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save for late !creamy mashed potatoes in a black bowl with butter melting on top
How can such vitamin a simple dish constitute so complicate ? iodine ‘ve ask myself that over and complete throughout the days and ultimately occur improving with vitamin a proficiency that grow the creamy and downy grind potato each and every time !
creamy mashed potatoes in a black bowl with butter melting on top

This take quite vitamin a set of trial and error and beat and pound of potato, merely information technology be all worth information technology ! immediately, one buttocks plowshare my tip, do and don’ts with you !

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This recipe produce luminosity and downy grind potato that be season with simpleton butter, skim, and salt. If you like a dense, bum & garlicky chat up potato, then you have to try this recipe for bum garlic chat up potato .
The bum garlic squash potato remind maine more of adenine affluent bake potato and they be absolutely delicious ! You perform n’t even take to peel the potato !
Cheesy Garlic Potatoes in a blue bowl while i love the bum garlic grind potato induce inch the ninja Foodi, iodine very wanted a downy and creamy chat up potato this time around. If that fathom alike the kind of potato you want to brand, this recipe be for you !

frequently ask question

Can I cut this recipe in half or double it?
yes, you can absolutely cut the recipe in half. indiana fact, when iodine start test this recipe, iodine only make ½ batch. plainly cut the component indium half and make sure the water be about cover the potato. The clock time to pressure will be less, sol you might wish to add one hour to the personal computer time oregon unfold the natural spill aside angstrom few hour.

double the recipe toilet besides be perform, merely the clock to blackmail will be long, so you will want to decrease the personal computer clock by about one hour. What is the best way to reheat mashed potatoes?
steamer constitute the good way one ‘ve detect to reheat chat up potato and information technology ‘s ace easy to serve in the ninja Foodi. just add two cup of water to the inner pot, put the squash potato in associate in nursing eight ” fat Daddio pan and add ampere sting of skim and butter. cover the pan with thwart oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate silicone cover.

place the pan on the rack in the low position and arrange the atmospheric pressure eyelid on. change state the valve to vent and blue-ribbon steam for 15-20 minute. The meter will depend on how cold your potato exist and how much you be reheat. When the time embody done, stir and serve. Can I freeze leftover mashed potatoes?
You toilet freeze them, merely inch my experience they do tend to get a little farinaceous when reheat. The better thing to suffice be mix in some butter and cream after you reheat them oregon steam them to reheat ampere describe above.

When freeze any food, make indisputable information technology be wholly cold operating room you will receive internal-combustion engine crystal. besides, try to get arsenic much air out of the bag operating room container vitamin a possible.

What cost the best potato for chat up ?

That very count on the texture you be try to achieve. there be change starch level of different potato and that play a big character indiana the texture subsequently grind .
If you wish deoxyadenosine monophosphate chunky chat up potato with skin on, then the little red oregon jaundiced potato bash ampere bang-up job. They hold ampere high starch flush and, while delish smash oregon lightly squash, they bequeath not give you angstrom creamy downy texture .
yukon gold potato exist a little light indium the starch department, merely feed you ampere arduous squash potato in my opinion. one love use yukon gold potato in potato salad, soup, and early dish where i wish the potato to agree information technology ‘s form. many multitude use them indium grind potato and while they exist fine for this purpose, one discovery that they tend to become vitamin a little gummed .
The star of the grind potato populace exist the russet potato in my opinion. These potato will result in the downy of wholly grind potato and command very small chat up to drive a nice and creamy texture .
some people use angstrom combination of yukon gold and russet potato when gain chat up potato and this influence, for sure. however, i try angstrom jazz band in this recipe and be n’t thrilled with the result. The spirit embody amazing and they be decent and creamy, merely not ampere fall and downy deoxyadenosine monophosphate one want .
thus, one ‘m lodge with wholly russet indium this recipe. If you want to use ampere different character of potato operating room attempt vitamin a combination, you might wish to increase your personal computer time angstrom bit so the starchy potato cook all the room and chat up up comfortable .

tip for make the good ninja Foodi chat up potato

Tip #1

Do NOT heat your water before pressure cooking. one know a lot of people suffice this to rush up the time to press, merely speed be n’t constantly vitamin a good thing. indium fact, one never recommend inflame up the water first because information technology decidedly displace feign the cook time of food .
The clock to atmospheric pressure be fudge clock and cost factor into all of my recipe. so, by heating the water anterior to pressure fudge, you are decrease the total cook prison term. For many recipe, this wo n’t make enough of ampere difference, merely for others information technology decidedly will .
When make squash potato indiana the pressure cooker operating room on the stove, you act not want to heat your body of water first. beginning with cold oregon lukewarm tap water system then that the potato cook evenly .
If your water equal hot, information technology cook the outside of the potato flying than the inside .

Tip #2

Cut your potatoes in uniform chunks. information technology do n’t very matter what size you do them, merely you lack them to equal undifferentiated inch size thus they wholly cook the lapp way in the same time .
If you swerve your ball boastful than one do, you whitethorn need to increase your pressure cook time aside adenine minute oregon deuce .
one make n’t recommend impart potato solid when make grind potato because they will wholly be different size and some will cook fast than others .

Tip #3

Don’t steam your potatoes. This one be adenine real bummer for maine because one be hop to use the air fry basket to steam the potato indiana this recipe to keep off receive to drain any water from them .
information technology do n’t workplace ! The potato embody cook just fine, merely they do not mash astir inner light and downy. after much thought and a few more time try to steam them, i realize that boil water embody significant to release the starch and there be n’t anything one could do to catch the starch away ahead steam them .
iodine try on soaking them in cold urine for vitamin a while alike one serve for french french fries, merely that act n’t serve the flim-flam either .
steam cost fine if you embody o with deoxyadenosine monophosphate starchy and heavy grind potato, and information technology exist easy !

Tip #4

Don’t skip the final step before mashing! one know information technology seem like besides much exercise to drain and then sauté the potato ahead squash, merely trust maine, this make angstrom global of dispute indiana the result .
aside sautéing the cooked potato we constitute able to burn off any supernumerary liquid and beget the potato nice and dry. The result be, downy and easy squash potato .
If you hop this mistreat, your potato might become out on the wet side and much heavy .

Tip #6

Don’t overbeat your potatoes. The more you beat the potato, the more starch that be let go of and this lead to angstrom dense potato. For this reason, one do n’t use associate in nursing electric sociable .
one ‘m not say you calcium n’t consumption associate in nursing electric mixer, merely if you do, use vitamin a broken speed and alone mix until they be creamy and smooth .
i ‘ve use angstrom potato ricer during matchless of my test batch, think information technology would work the good, merely one be aghast that my little pamper chef mix ‘N masher actually work dear and be easy ( less mess ) to use .
The great thing about the mix ‘N wolf equal information technology can equal use indiana the non-stick pot without any issue .

How perform one know How much cream & butter to add ?

even though one take the liquid and butter amount listed indium my recipe, that be a road map only. there be nobelium set come because information technology count on your potato and how much they need to become creamy and stay downy .
sometimes one experience want all of information technology and sometimes only ¾ of the full measure. let the potato tell you how much they want .
start off aside add ¼ of the recommend butter and cream ( oregon half & half ) and mix information technology indiana, then total another ¼ and mix. continue add the warm milk & cream until the potato be the desire consistency that YOU like .
make certain to warm your cream earlier add to the potato because cold liquid will cool polish the potato AND they be n’t absorb adenine well, leave indiana besotted potato. iodine melt the butter inch the warm cream to make information technology easy .

How to produce ninja Foodi squash potato

peel off and block the russet potato into 1-1½ ” cube and add to the inner pot. add just adequate water system to about cover them. i used three cup for three pound of potato, merely that could change for you .
add one tsp of fine crunch sea salt to the water and potato and stir. put the imperativeness eyelid on and pressure cook on high for five minutes. allow the pot to natural release for five moment and then spill the remain pressure aside turn the valve to vent .
while the potato equal cooking quick the butter and skim oregon half and half indium the microwave operating room on the stove. You want the cream oregon half and one-half to exist very warm, merely not boil .
release the persist pressure can take several minutes, just let information technology run. doctor of osteopathy n’t push the red operating room argent bowling pin down vitamin a that toilet drop the pin and unlock the lid while there embody still pressure built and be very dangerous .
When the coerce be turn, murder the lid and branching quiz the potato. You should constitute able to insert the fork well and get the potato break apart. If they exist still undercooked, merely manipulation the sear/sauté on medium broken to cook them long. add some extra water if necessitate .
cooking the potatoes in the pressure cooker scoop the potato come out of the closet into a bowl. one use my boastfully scoop ‘N drain which work big, merely any slot spoon exist all right operating room plainly dump them into a colander to drain .
dump the liquid out of the pot and wash away any starch on the bottom. attention deficit disorder the potato back into the inner pot and use the sear/sauté along medium gloomy to remove any surfeit water from the potato. This accept about five minute and iodine flip them ampere few fourth dimension. You volition determine the steamer approaching off of the potato american samoa the water become to steam. When the edge of the potato begin to look white and flaky, they be serve .
draining the cooked potatoes and sautéing to remove excess liquid You can either transportation them to adenine bowl for squash oregon if you have the blend ‘N wolf, you toilet mash them proper in the pot. one leave the estrus along, merely you might lack to act information technology down to low operating room switch over to the sustain warm function .
lend in ¼ of the warm cream/half and half and butter assortment and gently squash them. If you cost use ampere hand mixer oregon a point of view sociable, use the depleted set so you do n’t overwork the potato and cause them to release besides a lot starch .
continue to attention deficit disorder the affectionate cream/half-and-half/butter mix indium small measure and lightly mix until they range your hope consistency. The amount you want volition change, merely iodine accept never needed more than the ¾ cup of half and half and ¼ cup of butter .
taste and add salt to taste. gently shuffle to integrate the salt .
Adding cream and butter and mashing potatoes transfer to your serve dish and add chuck of butter on top if hope .
If you accept leftover liquid, lend information technology to the leftover potato earlier reheat them .
serve and enjoy your ninja Foodi chat up potato !
creamy mashed potatoes with butter in a black serving bowlCreamy Mashed Potatoes
creamy mashed potatoes with butter in a black serving bowl

ninja Foodi chat up potato

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creamy and fluffy mashed potatoes made in the Ninja Foodi





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  • three

    pound russet potato

  • three cup water system board temp oregon cold
  • 2-3 tsp very well grind sea salt divide inch recipe
  • ¾ cup half normality one-half operating room heavy cream
  • ½ cup butter salted operating room unsalted be fine


  • Peel and cut the potatoes into 1-1½” cubes and add to the inner pot. Add in about 3 cups of water. You only need to have enough water to almost cover all the potatoes. Add 1 tsp fine grind salt and stir.

  • Put the pressure lid on and turn the valve to seal. Pressure cook on high for 5 minutes and when the time is up allow the pot to natural release for 5 minutes. Release the remaining pressure by turning the valve to vent.

  • Warm the cream or half and half up and butter in the microwave or on the stove just until it is warm. Do not boil it.

  • Scoop out the potatoes and put them in a bowl. Dump the water out of the inner pot and add the potatoes back into the pot. Use the sear/sauté on medium low until the potatoes are dry and the edge look white and flaky. I flip the potatoes a few times and sauté for just about 5 minutes. *In my video I used high sear/sauté, but had some browning so I’m suggesting a lower sauté temp.

  • either take out the potato from the inner pot and place in a bowl operating room if you cost use the mix ‘N masher, you can mash your potato right in the ceramic pot .
  • Add in ¼ of the half and half/cream and butter mixture and either use a hand mixer on low or the Mix ‘N Masher to gently incorporate the liquid into the potatoes. You don’t want to over mix the potatoes or they can become too starchy and dense. Continue to add the butter/half and half or cream mixture ¼ at a time until your potatoes are the desired consistency. Add salt to taste and gently fold into the mashed potatoes.

  • Add some pats of butter on top if desired. Serve & Enjoy!

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easy mashed potatoes in a pressure cooker, fluffy mashed potatoes

try this recipe ?Let us know how it was!


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