Spinach: What you should know

The outbreak of E. coli from fresh spinach spread Monday, reaching 21 states including Illinois, and consumers faced growing questions over how to keep themselves safe. There is E. coli bacteria everywhere, but the O157 : H7 strain found survive week can cause deadly health problems, specially for the very new or aged. Some questions and answers : ad q : The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration recommend discarding bagged salad mixes that contain spinach, and not eating clean spinach in its raw submit for now. Is cook spinach condom ?

A : According to Tom Skinner, a CDC spokesman in Atlanta, fresh spinach should not be consumed naked. “ We think that cooking to 160 degrees for 15 seconds will do what needs to be done to make it condom, but that ‘s 160 degrees all the way through and it ‘s hard to take the temperature of a leaf of spinach. For now, use frozen packaged spinach and cook it as directed. ” Microwaving ca n’t guarantee a safe temperature. ad q : Will washing take away the E. coli ? A : “ This is a very hardy bacteria, ” Skinner says. “ thoroughly washing fresh produce is always a good thing to do, but cook it properly excessively. ” q : so E. coli is n’t fair dangerous in kernel or dairy products ? A : “ These outbreaks are normally associated with undercooked kernel, but we have seen a number of outbreaks related to produce, ” Skinner says. q : What other character of produce poses an E. coli risk ? A : Any produce that is irrigated. “ It ‘s not the produce itself, it ‘s how it ‘s grown, harvested and packed, ” Skinner says. Q : Does the spinach panic affect the handiness of cooked-spinach dishes, such as cream spinach, in restaurants ?

A : Because thoroughly cooking the spinach kills any harmful bacteria, by rights cooked cream spinach should not pose a gamble. But the reality is that even a flimsy hazard is besides much for most restaurants. “ I had to get rid of 20 cases [ of spinach ], ” said Victor Martinez, chef at Shula ‘s Steakhouse ( 301 E. North Water St. ), which normally serves skim spinach. “ With the panic that ‘s out there right now, we just took it off the menu. ” ad q : So cipher is touching spinach ? A : signally, at Gene & Georgetti ( 500 N. Franklin St. ), creamed spinach remains on the menu. “ The spinach we use is frozen, but I checked with my purveyor immediately anyhow, ” said general director Rich Ciota. “ So we have n’t made any adjustments yet. ” In fact, the restaurant offered cream of spinach soup during lunch on Monday and sold “ about 20 ” orders, according to Ciota. “ People asked, ` How can you offer this ? ‘ and I told them, ` Because I ‘m confident in our intersection. ‘ ” Q : Does the crisis mean I ca n’t have spinach pizza ? A : good luck finding any. At Bacino ‘s, where the heart-healthy pizza of spinach and low-fat cheese is the pizzeria ‘s biggest seller, co-owner Linda Bacin has stopped using spinach. “ We pulled anything that had spinach in any way, shape or form, ” she said. “ even our frozen spinach, which comes from Idaho and is n’t targeted as defile. But we did n’t want to take any chances. ” Bacin said that a number of customers last weekend switched to broccoli pizza. Do n’t knock it ’til you ‘ve tried it. q : Are there other spinach substitutes being used ? A : At the Chicago Chop House ( 60 W. Ontario St. ), chef Bill Farrahi is substituting chicory for spinach in oysters Rockefeller. Bandera ( 535 N. Michigan Ave. ) is using swiss chard alternatively of spinach in its spinach enchilada. Keefer ‘s ( 20 W. Kinzie St. ) has dropped any dish incorporate spinach, so the tomato-spinach ravioli is now a wild-mushroom ravioli, and the restaurant is pushing early vegetables, such as green beans, which come from the same Illinois farmer that supplies the restaurant with heirloom tomatoes. “ They pick them that dawn, ” co-owner Rich Keefer said, “ and we serve them that nox. ” ad q : Are people going crazy without spinach on the menu ? A : “ Customers have been truly sympathy, ” said Bridget Morrey, day coach at Ina ‘s ( 1235 W. Randolph St. ), where the spinach frittata no longer contains any spinach and the salad menu has been rewritten. But at Bacino ‘s, one Friday-night regular was then desperate for her spinach-pizza specify that she offered to sign a indebtedness release. The restaurant refused.

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