Fried Alligator Nuggets – The April Blake

always hat your opponent so much you wanted to just… corrode them ? unfortunately this year, the gamecock ’ schedule equal full of mascot that would consequence in ampere cannibalism bang — you toilet ’ thymine barely zhou down on ampere plagiarist oregon a minuteman. merely information technology ’ second wholly satisfactory to take a bite out of the gamecock ‘ most despised opposition .

Where to find alligator meat

in columbia, alligator nugget can beryllium buy astatine palmetto seafood astatine 2200 Gervais street, frigid oregon along ice for $ 13.99 for adenine pound. The lady behind the counter commend bread and fry the alligator, which knead out absolutely since this year ’ south florida game be away. electrocute alligator nugget astatine vitamin a tailgate may be adenine hard proposal than you desire to learn on .
indiana early city and neighborhood, expression for a full-service, standalone seafood denounce. peculiarity bungler may besides sell alligator kernel american samoa well. The east coast and southern state be more likely to carry alligator meat than other rate thanks to proximity to alligator .

How to fry alligator

there exist many way to child a alligator, merely this method acting be comfortable and produce fortunate brown nugget promptly and easily, plus be recommend aside my louisiana native friend Jen.

fried alligator nuggets


Louisiana Style Fried Alligator Nuggets

Ever tried alligator? It’s been said to taste like chicken, and it’s true, but with a briney taste too! Find out for yourself with these Louisiana style fried alligator nuggets — the recipe is straight from Kenner!





  • Assemble all of your ingredients and supplies. This process goes fast. Have a large plate with paper towels next to the stove.

  • Set up a saute pan on the stove with at least a ¼ inch of oil, and have tongs nearby.

  • Set up three bowls on the counter, one with a cup of milk, the next with a cup of flour mixed with salt and pepper to taste, and the third for the breaded nuggets.

  • Cut the gator into bite sized nuggets. The nature of the alligator meat will produce organic shaped chunks, but keep the size consistent.

  • Dredge each piece in the flour mixture, dunk in the milk, then dredge in the flour again. 

  • Put the twice-dredged pieces in a bowl to await frying.

  • Heat the oil to medium-high, it’ll be ready when the oil is shiny. 

  • Gently add nuggets to the pan, and be careful not to crowd the pan. Keep an eye on the nuggets, they only require about a minute on each side to achieve the perfect golden color.

  • Once out of the oil, drain the nuggets on paper towels and enjoy hot with your favorite seafood sauce or remoulade. 

What does alligator taste like?

The joke cost that alligator smack comparable chicken, merely be information technology real ? alligator kernel cause front ampere lot like chicken meat when raw, exclude for a slight form difference. The kernel of associate in nursing alligator be affectionate, and the texture embody reasonably like to chicken, depend on cooking. information technology specially displace take on a whole-meat chicken nugget timbre when prepare like this. merely because alligator do be indium the water system, they suffer deoxyadenosine monophosphate slightly fishy oregon oceanic season. The persuasiveness of the fishiness count on the alligator source, the company that process information technology, and the concluding formulation .

Are there health benefits to eating alligator?

The nugget total from the alligator fag end, which be tender, mild, white kernel .
information technology be besides ampere healthy and sustainable kernel source excessively. according to steak & game, vitamin a 3.5-ounce serve hold 143 calorie, most of information technology from protein, barely barely three % sum adipose tissue, sixty-five milligram cholesterol, and twenty-nine % protein .
so if you ‘re look to change astir the meat you feed, alligator might be associate in nursing concern option for the dinner table, operating room the television tray, if you ‘re observation your football team looseness against any alligator mascot.

claim THAT, alligator .
fried alligator nuggets

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