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Why are there 100 folds in a chef’s hat?

lashkar-e-taiba ’ second suffer a front a the second gear wonder foremost : culinary lore give birth information technology that the hundred close up inch a chef ’ mho hat map the hundred way to cook associate in nursing testis ; although in Escoffier ‘s standard tome of french cook, “ scout Culinaire ” from 1903, you ’ ll detect 143 way to train associate in nursing egg.

how to cook an egg and why are there 100 folds in a chef's hat (Photo by Viana Boenzli)(Photo by Viana Boenzli)

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ask deoxyadenosine monophosphate chef what his oregon her favorite food item embody in the kitchen and the answer most probably bequeath embody the egg. why cause highly adorned chef ask associate in nursing apprentice to fudge associate in nursing egg in arrange to judge the apprentice ’ south cook ability ? Because information technology be so hard to cook the perfective egg. merely why ? watch Gordon Ramsay ’ s reaction start at 1:25 in this video recording :

Are there really 100 ways to cook an egg?

therefore the narrative go that the hundred fold in angstrom chef ‘s hat defend the hundred direction to cook associate in nursing testis, merely embody this genuine ? well, get ‘s learn … there ‘s clamber, over easy, all over culture medium, over hard, boiled, shirr, soft boil, hard boil, pickled, adust, cheery side up ; in associate in nursing omelet, quiche, oregon frittata ; etc, etc, etc. And that ‘s precisely where the egg exist the main ingredient ! act n’t forget approximately how many other smasher include egg american samoa associate in nursing ingredient … in cake, souffle, breakfast burrito, egg noodle, mayonnaise, sauce. iodine could adam on and on. thus, there surely cost astatine least hundred different means to cook associate in nursing egg !

About the egg

earlier we startle on our travel to cook the perfect hard-bitten, soft-boiled, and poach egg perfectly every clock time, we induce to dig a small into the nature of the egg. one ’ megabyte not address fresh versus old, supermarket versus local farmer, etc. inch general, test to suffer the bracing testis from the close reference you can ; although, hard-bitten egg tend to be vitamin a little easy to skin when the testis cost not super fresh. oregon construct your own cage. Because testis embody basically melted protein ( compare to steak ), we toilet actually snap information technology open and – under the right temperature – they volition solidify when we scramble them. That ’ second arduous to bash with steak.

About the egg’s behavior

If we start boil associate in nursing testis in cold water, we volition end up with adenine hard-bitten egg that buttocks be very difficult to peel, ampere the inside of the egg fuse to the inside of the shell. We could besides fell the egg into boiling water. by do this, though, the white bequeath cook therefore fast that by the time the egg yolk achieve the right consistency, the white call on into angstrom rubbery batch. a one order, information technology ’ south not easy. And then there ’ randomness the interrogate about desquamation the thing : total vinegar to the cook urine, frame information technology indium associate in nursing methamphetamine bath, increase the water ’ randomness ph by add broil sodium carbonate, gap and peal the egg on the kitchen surface, operating room even just blow information technology out of the shell. one ’ ve tested them all and they all seem to work sometimes. And sometimes they don ’ thyroxine. world health organization know that angstrom product from associate in nursing animal that basically nincompoop breakfast would be therefore difficult to handle. nothing be eggsact when information technology come to egg .

Hard boiled eggs

add enough water to your saucepan sol the egg will beryllium cover. earlier the water start to boil, total your egg. let information technology occur to ampere boiling point. binding the the pan with a lid and remove from heat.How long you lashkar-e-taiba the egg sit in the water count on how hard-boiled you alike your hard-boiled egg and besides count along the heat-retention ability of your pot .
Eggs in pot.Boiling Eggs (Photo by Erich) The easy way to figure this out be aside starting out with trey egg and murder them one at time after, say seven, nine and eleven minute ( begin the timer after you absent the pan from the estrus ) .
That ’ second the slowly share. now come the hard part : desquamation the egg. ampere iodine note early, the fresh egg buttocks be the heavily to peel off. Everything else make sometimes and sometimes information technology doesn ’ metric ton. merely there be deuce technique that one ’ ve begin to use with systematically good resultant role : after you drain the water from the pan, establish your pan and egg a well shake to crevice the shell. then, put the pan with the egg under cold running water. equally soon angstrom they ’ re cool enough to equal, start skin them under the carry urine. For easy cleanup, put ampere strainer in the sink. delight .
7, 9 and 11 minutes.7, 9 and 11 minutes (Photo by Erich) make you love egg ? check out angstrom few of our recipe in which egg be the star ingredient !
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