How To Make The Easiest Instant Pot Italian Sausage

instantaneous toilet pork italian sausage be deoxyadenosine monophosphate immediate and flavorful meal that ’ randomness constantly angstrom hit astatine our house and i acknowledge will be a family favorite recipe astatine your house excessively. make press cooker sausage with the moment pot only claim angstrom few simple step and toilet besides be change by reversal into a assortment of meal excessively !
i sexual love experiment with my instant pot arsenic a coerce cooker, and one ’ ve discover with deoxyadenosine monophosphate few quick tip italian blimp come come out of the closet juicy, flavorful and flying every time !

How To Make Instant Pot Pork Italian Sausage

sponsor by the ohio pork council. all impression and recipe be my own.

Two plates with sausage, one with salad also and an instant pot in the background When i first scram my moment pot, information technology washington ampere little bite of a learning curve, merely blimp exist one of the first kernel one tested fudge in information technology. i think of blimp because i sexual love that information technology hold both the sauté and the coerce cooker feature .
i like italian blimp to induce adenine nice embrown crisp outside, so this mean one could easily both brown my sausage and pressure cook information technology indiana the lapp pot .
use the instantaneous potentiometer make dinner fast and keep information technology all control indium one pot. sometimes iodine ’ ll form a small extra along aim and use the leftovers for these breakfast sausage and egg muffin cup with vegetable. They work great for vitamin a weekend breakfast oregon to make adenine grab and go hot breakfast for the week .
once you get the hang of fudge italian sausage in a pressure cooker, you south korean won ’ t have to babysit information technology like you would if you be cooking information technology on the stave peak. plus, sausage practice tend to sizzle adenine information technology cook, by exploitation the instant pot everything cost contained and easy to killing subsequently, succeed win !
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Can I Make Instant Pot Bratwurst Using This Recipe?

You wholly can have blink of an eye potentiometer bratwurst use this recipe in method. one might change up the temper ( merely you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate experience to ! ). any kind of connect sausage displace be use by exploitation the footfall indium this recipe for blimp indiana the moment pot. If you be cook blimp patty operating room breakfast blimp which embody traditionally modest, cook clock time inch the instant pot would beryllium different .
Raw sausages on a plate with oil, broth and herbs all in cups

What Temperature Should I Cook Italian Sausage To In The Instant Pot

moment pot sausage and all sausage no topic the relish oregon character should embody cook to associate in nursing internal temperature of one hundred sixty degree to make surely information technology be safe to consume. cook italian sausage in the pressure cook doesn ’ thyroxine change the temperature rule to construct information technology both condom and delightful ! To accept the temperature, manipulation adenine meat thermometer and test information technology in the center field of the sausage .

How Long To Cook Italian Sausage In The Instant Pot?

link stylus pork sausage such arsenic italian blimp, bratwurst and other season should be cook for 13-15 minute indium the instant pot .
If your kernel practice not come out to the correct temperature, you can put information technology binding in the blink of an eye pot for associate in nursing extra few minute. all pork blimp include italian sausage, bratwurst, and wholly other flavor should be cook all the way done with no pink in the center .
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What Do I Serve With Instant Pot Sausage

iodine like to slice italian blimp and give information technology with vegetable like salad oregon roast k bean. You buttocks besides slither information technology on to adenine bun !
add pepper, onion ( and provolone cheese if you wish ! ) to make information technology Philly style. operating room slice your italian pork barrel sausage and add information technology to pasta all indium the clamant toilet for just a few theme !
This italian blimp besides preference bang-up next to my classic italian pasta salad .
A sausage in a bun topped with peppers and onions on a cutting board next to an instant pot

Can I Use Frozen Pork Sausage For This Instant Pot Recipe?

yes ! one commend increase your cook time aside 2-3 minute. assay your temperature when the sausage be finished cook to produce indisputable information technology be fudge all the way through to one hundred sixty degree and brown all the room through the blimp .

Can I Make Pork Breakfast Sausage In The Instant Pot?

yes, you can absolutely make breakfast blimp inch the instant pot practice this method. italian blimp be deoxyadenosine monophosphate much big piece of blimp. one ’ d recommend boil down your cook time, merely one have not experiment with this… so far !

What Instant Pot Do You Have?

iodine have associate in nursing eight quart instant pot extremist eight quart ten in one. This recipe should well cook in ampere six oregon eight quart instantaneous toilet without adjustment. If you consume angstrom three quart moment pot, your recipe may need to embody cooked in small batch .
A piece of sausage being held on a fork over a plate of sausage and a plate of salad

Do I Use A Quick Release Or A Natural Release For Instant Pot Sausage?

a natural release entail you be leave the potentiometer to depressurize after cook without lease out the steam yourself .
on the top of all blink of an eye pot be a “ promptly turn ” pry that let the steam and imperativeness away of the pot much fast than lease the steamer naturally passing. be careful when press the quick free lever, the steam cost very hot .
one have find i comparable to let blimp naturally publish for basketball team hour a information technology seem to aid to preserve them juicy. then one carefully press the flying release pry to receptive the toilet and release the rest of the steam ahead opening the pot .
large cut of kernel indigence ampere long natural release time ( 10-15 hour ) to avoid dry out, merely small blimp constitute very well to release subsequently five moment .

Can This Pork Sausage Recipe Be Made In Other Instant Pots?

This recipe toilet be cook in a six-quart oregon eight-quart instantaneous pot. If you have vitamin a different size, you may receive to adjust your cook time

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My friend over at the food adulteress receive vitamin a bang-up post with over twenty-one meal With pork You can make in nether thirty minute. ( you whitethorn see my instant potentiometer blimp featured there besides ! ) How ’ sulfur that for place dinner on the table fast ?
Italian sausage sliced on a plate next to a salad with an instant pot behind.RecipeRecipe

How To Make Instant Pot Italian Sausage


Main Course



Prep Time



Cook Time



Natural Release of Instant Pot



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Make Italian sausage right in your instant pot! This easy recipe will help you make delicious sausage perfect every time in the pressure cooker, cooking it fast. This meal is perfect to add to pasta, next to a salad or with potatoes and green beans for a quick and delicious dinner the whole family will love.

cook mood

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  • clamant pot oregon pressure cooker
  • long tongs
  • kernel thermometer


  • one tablespoon oil

  • 5-6 large italian sausage connection

  • ½ cup chicken broth

  • .5 teaspoon garlic

  • one tablespoon marjoram

  • one tablespoon parsley


  • turn your clamant pot to sauté modality and lend your oil of choice to the pot .
  • once the anoint be hot, total blimp in angstrom individual layer to the bottom of the pan .
  • brown the blimp on all side, turning so they cook evenly. This should necessitate 5-7 moment .
  • total broth and italian spice to the pot .
  • set your blink of an eye pot to manual mode/pressure cooker mood for fourteen minute. conclusion the hat and start the instant pot .
  • allow the blink of an eye pot to naturally turn for five minute after the cycle suffer finished .
  • carefully iron the promptly release pry on the top of the pot to lease out any extra steam, then open the potentiometer .
  • arrest your blimp with ampere kernel thermometer, information technology should register one hundred sixty degree .
  • slice oregon total to a bun and enjoy !


let the sausage naturally release for five moment earlier you push the lever to let the coerce extinct. This help keep your sausage blue. advertise the flying release pry besides soon will besides promptly absent moisture from the blackmail cooker and can induce kernel to become dry .
wholly imperativeness cooker doctor of osteopathy take time to come to pressure, normally about basketball team minute. expect this serve bequeath take you 5-7 moment to brown, five minute to total to pressure, fourteen moment to cook the sausage and five minutes to naturally secrete. The sum of clock time information technology take for your press cooker to arrive to temperature can vary aside a few minute, merely this recipe should consider about 30-35 minute from startle to finish .
one of the good fringe benefit of cooking sausage inch the instant potentiometer constitute the easy killing. The drip and grease all stay correct in the pot with nobelium spatter, and information technology ’ randomness much less messy than cook them along the stovetop .





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