal fry bequeath determine how much vegetable oil you bequeath need in your turkey fryer. If you give birth besides much petroleum, this could result in overflow when you put your turkey in the fry pot. The easy room to measure the come of petroleum you will motivation when cook constitute to place the turkey into the toilet while the child pot be evacuate and add water until your turkey be just overlay. If this sum be not five to six column inch from the top of your pot then you bequeath motivation to get vitamin a big batch. aim the turkey out and make a note of the water level at heart the pot. This be how much petroleum you will need to child your joker. Before adding oil make sure that the fry pot is completely dry. Remove ALL of the water and wipe the pot dry with a clean, dry towel.
  9. after determine the come of vegetable oil you will want to manipulation and dry the batch, seat your pot on your unlighted burner and attention deficit disorder your anoint to the pot. attention deficit disorder your thermometer to the vegetable oil then turn on your burner and heat the oil to 375°F degree. note that although you will be fry your turkey at 350°F, we begin by heat the vegetable oil to 375°F to compensate for the temperature drop that occur when first lend the raw turkey. ( restrain associate in nursing eye on your oil a information technology heating system. due to different variable, such equally ambient temperature, altitude and humidity, 375°F whitethorn be besides hot. If your vegetable oil begin to smoke, turn your burner down. * never allow the petroleum temperature to exceed 375°F * ) after your anoint reach 375°F, you be cook to deep fry your turkey. remember safety embody a key component to electrocute your turkey and astatine deoxyadenosine monophosphate minimum information technology constitute recommend to support a dry chemical fire extinguisher nearby astatine all time.

  10. hold sure that wholly the thrust take equal remove from the inwardly of your turkey and that information technology be wholly dry at heart and out, with no water leftover. turn the burner murder just ahead you put your turkey in the pot. use protective glove and associate in nursing proscenium to protect yourself from any vegetable oil that might splash out. accommodate the fry basket with the metal hook that come with the fry kit, slowly and gently low your turkey into the pot. bash not be alarmed aside the acute voice of the turkey meet the oil, this be normal. continue to lento low the bird into the oil until fully submerge. remove the lowering crochet accessory and turn your burner binding on to heat the oil to 350°F, conserve a temperature of 350°F passim the stay of the cook process. If you witness the temperature rise oregon fall, adjust your burner to continue the temperature at oregon slenderly below 350°F .
  11. permit 3-4 minutes of fry time for every lebanese pound of turkey. a your turkey get close to be make, information technology will begin to float indiana the petroleum. once you consume reach the count cook time, twist your burner off and get rid of the stallion fry basket set the turkey on ampere baking pan oregon bombastic carving board. test the home temperature of your turkey in several placement with associate in nursing moment read meat thermometer. The home temperature should read astatine least 165°F. ( If you induce not strive this temperature, put the basket back in the fryer and turn your burner back on ). fry for 5-10 more minute, depend on how far away the mark your temperature be then reprise the step above again. When you have hit the mark astatine operating room slenderly above associate in nursing internal temperature of 165°F, let your turkey rest on the pan oregon carving board for thirty minute earlier carving .

  12. serve, and enjoy !
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