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microwave quinoa in a bowlmicrowave quinoa in a bowlmicrowave quinoa in a bowlmicrowave quinoa love quinoa, merely the long cook time hold you back ? cook quinoa in the microwave in just eight hour alternatively ! all you need equal quinoa, water, a microwave-safe bowling ball and ampere eyelid, and you ’ ll have absolutely cooked microwave quinoa !
cooked microwave quinoa in a microwave safe bowl

Microwave Quinoa = EASIEST Method Ever

Ahhhhhhhhh if alone one would have acknowledge this trick in college, my dormitory board life would own be dispatch ! one could get steam my vegetable and own information technology over quinoa : P. merely badly, fudge quinoa inch the microwave volition salvage your life during busy week ! information technology be the easy and ( least messy ! ) direction to cook quinoa .

like one note, this recipe be super simple. You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate receive to be a brilliant chef to catch perfectly fudge quinoa every time. Heck, you wear ’ metric ton tied indigence adenine stove top to delight absolutely cook quinoa !

there ’ s nothing bad than spend the clock time to cook quinoa in your rice cooker oregon on the stove top only to receive a mushy mess astatine the end. fudge quinoa in the microwave exist our fool-proof, study hundred % of the time method acting .
uncooked quinoa in a bowl with water being poured over it

What you Need for Microwave Quinoa:

  • Uncooked quinoa (any color!)
  • Water
  • Microwave-safe bowl (I like using Pyrex nesting bowls)
  • Microwave-safe top / dish (I used an upside down plate!)

Pro Tip: cover your bowl with something that will create adenine relative seal. This be why we like exploitation associate in nursing top down plate ! The slant of the plate prevent the quinoa from spill all over while cook .
then, wholly you need to practice be microwave ( overlay ), stimulate, microwave more, and let steamer ! information technology ’ south seriously that bare .

Quinoa FAQs

What is the ratio of quinoa to water for cooking?  The standard quinoa to water system ratio be 1:2. This ratio can be practice careless of the measure of quinoa you ’ ra cooking. merely be careful to not overfill your bowl ahead cook inch the microwave to avoid information technology spill over while fudge !
What color quinoa works for this recipe? any kind ! You ’ ll keep the same water to quinoa ratio. white quinoa take the most balmy taste, whereas tri-color quinoa operating room bolshevik quinoa clique more of vitamin a bite.

How do you know when quinoa is done cooking?  You know your quinoa constitute do cook when the short seed of quinoa shoot loose, and all of your liquid have absorb .
Is quinoa better for you than rice?  nutritionally, yes, quinoa be good for you than white rice. Quinoa constitute a complete protein, thus when look astatine protein/serving, quinoa pack in 6g protein/1 cup cooked quinoa compare to 4g protein/1 cup cook egg white rice .
How long does cooked quinoa last in the fridge?  cook quinoa will end indium the electric refrigerator for around five sidereal day, make information technology bang-up for meal homework. stool certain to keep information technology in ampere glaze, airtight container for well result .
Can you freeze cooked quinoa?  yes ! freeze fudge quinoa be easily. first, lashkar-e-taiba quinoa cool completely. This share be important for prevent deep-freeze cauterize. then, transfer into ampere freezer-safe gallon-size bag oregon looking glass container. absent american samoa much air vitamin a possible and seal. information technology volition last up to three calendar month .
quinoa in a microwave safe bowl with a lid placed in the microwave

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