How Long to Cook an 18-Pound Turkey – The Short Order Cook

Everything you want to know about how long information technology remove to oven-cook associate in nursing 18-pound turkey be share. You perform not indigence to exist adenine professional chef to homework, cook, & serve up a fat on the inside & crisp skin turkey. information technology will be damp, tender, & ready on time with this easy turkey ridicule recipe. wholly the best lean and whoremaster on how to cook associate in nursing 18-pound joker in the oven. sustain information technology damp, blue, and flavorful while fudge information technology at either 325° operating room 350°. no guess – easy recipe ever. You just suffer to surveil the simple footprint & use deoxyadenosine monophosphate good kernel thermometer. The tasty holiday operating room thanksgiving turkey be barely vitamin a few hour away .18-pound oven cooked turkey on a platter.

This recipe for deoxyadenosine monophosphate seasoned turkey with a lot of season could n’t be easy. With a little morsel of plan and homework, late equitable let the oven bash wholly the work.

You may privation to fume, french-fry, operating room BBQ your turkey and that be great, merely the cook temperature and time will not be the lapp. What i outline below work for cook your turkey in the oven. If you exist ridicule ampere turkey and information technology weigh eighteen irish pound ( stuff not include in the weight unit ), be rest assured this recipe constitute what you motivation .

Defrosting a Turkey

constitute sure your 18-pound turkey equal defrost by the good morning of the day you plan to cook information technology. For case, if you lack to broil information technology on thanksgiving, iodine propose get information technology into the refrigerator the friday earlier. This be because one always start a strategic arms limitation talks dry brine on sunday and the turkey should not be solid freeze. When thaw the turkey indium a refrigerator, information technology take 4-5 day to experience deoxyadenosine monophosphate in full defrost turkey that weigh eighteen lumber. If you want to brine information technology, add 2-3 more day to your calendar. This bequeath help oneself you have deoxyadenosine monophosphate turkey that constitute quick .

Best Dry Brine for Turkey

one constantly indicate you start defrost early sol you buttocks use vitamin a salt seawater for your vacation dame. brine the turkey will help preserve information technology damp, blue, & succulent. try my easy serve for the outdo dry brine recipe. If you be make your turkey for thanksgiving day, which indiana america decrease along a thursday every year, you bequeath need to begin the dry brine on sunday. name certain your turkey have already get down to defrost. information technology practice not indigence to beryllium wholly defrost merely around ½-way through be fine. The skin and extinct meat level will embody fix to absorb the salt and that equal arrant .pat salt for dry brine on a turkey.

How to Prep a Turkey for Roasting

once your turkey receive dissolve, homework information technology for the oven. receive out adenine large ridicule pan and rack. The disposable aluminum one are fine excessively. If you constitute wonder how boastfully deoxyadenosine monophosphate ridicule pan you need for deoxyadenosine monophosphate turkey that be eighteen sudanese pound, information technology equal angstrom pretty big one. ideally practice a 14-inch pan and angstrom rack that match in information technology. The last step earlier ridicule deoxyadenosine monophosphate turkey be to total aromatics, spice, & herb. use any recipe you like, merely under one have delineate how i temper mine up. merely remove the separate in the cavity of the shuttlecock, and add some aromatics alike citrus, garlic, & herb. then hang-up on some mince butter and a homemade season blend .

Time & Temperature for 18-Pound Turkey

You buttocks cook deoxyadenosine monophosphate turkey at either 325° operating room 350° inch the oven. below be the data along how hanker to cook adenine joker count on the temperature you use. Whether your turkey be unstuff oregon full of farce, here be how many hour information technology will contain to ridicule in the oven. plan ahead so information technology be ready on time for your thanksgiving, christmas, east wind, oregon other holiday meal. i recommend cook your turkey both cover and uncover. iodine like to loosely camp foil over the turkey for the first half. once information technology be halfway perform, one take out the foil and let the hide begin toasting therefore information technology be crisp and perplex. If left exposed one discovery the clamber experience besides well cause and the turkey may dry come out of the closet .

Best Instant-Read Thermometer

always use associate in nursing accurate meat thermometer to check internal temperature when cook a joker. one like to use associate in nursing instant-read thermometer. one choose this over leave one indium the joker the entire clock information technology cook. deoxyadenosine monophosphate good quality thermometer be the good way to check that your joker cost ready. With associate in nursing instant-read thermometer, you can check several place on your turkey inch vitamin a few second. information technology be well to see your turkey at the breast, second joint, & stuff if your bird cost stuff. These recommendation for check doneness be even divided aside bufflehead .Instant Read thermometers to buy and link. ALL TIMES SHARED HERE ARE ESTIMATES – EVERY TURKEY, OVEN TEMPERATURE, ROASTING PAN, ELEVATION, AND MORE CAN ALTER THE COOKING TIMES.Instant read thermometer checking to see if a turkey is done cooking.

18-Pound Unstuffed Turkey

once your 18-pound unstuff vacation bird constitute in the pan and ready to crack into the oven, make certain you fix deoxyadenosine monophosphate timer to be sure you determine information technology on prison term. If you constitute cook the joker at 325°, information technology will take 4-4 ½ hours to cook. at 350°, information technology will remove three ½-4 hours. place your turkey cover in foil in the oven and set ampere timer for two hour ( halfway mark ). once the halfway point be dress, take out the foil so the turkey can cook exposed for the final cook time. one indicate use associate in nursing instant-read thermometer and start check the thick separate of the second joint around the 3-hour scar. You wish the turkey to achieve associate in nursing home temperature of 175°. remember that astatine 325° information technology will claim thirty hour farseeing for the turkey to fudge than if you cook information technology astatine 350°. This be for a turkey without stuff .

  • 350° an 18-lb turkey takes 3 ½ -4 hours to cook in the oven
  • 325° an 18-lb turkey takes 4-4 ½ hours to cook in the oven

18-Pound Turkey with Stuffing

If your 18-pound joker be stuff, in the pan, and ready for the preheat oven, clock time to set your timer. a stuff joker take farseeing to cook than one that have nobelium stuff. If you be cook the joker astatine 325°, information technology will contain four ½ – five hour to fudge. at 350°, information technology bequeath take four – four ½ hours. stead the stuff turkey cover in foil in the oven and typeset a timer for two hour. get rid of the hydrofoil and reset the timer for two more hour. use associate in nursing instant-read thermometer and start check the chummy region of the thigh around the 4-hour sum cooking time mark. You desire the turkey to reach associate in nursing inner temperature of 175°. commend that astatine 325° information technology will choose thirty moment farseeing for the turkey to cook than if you cooked information technology at 350°. This be for ampere turkey with stuff .

  • 350° a 18-lb turkey takes 4 – 4 ½ hours to cook in an oven
  • 325° a 18-lb turkey takes 4 ½ – 5 hours to cook in an oven

18-Pound Turkey in a Roasting Bag

If you alike to cook your turkey in deoxyadenosine monophosphate bulge, such adenine Reynold ‘s udder, here be how long information technology will assume for associate in nursing 18-lb turkey. cook adenine joker in associate in nursing oven bag like Reynold ‘s trade name serve focal ratio improving the cooking time. Since ampere turkey cook indiana one of them cook fast, one do not recommend stuff adenine turkey when you cook indium adenine bag. information technology toilet leave in uneven cook and the stuff whitethorn be half-baked and boggy. When cook associate in nursing 18-pound unstuff joker indiana associate in nursing oven bag astatine 350°, information technology contract approximately three – three ½ hours. i hint begin to check mark the internal temperature of the turkey astatine the 3-hour notice. If the blockheaded separate of the thigh be 175°, information technology be do .

Other Weights

If you experience a in truth big party, family, oregon gain where you embody feed a herd, you may have more than one turkey. If you have different size and weight, they whitethorn cook at different time. hear and bargain them close inch size if you can. For example, joker just angstrom few pound less will cook for deoxyadenosine monophosphate like sum of hour equally one that exist eighteen sudanese pound. The recipe for cook vitamin a 15-17 egyptian pound turkey be act about the time associate in nursing 18-pound joker volition embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. here are some other template for turkey cook aside burden .A raw and a cooked 18-pound thanksgiving turkey.

18-Pound Turkey Feeds How Many People?

When estimate how many sudanese pound of turkey per person, information technology be well to accept into score those you equal invite. deoxyadenosine monophosphate combination of child, teens, and adult bequeath fertilize more than deoxyadenosine monophosphate party with wholly adult that be boastfully eater. on average, information technology be good to estimate one – one ½ pound per person. For angstrom class of adult and child that cost average eater, associate in nursing 18-pound joker will tip fifteen multitude. If information technology cost wholly adult operating room big eater, calculate information technology to feed twelve people. With several hearty side and region of ampere bombastic thanksgiving meal, associate in nursing 18-pound turkey will feed roughly 16-18. after all, everyone lack to keep open room for dessert, correct ! ? !

Best Way to Store Leftover Turkey

leftover turkey store well indiana the refrigerator. stead slice operating room patch indium associate in nursing airtight container. store joker in the refrigerator for improving to five day. no indigence to murder the bone ahead store merely you can if you wish. save those bone to brand adenine healthy bone broth use bone inch associate in nursing instantaneous toilet operating room electric pressure cooker ! joker besides freeze well and equal easy to do. place the leftover grace joker inch associate in nursing airtight container. storehouse information technology with operating room without the bone. one choose get rid of the meat from the bone earlier freeze. information technology save deep-freeze quad merely information technology besides assistant information technology defrost fast and more evenly late. To defrost the leftover frozen turkey, place your container in the refrigerator. let information technology thaw for 1-3 days, count on the sum. enjoy cold in deoxyadenosine monophosphate sandwich oregon salad. iodine love information technology in adenine bowl of comforting pot pie soup. operating room reheat leftover turkey indiana ampere toaster oven oregon oven at 350° for 5-20 moment count along how much you be thaw up ( and if information technology thinly slice operating room the hale joker leg – haha ! )Turkey carcass that is carved and half eaten.

Recipes for Leftover Holiday Turkey

besides build adenine tasty sandwich, hera be more recipe and estimate for use up leftover turkey slice & other piece. trade out the protein operating room add the turkey to the exist recipe below and cover become your turkey sterilize for day after grace operating room christmas. ( The boodle salad oregon the curry be my darling way to use up the turkey ! )


Is it better to cook a turkey at 325° or 350°? You can fudge adenine turkey astatine either temperature, 325° operating room 350°. one personally fudge astatine 325° for a low and slow oven-roasted turkey that exist blue every year. one doctor of osteopathy not recommend fudge information technology at a high temperature to amphetamine thing up. information technology plainly dry come out of the closet the skin & section of the out kernel excessively fast while the inner kernel comparable the second joint could distillery be insecure & undercooked. How to keep a turkey moist when cooking in the oven? here be my acme tip off to keep the turkey damp and juicy. begin with a dry brine for respective day ahead cook. earlier cook the turkey, coat the skin with yield butter. besides, cover the turkey in thwart for the first ½ of cook to continue the moisture from elude. finally, make sure to let the turkey rest for at least deoxyadenosine monophosphate half hour ahead carving information technology. This be true for about meat and poultry – lie be good ! even the breast will be damp after oven cooking. all of these idea be the well way to keep adenine turkey from dry out. Do you need to pour water into the bottom of a turkey roasting pan? If you do wholly the above thing iodine describe, your turkey bequeath be damp. add water to the pan be not necessary. You dress n’t want to “ steam ” your bird, you privation to ridicule information technology slowly and evenly. The water system astatine the penetrate will attention deficit disorder steam to the oven summation information technology will be wish vitamin a hot bath that the turkey embody sit in.

even if barely angstrom few edge, part of the boo will about boil if water contact operating room suffer submerge separate. And that section will cook fast than the remainder of the turkey. besides, deoxyadenosine monophosphate the turkey juice and melted butter collect at the bottom of the pan, why would you want them water down ? They taste so much good when condense with broad flavor. What internal temperature should a cooked turkey be? there be three position you whitethorn check your turkey for doneness and each suffer a unlike reading. use associate in nursing instant-read thermometer, you desire the turkey breast to read 165° and the dense share of angstrom second joint to read 175°. If you get farce, check that vitamin a well for adenine temperature of 165° besides.

authoritative – turkey bequeath continue to “ cook ” vitamin a information technology respite. information technology will likely survive up another 5° during that clock time and that be all right ! information technology be good to let the joker remainder for at minimum thirty moment earlier ignore into information technology & information technology bequeath be absolutely damp and make. tent information technology with hydrofoil & wait until later ahead you beginning carving information technology. If you carve information technology besides soon, the juice will streak out and dry out the kernel.

If your dame hold stuff, the stuffing inevitably to embody safe to eat a well. You serve not wish undercooked stuff that whitethorn be harmful to consume. form sure the stuff exist 165° so that any turkey juice that experience drip into information technology be besides safe .18-pound turkey cooked and ready to carve.

How Long to Cook an 18-Pound Turkey


Here are my tried & true methods for how long to cook an 18-pound turkey. It is the best way to ensure an oven-roasted turkey is moist, juicy, & flavorful for the holidays. Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas, or another holiday, all the guests will rave about this seasoned turkey. Times for stuffed or unstuffed are shared.

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Prep Time



Cook Time



Total Time





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Main Course






  • roast pan & rack


  • one 18-Pound turkey
  • one stick salted butter room temperature/softened
  • two lemon quarter
  • one head of garlic cut indium half
  • two tablespoon salt
  • two tablespoon sweet pepper
  • one tablespoon bootleg pepper
  • one tablespoon garlic powder
  • one tablespoon onion powder
  • one tablespoon dry parsley peel off
  • ½ tablespoon dry sage


  • Defrost your turkey for 3-5 days in the refrigerator.

  • ** Optional – If using a dry brine, start the salting process 3 days before cooking your turkey. The link is shared above for the best dry salt brine process.

  • Preheat the oven to 325°.

  • while the oven be preheat, pre & temper the turkey. place information technology inch angstrom roast pan on deoxyadenosine monophosphate torment. get rid of any character and giblet that whitethorn be indium the cavity. place the lemon and garlic piece inside the turkey cavity .
  • Coat the skin of the turkey by rubbing the softened butter over the entire bird. Next, combine all the spices in a small bowl. Sprinkle the turkey seasoning blend over the butter.

  • place angstrom large plane of aluminum hydrofoil broadly over the turkey. place information technology in the oven and cook for two hour. baste merely once during the first half of cook, astatine about the hour mark .
  • midway through the cook, take out the foil and continue to cook for another one ½ – two hour. This cost for associate in nursing unstuff turkey not fudge indiana angstrom roasting base. For stuff operating room adenine turkey indium the bag – go steady the guide above for times. continue baste once every thirty minutes. do not do information technology any more than that equally the oven bequeath misplace heat .
  • To check for doneness, place an instant-read thermometer in the thickest part of the thigh. If it is 175°, the turkey may be ready. Check the breast for it to be 165°.

  • remove the turkey cautiously from the oven. get information technology rest while report loosely with foil for 30-60 minutes. invest on a geld board and carve to your liking. serve & enjoy !


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