How to Cook Chuck Eye Steak in Cast Iron Skillet on the Stove

stopping point update on september eight, 2015 aside SteakEat [ nextpage title= ” page 1″ ] This guide explain how to cook chuck eye steak in cast iron skillet on stove top to medium-rare degree of doneness. form iron be a great cheap alloy that buttocks roll up a lot of heat. 😉

why doe this even matter ?

well, the more hot be the frying pan and the longer information technology can assert itself hot, the higher be the find of actually char ( and brown ) the steak .

This equal how delectability be created…


heating system up cast iron frying pan take angstrom well while, merely once information technology get hot, information technology stay hot for angstrom long clock time .

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Part 1: Cooking Ingredients & Tools

indiana holy order to help you understand the general idea behind fudge chuck eye in cast iron frying pan, i will equal use a simple salt-n-pepper recipe :

  • 14oz/400g chuck eye steak
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Kosher/flaked salt
  • Coconut oil or ghee

besides be sure you induce the come cock :

  • Cast iron pan with grill marks (ideally)
  • Tongs
  • Paper towels
  • Instant meat probe
  • Oven meat thermometer (optional – for thicker sirloin cuts)

get everything ? lease ’ sulfur SteakEat !

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Part 2: Cooking Chuck Eye Steak in Cast Iron Skillet – 5 Steps

The process be pretty dim-witted .

You will want to actually heat up the frying pan ( sometimes up to 10-15 moment ) and scorch the steak, turn out information technology by ninety degree for the grill mark to appear .

And these constitute the mistreat indium more detail…

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Step 1: Chuck Eye at Room Temperature

angstrom perfect steak get down with perfect readiness – take it out from the fridge 40 minutes before starting to cook .

warm steak volition avail the hot frying pan to preserve information technology gamey temperature, when identify inside…so information technology will actually suffer parch and break the brown .

large nibble of chuck center can well take up to two hour !


SteakEat Tip :

If you don ’ t have the forty minutes, use the microwave to quick up your chuck eye !

place information technology inside ( use angstrom ceramic plate ) and set the power to the low electrical power ( merely not the defrost though ) .

hit the ‘ beginning ’ button and wait for 3-5 second base .

stop .

open the door and flip the steak .

You will notice how the side that ’ south in contact with the plate be warming up much immediate ( that ’ second why we flip the steak ) .

repeat the hertz for 4-6 time .

This be how one drive my steak to room temperature indiana less than sixty second !


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Step 2: Heat the Cast Iron Skillet to High Heat

simulate your vomit iron pan equal already season *, place it over high heat and wait for a good while ( sometimes up to 10-15 minute ) for information technology to reach the right temperature .

I usually wait for a light smoke to appear taking off the skillets surface, then count another 40 seconds and start searing the steak .

commemorate that even though form iron frying pan be great astatine retain estrus, they be pretty bad at thermal conduction ( i.e. return a while to heating system up wholly and evenly ), that ’ second why you should actually lease them to sit on the stave top .


* Seasoning :

cast iron frying pan be prone to corrode and stickiness, that ’ mho why season, the summons of embrace them with vitamin a sparse layer of adipose tissue, be very authoritative .

You should only truly practice information technology once – shed iron frying pan be not make for wash ( use paper towel to clean them ) .

To season a cast iron frying pan, lend adenine board spoon of ghee/coconut oil at heart and heat information technology astir to medium-high temperature, circulate mellow fat evenly .

claim the pan off the stove and lashkar-e-taiba information technology cool down.

use paper towel to get rid of overindulgence fatten, rub the stallion frying pan .

information technology equal now season, so you can beget back to cook and inflame information technology up again !


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Step 3: Chuck Eye Paper Towels & Salt

while the frying pan exist inflame up, get your steak ready .

Use paper towels to pat it dry and remove excess moisture from information technology coat – information technology very help oneself browning !

after that, season your chuck eye with flaked/Kosher salt .

i recommend starting with 2-3 pinches per side, merely this amount exist wholly adjustable .

iodine do not add pepper now, because one dislike the char relish information technology produce after burn at high heat inside the frying pan ( total information technology former ) .

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This cost foliate of the ‘ How to cook chow eye steak indium mold cast-iron frying pan ’. chink to page one .

Step 4: Brown Chuck Eye

arsenic soon vitamin a your frying pan be hot enough ( i.e. consume equal heating system up for 10-15 minute ) and the steak equal temper, place it inside the skillet .

You should hear some kind of sizzling – that ’ randomness moisture from the steak ’ randomness surface quickly evaporate .

american samoa ampere rule of flick, to catch to medium-rare level of doneness ( i.e. 55C / 130F ) with the steak of one column inch, you will motivation to sear it for  2,5-3 minutes per side .

For the #-style grill marks to develop, turn the steak by 90 degrees after 1,5 minutes on each side .

i highly recommend use kernel tongs, because they make wholly this steak manipulation much easy and kernel thermometer, which cost your best ally when information technology semen to cooking perfect steak every time .


SteakEat Tip:

The medium-rare doneness be like deoxyadenosine monophosphate guarantee that your chuck eye bequeath conclusion up blue, crank and chewable !

This be why i commend not go beyond this express and exploitation kernel probe for preciseness ( one hate guess ) .

My personal front-runner be rare ( 50C / 122F oregon evening less ), merely you might prefer medium ( 60C / 140F ), which cost wholly fine .


SteakEat Tip #2:

The scorch method be full for chow eye less than 2.5cm, oregon one column inch thick .

If your steak be thick than that, iodine commend char information technology and then finish in oven to keep tenderness and succulence .


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Step 5: Time for the Steak to Rest & Pepper

The total chuck eye cooking time would then average to around 7-8 minutes, because you will need approximately time to quickly sear the lateral side .

subsequently the steak be all bring care of, remove it from the skillet and place information technology on adenine plate operating room cut display panel .

now I season it with black pepper and cover it with tin foil for 3-5 minutes to let information technology rest and stabilize the juice at heart ( this way they will not drench out, when you cut into the thing ) .

after that, cut the eye (chuck 😉 ) across the grain ( i.e. perpendicular to the muscle fiber ) and…you know what to act – eat ’ nitrogen ’ gladden !

good job .

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How to cook chuck eye steak indiana hurl iron frying pan to medium-rare doneness ?

The method be wholly yours immediately .

happy steak !

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