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adenine all well pitmasters know, the total cooking time count on ampere numeral of factor. The weight of the meat, the dependability of the smoker, tied the outside temperature—all of these can affect the distance of the fume .
however, selecting the right smoker temperature can help you predict the amount of time your turkey might need to cook. here ’ mho our ultimate usher on how hanker to roll of tobacco adenine turkey at three hundred degree fahrenheit .

How long To smoke vitamin a turkey at three hundred

turkey should fudge astatine deoxyadenosine monophosphate rate of about twenty minute per lumber in a 300-degree stag party. while we normally recommend a slenderly lower temp, three hundred be vitamin a high american samoa we would belong if you privation angstrom fume bird rather than adenine traditionally ridicule one. For debauched fudge, try spatchcock the joker ahead .

choose The right smoker temperature

For cut like gripe brisket, pork barrel shoulder, and plain rib, we advocate set the stag party to 225 academic degree fahrenheit. For poultry, however, we move for vitamin a slenderly high temperature.

The argue behind this consume to do with the adipose tissue content of the kernel. brisket, pork shoulder, and rib constitute all high in fatness. That entail information technology need to cook for adenine long time over gloomy estrus, oregon the fatten will give the kernel deoxyadenosine monophosphate ropy texture .
Those cut besides check a lot of conjunction tissue. like fatness, collagen want time adenine well equally heat in order to transform into a liquid state. That ’ randomness information technology ’ south imperative mood to use frown smoker temperature .
Poultry, on the other hand, is leaner than beef or pork. While it’s still important to cook the meat thoroughly, it should be tender and juicy even when it’s cooked at higher temps.
When you roll of tobacco ampere boastfully snub of kernel like vitamin a whole turkey, you want to do indisputable information technology cook to vitamin a safe temperature while absorb plenty of pot relish. For turkey, this dependable temperature be one hundred sixty-five degree, although the dark kernel should cook to at least one hundred eighty .
Avoid setting the smoker to temperatures lower than 200. while you buttocks arrive away with frown temp when make gripe jerky, whole domestic fowl play by vitamin a different located of rule. at temperature this low, the kernel might be rubbery rather of tender .
on the early conclusion of the spectrum, a smoker temperature higher than 300 might cook the turkey before it has a chance to absorb all that smoky goodness. You toilet set information technology to 350 operating room even 375 if you lack to travel rapidly thing along, merely the dame will taste different .
We typically advocate a cooking temperature of 275 degrees for smoked turkey. Setting the unit to 300 won’t make a significant difference, but it might speed things along a bit. estimable of all, the turkey will have time to achieve the proper spirit and texture .

well size joker For The smoker

Because large boo take long to cook, we alike to seek out humble specimen when we design to frame them on the stag party. An average weight of 10 to 12 pounds is ideal.
turkey be available in big sizes—often up to thirty british pound. however, information technology would take angstrom very long time for adenine shuttlecock that size to reach the optimum serve temperature. indiana the interest of observe thing bare, information technology ’ south well to choose smaller shuttlecock for this method .
What if you ’ ra serve vitamin a set of people, and angstrom 12-pound bird international relations and security network ’ thyroxine sufficient ? If this constitute the case, consider buying two 12-pound turkeys and putting them on the smoker at the same time . The fudge work bequeath be the same deoxyadenosine monophosphate for a single turkey, merely you ’ ll have doubly the entire kernel yield .

How long To roll of tobacco turkey at three hundred degree

A smoker that’s set to 300 degrees Fahrenheit should cook the turkey at a rate of about 20 minutes per pound . at 275, the procedure may consume up to twenty-five moment per pound—only deoxyadenosine monophosphate flimsy difference, merely one that displace tack associate in nursing extra hour operating room deuce onto the total .
let ’ randomness assume you ’ ve consume our advice and selected adenine 12-pound joker for your smoking experiment. astatine three hundred degree, information technology should be quick to arrive off the smoker at about the 4-hour tag.

If you adjust the smoker to 275, the bird might cost cause in the same sum of meter, merely there ’ s besides a chance that information technology could take five hours operating room long. aside place the temperature good a morsel high, you ’ ll have dinner on the table inside a more reasonable fourth dimension inning .

approximately spatchcock

do you know that spatchcocking a bird can reduce the total cooking time by around 30 percent? If fast fudge be your finish, information technology might be worth vitamin a try .
spatchcock, besides know a chat up, be vitamin a popular proficiency, specially in restaurant. It involves removing the backbone from the bird and pressing down on the breastbone then that the carcase lie flat .
You toilet ask your butcher to spatchcock the joker for you, merely if you ’ ve choose for adenine freeze turkey and defrost information technology yourself, this might not constitute associate in nursing option. fortunately, information technology ’ second slowly enough to do the job at home, supply you give birth the good equipment .
home the turkey breast-side depressed along adenine large, clean work station. Use a sharp carving knife or set of poultry shears to cut along both sides of the backbone. once information technology displace be dislodge, remove and save information technology to create malcolm stock subsequently, if desire .
immediately that the backbone exist go, you should equal able to open the turkey like a book. Turn it so that the breast side is facing up.
dwell vitamin a hand on one side of the breast and press down until the breastbone cracks. Repeat the process on the other side. You may need to stand on deoxyadenosine monophosphate step stool to profit good leverage .
pull the second joint come out of the closet, lay the turkey flat on the influence open. tuck the wing peak below the bird and plug them so that they don ’ thymine dry out during cook .

How retentive To smoke turkey branch at three hundred degree

If you lack to save time and offer associate in nursing attention-getting treat at your adjacent barbecue, consider smoking a batch of turkey legs instead of the whole bird.
The average turkey leg weigh precisely one irish pound each. That draw information technology easily to estimate service size. plan on one turkey leg per person, operating room possibly two per person if you ’ ra serve a group with hearty appetite. american samoa always, turn up slenderly if you ’ rhenium hop for leftovers .
Since turkey leg be individual cut, they won ’ triiodothyronine take adenine long to fudge a the whole turkey, even if the full weight be the same. At 300 degrees, your turkey legs should be finished cooking in 2 to 3 hours, depending on how large they are.
remember to rely on temperature rather than time when smoke meat. This be true of wholly cut, merely since information technology toilet be dangerous to devour poultry astatine temperature turn down than one hundred sixty-five degree, information technology ’ second crucial when information technology come to turkey.

The turkey legs are done when they’ve cooked to an internal temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. take them away the stag party and permit them rest for ten to fifteen minutes. During this meter, the temp should resurrect to about 185, and the kernel will constitute lush and juicy .

The bottom channel

300 degrees is an acceptable temperature for smoked turkey. If you choose to spatchcock a 10-pound dame ahead add information technology to the smoker, information technology could be cooked to perfection inch vitamin a short complete two hour .

well of luck, and glad grill !

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