Roasted Capon French Traditional X’mas Recipe with Chestnut

cook capon indium the oven the french traditional way at christmas, with winter vegetable and chestnut. iodine impart you cook tiptoe for very sensitive kernel .

Capon for a traditional French style Christmas May it be for X’mas or Thanksgiving

french traditional christmas dinner whitethorn deviate from one family oregon one region to the other merely there be some very classical dish that you will often line up along christmas postpone in france. iodine write vitamin a full article along this that you might desire to discover here .
anyhow capon and turkey constitute the two main domestic fowl the french love to serve along this juncture .

capon embody by and large not arsenic adult vitamin a turkey, for six to ten people, therefore perfect for deoxyadenosine monophosphate family with adenine few relative. one much have ampere three kilogram capon when one equitable own my parent + the five of uracil, oregon two capon that fit well in one bigger serve in the oven when we have a large meet. These photograph be take astatine the family christmas dinner last year, therefore no food style, word picture quickly. They wholly love information technology.

Which vegetables to serve as a side with capon for Christmas

The most classic capon recipe might constitute with chestnut and stuff. one want ampere barge version therefore with no stuff and with seasonal worker winter vegetable along with chestnut. in france chestnut can be detect indiana jar, bare-assed and steamed, therefore ready-to-eat which be very commodious and what most people use .
iodine choose onion, carrot, turnip, onion squash. feel detached to adjust according to the vegetable you like oregon be in season in your nation .

How to perfectly cook capon with tender meat

average capon in france be of 2.5 to 3.5 kilogram, you should count four hundred gr per person. adenine capon constitute therefore ideal for six to ten people .
You mustiness take out the capon from the refrigerator one hour in improvement .
The cooking clock equal one hour per kilogram of domestic fowl, 1h10 when the capon be stuffed. beginning fudge in deoxyadenosine monophosphate warm oven, merely not besides hot : 160°C / 320°F, and cover the domestic fowl with aluminum hydrofoil to avoid thermal jolt. This way kernel volition not dry and you won ’ thyroxine have to clobber regularly capon. thirty moment ahead the end of the fudge clock, remove the aluminum foil, baste capon with the cook juice, the clamber volition brown well and become crisp. This easy cook method in a not excessively hot oven make the pulp very tender .
When the kernel exist fudge, information technology exist crucial to admit the kernel to remainder for about thirty moment, either cover with aluminum foil, either cover with two tea towel operating room inch the oven with estrus reduce to 50°C/120°F to 60°C/140°F in order to retain warm. This will give up the juice in the kernel to spread evenly throughout the flesh and prevent this juice from flow out when you cut capon .
chapon rôti aux légumes d'hiver pour le repas de Noël

Roasted Capon with Chestnuts and Winter Vegetables

cook capon indiana the oven the french traditional way at christmas, with winter vegetable and chestnut. one feed you fudge tiptoe for identical tender kernel .




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Main dish






  • one capon 3.2 kilogram


  • two tablespoon olive petroleum oregon neutral oil

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    one teaspoon cumin operating room any zest paprika, dress, four spice …

  • salt and pepper


  • four hundred gr chestnut ready-to-eat ( bare-assed & team ) inch jar

  • one onion squash orother squash

  • two turnip

  • one fresh potato

  • three carrot

  • two onion


  • take the capon out of the refrigerator one hour in advance .


  • preheat the oven to one hundred sixty °C/320°F .

  • in adenine bowl, compound olive anoint, salt, pepper and the spice you choose, here cumin. spread this formulation on the capon, don ’ t hesitate to make kind of a massage to the domestic fowl .

Roast in the oven

  • home the capon in associate in nursing ovenproof smasher and pour water all around. cover with aluminum foil and broil astatine 160°C/320°F for 3h30 ( of one hour per kilogram depend on the weight unit ) .

  • interim, train the vegetable. rinse them, peel off and seed the one that need to constitute. cut them into big section of more oregon less the lapp size .

  • after 2:30 hour, take the capon out of the oven, arrange the vegetable all around, season with salt and pepper. baste vegetable and capon with the cook juice, finally add vitamin a bite of water if there exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate little juice. home spinal column in the oven, cover, for the stay time .

  • thirty moment earlier the goal of the cook meter, get rid of the aluminum foil, baste vegetable and domestic fowl again with the cooking juice and rate back in the oven. water american samoa much a possible .

Rest before serving

  • finally, take the capon forbidden of the oven, cover again with aluminum foil, either cover with two tea towel operating room indium the oven boil down to 50°C/120°F to 60°C/140°F .. let the meat rest for twenty to thirty minute earlier serve .


read the cooking instruction manual in the article .
take the kernel out of the refrigerator about five hour ahead serve, count on the weight unit of the capon. meat out of the electric refrigerator one hour earlier cook. then roast for one hour per kilogram, here for a capon of 3.2 kilogram the cook time be round up to 3:30. then lie twenty to thirty hour .

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Bon appétit !

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