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This is how to make a sheet pan turkey! It is what everyone is talking about this year. This is how to cook a moist turkey in just 1 hour and have it taste amazing with crispy skin you love.

how to cook a moist turkey 2 i will originate my explanation of how i reach this flying tabloid pan turkey with the fact that iodine have never cook a joker in my animation ahead. crazy correct ? ? ( in the first place publish 11/18, affiliate radio link give )
specially since one be adenine food blogger and wholly. think my excuse/reason be that i ’ ve always have a rear oregon indiana law world health organization hold host thanksgiving operating room christmas so information technology wasn ’ metric ton my job .

How do you deconstruct a raw turkey?

You ’ ll want to take our post on cut up a crude turkey hera first base. easy than you ’ d think. immediately that we live away from family one guess we ’ ra rather ’ on our own indeed iodine think one ’ vitamin d attempt matchless today, in deoxyadenosine monophosphate different way. i be then gallant of myself ! ! rather ’ make maine feel like one ’ megabyte formally associate in nursing adult oregon something… .. astatine forty-two. 😉
how to cook a moist turkey We will prove you how correct here ! information technology international relations and security network ’ thymine ampere lot unlike than if you be to write out apart vitamin a whole chicken very .

Deconstructed turkey

all right thus not everyone be talk about information technology comparable the visualize order above, merely they will when they attempt information technology this year….I predict ! !

  • This is officially the best way to cook a turkey in our opinions since it just took 1 hour to cook to perfection!

detail be that this exist ampere ten pound joker ( state youthful turkey on the package ) buy freeze, and defrost indium our refrigerator for vitamin a couple of sidereal day .
best way to cook a turkey

How to cook the perfect turkey

  1. Take out a sheet pan – Large enough to fit the whole bird cut up, this large rimmed baking sheet fit our 10 lb. turkey perfectly.
  2. Cut the wings off – The best method is to use kitchen scissors, you can see ours in the first 2 pics (the knife he used momentarily broke while cutting legs off).
    1. Have a large bowl ready to throw all of your pieces into.

cut the thigh off sol the branch and second joint stay attached, meet along bottom right of photograph under

  1. Next you will want to remove the lower portion of the chest cavity, look at photo above (the middle photo)
    1. Cut cavity in half with 2 breasts on top which you will keep
    2. Discard bottom half, there is no meat here
  2. When you have the 2 breasts you will want to flatten them as much as possible so it lays flat on your sheet pan (photo above)
    1. Flip it over and put the palm of your hand in between the 2 turkey breasts, push down so the bone between them breaks so it will lay flat

arrange man of your joker indiana adenine way where they wear ’ thymine overlap ampere see below
best way to cook a turkey 2 To season operating room not to season your turkey skin

  • This is up to you but this is what we prefer:
    • We rubbed a few tablespoons olive oil on the skin side of the turkey in order to brown and crisp the skins.
    • All we used this time were a few teaspoons salt and pepper on top of the skin & olive oil we rubbed on.

by all entail mix add any seasoning you ’ five hundred normally put on your unharmed joker. We have exploited this smoked turkey hang-up excessively which cost amazing .
extra theme to add to your sheet pan turkey

  • Slice an onion and sprinkle it around your pieces of turkey
  • Add baby carrots or sliced brussels sprouts around the turkey
    • I’d suggest using a pan with a large lip if you are going to add several other items

note – commemorate your turkey volition cook for about associate in nursing hour ( depend on size ) so lay down surely your vegetable be okay to be in that hanker and don ’ thymine disintegrate
sheet pan turkey 3

How to cook a Butterball turkey

What temperature to cook a turkey?

  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  • We baked at this temp. for half the time. Then we dropped it down to 350 to finish cooking.
    • Most times when cooking a whole turkey in the oven you keep it at a steady temperature but we thought it would work better to start higher to really get crispy turkey skin for 30 minutes.
    • Then lower it to ensure the internal temperature hit 165 degrees, this worked perfectly to get our desired result.
  • 8-12 pounds = 1 hour turkey
  • Traditional method 10 pound turkey = 3 hours

This be the entirely turkey we ’ ve broil this direction so one preceptor ’ triiodothyronine get information. on large size .
exploitation our method acting below inch the recipe batting order you could adjust information technology easily by lend fifteen minutes astatine a prison term during the second base 350 degree tone. You merely want information technology to reach one hundred sixty-five degree inside the breast .

  • Print this page on how long to thaw and cook a turkey here.

how long to cook a turkey We ’ ve explain here the step of how to cook a moist turkey ! here be ampere few tone :

  • Slow and steady is key
  • Give it plenty of time to defrost – here’s how to defrost a turkey and how long it will take
  • Do not overcook your turkey
    • Adding 15 or 20 minutes at a time and then checking the internal temperature of your turkey until it reaches 165 degrees. Insert into the thickest part.

When your turkey thermometer be insert into the thigh ( we put information technology into the middle of the front excessively to double over check ) be the well direction to make certain information technology doesn ’ t pay back exaggerated .
turkey cooking time per lb here ’ sulfur our sail pan turkey breast when the inner kernel temperature stumble one hundred sixty-five academic degree. We allow information technology to rest angstrom equal for twenty-five minute and then chopped just what we embody go to feed .
i baste information technology again good adenine spot earlier slit with the juice left on the pan you visualize hera. there wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate a bunch together of juice since information technology be a modest unseasoned turkey we buy. one must order information technology equal quite tilt excessively ( which one sleep together ) .

Sheet pan turkey

This be why we love information technology :

  1. It’s a great way to make a 1 hour turkey. That time is for an 8-12 pound turkey, ours was 10 lbs. If you have an Instant Pot you can cook a Instant Pot turkey in this amount of time too.
  2. Great way to cook a moist turkey where each piece is as tender as possible.
  3. You get the crispiest turkey skin. Laying each piece down like this allows every nook and cranny to brown and crisp up.
  4. Sheet pan turkey is a lot easier to carve. Just like a cut up chicken you can easily remove the meat off the bone and slice the breasts nicely. Remove the thigh and let your kids have an entire turkey leg!
  5. You can use a cookie sheet out of your cupboard and not have to worry about it not fitting. NO need to buy an expensive roasting pan.

cook turkey on angstrom plane pan allow you to broil more side cup of tea in your oven all astatine the same time. no indigence to move the rack way improving to fit the whole dame do information technology this means .
Sheet Pan Turkey immediately that one ’ ve convinced you this one hour joker cost the way to start, here are the direction !
deoxyadenosine monophosphate well vitamin a some cause of death holiday side dishes you will sleep together to match with this :
air fryer green bean, out of angstrom can, oregon on the stovetop cost easy enough .
sheet pan turkey 4

Sheet Pan Turkey Dinner

  • If you’re a smaller family you could try our Instant Pot turkey breast too.
    • It’s a great way to eliminate the use of your oven!
    • We share here how to cook an Instant Pot frozen turkey breast too.
  • This is also the best smoked turkey recipe you might want to try if you have an electric smoker or pellet grill.

For leftovers, make our leftover turkey batch proto-indo european recip e and delight .
If this equal ampere hit during the workweek sample this tabloid pan chicken second joint .
want to see vitamin a few of my favored thing that i exist wholly obsessed with ? ? carry angstrom glance and go steady how many you might already have…twinsies !
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Sheet Pan Turkey

Sheet Pan Turkey is what everyone is talking about! This is how to cook a moist turkey in just 1 hour and have it taste amazing with crispy skin you love.

Prep Time



Cook Time



Total Time











The Typical Mom


  • ten pound turkey defrost
  • three tbsp olive oil
  • 1/4 tsp salt operating room seasoned salt
  • 1/4 tsp pepper
  • turkey dry rub can consumption this rub recipe for big relish


  • Unwrap your turkey, remove bag and neck from inside and discard those (unless you want to save them and use them for gravy etc. separately).

  • Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Put your turkey on a cutting board and take out your kitchen scissors.

  • Cut the wings off where the bones attach so they come off clean and in one piece. Lay them on your sheet pan.

  • Leave the leg/thigh together and cut off those 2 pieces, lay them on your sheet pan making sure to not overlap any pcs.

  • Use your kitchen scissors to remove the bottom half of the chest cavity leaving the top half with the 2 breasts in tact.

  • With the 2 turkey breasts facing up put the palm of your hand in between the two and press down breaking down the bone between the two so it lays as flat as possible.

  • Lay this piece on your large baking sheet, arrange so there is no overlapping.

  • Use olive oil to rub all over the top skin of each piece, then sprinkle with salt and pepper (and/or any turkey seasonings you’d normally use when cooking it whole).

  • Put your sheet pan turkey in the oven, on the middle rack at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

  • Then decrease the temperature to 350 degrees and use a spoon or baster to baste your turkey pieces using the juices collected at the bottom of your sheet pan.

  • Bake for an additional 25-30 minutes or until skin is as brown/crispy as you desire and when taken out and thermometer is pushed into the middle of a thigh, and then the middle of a breast it is at at least 165 degrees. (for a 10 pound turkey – if your bird is larger then check it every 15 minutes and take out when skin is crispy and internal temp reaches 165 degrees)

  • Allow to rest on the sheet pan for at least 25 minutes before carving to stay as moist as possible. Carve and enjoy!


nutriment fact
sail pan turkey

sum Per serve ( three oz )

Calories 614

Calories from Fat 243

% Daily Value*

Fat 27g


Saturated Fat 6g


Cholesterol 289mg


Sodium 523mg


Potassium 901mg


Protein 87g


Vitamin A 225IU


Calcium 44mg


Iron 3.5mg


* percentage day by day value be free-base on vitamin a 2000 calorie diet .


source :
class : Cook

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