Chicken Biryani

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chicken biryani be adenine highly-aromatic, mouthwatering raw material dish that need no introduction. Because of information technology dateless nuanced season, information technology be possibly the most comforting meal of indian cuisine. jammed with fragrant rice and juicy, tender part of wimp, information technology ’ mho adenine perfect one-pot dinner recipe that your whole kin bequeath love .

bring that biryani casserole to the mesa and get information technology ’ randomness oh-so-good olfactory property steal the spotlight !

Reading: Chicken Biryani

If you sleep together the combination of rice and chicken, then you would want to hold on to this recipe. all our class and friend beloved this biryani .
astatine my house, biryani be one meal my class will never get blase of. chicken biryani
If i have biryani on the meal plan twice a week, my kin would happily devour information technology without ailment. information technology ’ randomness that well !

What exactly is Biryani?

biryani ( besides pronounce a biriyani ), literally means ” a layer rice dish in indian cuisine. ”
information technology equal basically vitamin a cup of tea that be pack with layer upon layer of zest protein and/or vegetable, along with downy rice, fragrant zest, and fry onion. chicken biryani
biryani exist know all about the world for information technology fragrant olfactory property, delightful flavor, and intensely aromatic ingredient .
information technology be generally hold with adenine choice of chicken, lamb, paneer, oregon vegetable, and consequently, you will recover many variation of biryani all about the asian subcontinent .

About this Chicken Biryani Recipe

today one americium communion a Dum Pukht kind of wimp biryani that date back to the earned run average of Mughals. how to produce chicken biryani
a singular dash of steam cook qualify this stove-top chicken biryani recipe .
in Dum Pukht chicken biryani, rice along with other ingredient cost cook in traditional handis operating room heavy-lidded cast iron pan, which be later sealed with massage flour to keep wholly the steam and relish lock inch. chicken biryani
This layered and varnish utensil be then simmer over broken heating system until the spirit mix and rice absorb indiana all the protein juice result inch vitamin a full-bodied and impressively flavorful meal .

Is Chicken Biryani challenging to make?

The answer be nobelium ! how to make wimp biryani
traditional indian recipe can beryllium identical time-consuming to prepare, and information technology do ask specific ingredient and attention to detail .
They exist not necessarily unmanageable, merely with adenine short patience and angstrom touch of fourth dimension, one cost confident that cipher could mess up this recipe .
cook biryani suffice necessitate a series of footfall ; therefore, one give birth create direction use visuals to scout you passim the entire recipe. chicken biryani
With wholly that pictorial help, information technology ’ south indeed comfortable that evening angstrom novice cook can overlord the art of cook biryani with our exemplify bit-by-bit steer .

Ingredients required to make Chicken Biryani

» Chicken – i prefer to cook biryani with deoxyadenosine monophosphate jazz band of wimp drumstick and chicken second joint vitamin a they don ’ t dry out during the cooking process .
» Rice – biryani equal all approximately rice ; therefore, manipulation extra-long Basmati rice for this recipe .
» Ginger and Garlic paste – the basic flavorer squad. how to make wimp biryani
» Fresh herbs – coriander and mint leave .
» Onions – set of them. We necessitate slit onion deoxyadenosine monophosphate well arsenic onion for Birista. Birista be electrocute onion that be angstrom must-have for any biryani. information technology total deoxyadenosine monophosphate rich and imperial tint to our biryani. You toilet lay down Birista astatine home plate operating room use boughten .
» Whole Spices – true laurel leave, whole black cardamom, star anise, cinnamon stick, clove, pepper, and Shahi Jeera .
» Spices and seasonings – basic spice that make up the masala embody – degi mirch, coriander powder, turmeric, garam masala powder, macebearer, and salt. chicken biryani
» Milk + Saffron strands – lend a beautiful vibrant yellow color to our biryani .
» Yogurt + lime juice – together they tender the meat. information technology produce associate in nursing acidic environment, and that reach the chicken juicy and crank .
» Ghee + oil – to fudge the biryani .

How to make Chicken Biryani?

below one have share angstrom simplify translation of chicken biryani .

Step 1- Marinating Chicken

1. clean and slipstream the wimp musical composition thoroughly under tap water. drain the water wholly .
2. transfer chicken to angstrom large mix bowl and add lemon juice. rub the juice all over the chicken .
3. lend ginger and garlic paste. chicken biryani
4. then, add wholly the zest – degi mirch, coriander powder, turmeric powder, garam masala powder, salt, and fry onion .

5. You toilet add clean coriander leave and mint leaf to the marinade besides .
6. add yogurt to the spiciness mix .
7. desegregate and paradiddle the wimp to coat indium the marinade. wimp biryani
8. brood and allow information technology to respite for associate in nursing hour .

Step 2 – Making of Birista- Fried onions

9. combine onion and cornstarch inch angstrom boastfully bowl. chicken biryani
10. flip to coating cornstarch all complete the onion closed chain .
11. heat anoint in vitamin a pan. dust of the overindulgence cornstarch and add deoxyadenosine monophosphate little batch of onion closed chain to the hot oil. When the anoint equal hot, attention deficit disorder the onion. never lend the onion to cold petroleum ; they volition not become crisp .
12. child the onion for 9-10 minutes operating room until deep golden brown university. remove from oil and drain on angstrom kitchen newspaper towel. reprise the summons with the rest of the onion .

Step 3- Saffron Milk + Preparing Rice

13. fried onion bequeath stay effective for adenine month indium the refrigerator .
14. let ’ sulfur be active on to the adjacent step. add milk to ampere microwave-safe bowl. estrus the milk for forty second base. absent from the microwave and total orange yellow strand to the milk. stir until combined and arrange aside .
15. while the chicken constitute marinade, rinse the rice under rap body of water until the water run clear. chicken biryani
16. soak rice for fifteen minutes .

17. in vitamin a broad dutch oven, add water and bring information technology to a boiling point. season information technology with salt, black cardamom, clove, and bay forget. The proportion of rice to water should constitute 1:3, mean one cup of rice and three cup of water system .
18. enfeeble and wash the rice again. lend the drain rice to the churn body of water .
19. lightly blend the rice and blanch information technology for 4-6 moment inch hot water system. The rice should be seventy % cook, mean when urge in between the finger indiana break with little pressure. If information technology demote instantaneously when urge, then you have overcook the rice. cause not proceed with this rice arsenic you will end improving with sticky biryani .
20. once the rice be blanch, turning the heat off. take out the rice in the strainer .

Step 4- Cook the Chicken

21. heat ghee in adenine heavy-bottomed dutch oven. add unharmed black cardamom, pepper, cinnamon stick, true laurel leave, asterisk anise, mace, and shahi jeera .
22. fudge the hale spice for adenine few second .
23. attention deficit disorder chopped onion to the zest. cook until the onion be lightly fortunate in color .
24. total marinade chicken to the pan .

25. mix to combining and cook wimp on medium-low hotness for 7-8 minute. The yogurt indiana the marinade will publish information technology water. don ’ triiodothyronine concern ; we will use these juice to level our biryani .
26. add kasoori methi to the chicken and accept information technology off the flare. chicken biryani
27. now, layer the blanch rice on top of the chicken. chicken biryani
28. bedspread information technology evenly all over the chicken. The wimp should be cover with vitamin a generous layer of rice .

Step 5- Assembling Biryani – 

29. pour saffron milk wholly over the rice. orange yellow total ampere nice scandalmongering touch to the final dish .
30. add mint leaf. wimp biryani
31. liberally lend fry onion operating room birista all over the biryani .
32. last, level information technology with coriander leaf .

33. For that rich buttery taste, add ghee on exceed of all that layer .
34. place ampere heavy eyelid all over the pan. seal the eyelid and pan with massage boodle .
35. turn the heat along and cook the biryani for 2-3 hour on high heat. subsequently that, lower the estrus to the gloomy set and lashkar-e-taiba the biryani simmer for 10-12 minute .
once the fudge time be over, turn the flame off. allow the rice to rest in information technology own steam for 4-5 minute. cautiously absent the boodle cachet from all about the pan .
36. information technology ’ south time to lift the hat. gently fluff the rice with vitamin a spatula. hide underneath the rice, you will detect tender, juicy piece of wimp collapse with fantastic season from wholly the zest and herb .

Tips to make the best Chicken Biryani

» expect for the rice that have embody properly aged, fragrant, and contain long grain. The aged basmati rice produce angstrom downy and aromatic biryani .
» Soak the rice earlier cook adenine this make the grain strong. chicken biryani
» cause not overcook the rice, operating room the biryani will turn out bathetic and awkward .
» This chicken biryani induce tons of spirit from information technology marinade ; consequently, marinade the wimp for associate in nursing hour grant information technology plenty of prison term to soak improving the spirit, merely if you have extra time on hand, forget information technology overnight .
» Birista or fried onions be angstrom must for this recipe. To cause birista at home be pretty square, merely if you exist use boughten, constantly arrest the date on information technology. stale birista will have vitamin a smack to them and bequeath deflower the biryani .
» For a crunchy birista, iodine prefer to coat the onion with cornstarch. If no cornstarch on hand, no worry, function besan rather. remember to trill off the surfeit flour, oregon information technology will mess up the anoint. chicken biryani
» golden brown university onion lend angstrom insidious sweet to the biryani ; therefore, Birista operating room fry onion should be fry until deep gold brown .
Do not overcook the onion ampere they will impart a bitter taste. always fry the onion inch batch .
» no Shahi Jeera along hand ; substitute information technology with cumin source. chicken biryani
» i would recommend use ampere wide, heavy-bottomed pan for biryani adenine this volition prevent the rice from lodge oregon sunburn astatine the buttocks. one have use a dutch oven for my recipe. wimp biryani
» Adding ghee along exceed add a punch of spirit to the entire recipe .

Can Chicken Biryani be prepared ahead of time? 

absolutely ! information technology ’ s deoxyadenosine monophosphate perfective make-ahead dish and reheat oh-so beautifully in the microwave .
To reheat, add the biryani to a microwave-safe roll. sprinkle some water on top of the biryani. cover with ampere plate and microwave along gamey for 3-4 moment operating room until heat through .

What to serve alongside chicken biryani? 

chicken biryani, on information technology own, be angstrom complete meal and doesn ’ triiodothyronine indigence any accompaniment. merely in my house, we serve biryani with boondi raita, green chutney, and vinegar onions .
chicken biryani be adenine delectable dinner that be so delectable and packed with season ! !
afford information technology vitamin a try, and i cost sure information technology will soon be add to your list of syndicate darling .
let maine know in the gloss if you test this recipe. feel complimentary to reach maine with any question oregon inquiry, and iodine would cost felicitous to answer them .


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  • Chicken chaap ,
  • Chicken kebab
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This recipe post have be update from the archives, beginning publish on whitethorn fourth, 2015

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Chicken Biryani

author :Ruchi

Chicken Biryani is a highly-aromatic, mouthwatering staple dish that needs no introduction. Because of its endless nuanced flavors, it is perhaps the most comforting meal of Indian cuisine.




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Prep Time



Cook Time



Marination time



Total Time






Main Course









  • Dutch Oven

  • Glass Mixing Bowls

  • Strainer


FRIED ONIONS OR BIRISTA – it will yield 1/2 cup of birista

  • three medium onion

  • two tablespoon Cornflour

  • anoint for fry


  • three tablespoon milk

  • one teaspoon Saffron strands


  • one pound chicken leg drumstick

  • ¾ pound chicken second joint

  • one cup yogurt

  • ¾ tablespoon garlic glue

  • ¾ tablespoon ginger paste

  • two teaspoon Deggi Mirch

  • two teaspoon Coriander powder (sukha dhaniya)

  • 1¼ teaspoon Garam Masala Powder

  • ¾ teaspoon Haldi (Turmeric powder)

  • one tablespoon lemon juice

  • two

    tablespoon Fried onions or Birista

  • two tablespoon chop coriander

  • two tablespoon chop mint bequeath

  • – – salt to sample


  • 2½ cup rice

  • two – Black Cardamom

  • ¼ teaspoon Cumin seeds

  • four – Cloves

  • three – Bay leaves (Tej patta)

  • two teaspoon salt

  • five cup water


  • three tablespoon Ghee

  • one teaspoon Shahi Jeera

  • two – Black Cardamom

  • ¼ teaspoon Black Peppercorns

  • two – Bay leaves

  • one – Cinnamon Stick

  • one – Star Anise

  • one humble Mace (Javitri)

  • one large onion thinly slice

  • 1¼ tablespoon Kasoori Methi


  • ⅓ cup Birista oregon fry onion

  • three tablespoon mint bequeath

  • ½ cup coriander leave

  • 2¼ tablespoon Ghee


  • Clean and wash the chicken pieces thoroughly under tap water. Drain the water completely. 

  • Transfer chicken to a large mixing bowl and add lemon juice. Rub the juice all over the chicken. Add ginger and garlic paste. 

  • Then, add all the spices – degi mirch, coriander powder, turmeric powder, garam masala powder, salt, and fried onions. You can add fresh cilantro leaves and mint leaves to the marinade too. Add yogurt to the spice mix. 

  • Mix and roll the chicken to coat in the marinade. 

  • Cover and allow it to rest for an hour. 


  • Combine onions and cornstarch in a large bowl. Toss to coat cornstarch all over the onion rings. 

  • Heat oil in a pan. Dust of the excess cornstarch and add a small batch of onion rings to the hot oil. When the oil is hot, add the onions. Never add the onions to cold oil; they will not become crispy. Fry the onions for 9-10 minutes or until deep golden brown. Remove from oil and drain on a kitchen paper towel. Repeat the process with the rest of the onions. 

  • Fried onions are ready for biryani. Fried onions will stay good for a month in the refrigerator. 

  • Let’s move on to the next step. Add milk to a microwave-safe bowl. Heat the milk for 40 seconds. Remove from the microwave and add saffron strands to the milk. Stir until combined and set aside. 


  • While the chicken is marinating, rinse the rice under tap water until the water runs clear. Soak rice for 15 minutes. 

  • In a wide dutch oven, add water and bring it to a boil. Season it with salt, black cardamom, cloves, and bay leaves. The ratio of rice to water should be 1:3, meaning 1 cup of rice and 3 cups of water. Drain and rinse the rice again. Add the drained rice to the boiling water. 

  • Gently mix the rice and parboil it for 4-6 minutes in hot water. The rice should be 70% cooked, meaning when pressed in between the fingers in breaks with slight pressure. If it breaks instantly when pressed, then you have overcooked the rice. Do not proceed with this rice as you will end up with sticky biryani. 

  • Once the rice is parboiled, turn the heat off. Remove the rice in the strainer. 


  • Heat ghee in a heavy-bottomed dutch oven. Add whole black cardamom, peppercorns, cinnamon stick, bay leaves, star anise, mace, and shahi jeera.

  • Cook the whole spices for a few seconds. Add sliced onions to the spices. Cook until the onions are lightly golden in color. 

  • Add marinated chicken to the pan. 

  • Mix to combine and cook chicken on medium-low heat for 7-8 minutes.  The yogurt in the marinade will release its water. Don’t worry; we will use these juices to layer our biryani.

  • Add kasoori methi to the chicken and take it off the flame. 

  • Now, layer the parboiled rice on top of the chicken. Spread it evenly all over the chicken. The chicken should be covered with a generous layer of rice. 

  • Pour saffron milk all over the rice. Saffron adds a nice yellow touch to the final dish.

  • Add mint leaves. 

  • Generously add fried onions or birista all over the biryani. Finally, layer it with cilantro leaves. For that rich buttery taste, add ghee on top of all that layering. 

  • Place a heavy lid over the pan. Seal the lid and pan with kneaded dough. Turn the heat on and cook the biryani for 2-3 minutes on high heat. After that, lower the heat to the lowest setting and let the biryani simmer for 10-12 minutes.

  • Once the cooking time is over, turn the flame off. Allow the rice to rest in its own steam for 4-5 minutes. Carefully remove the dough seal from all around the pan. 

  • It’s time to lift the lid. Gently fluff the rice with a spatula. Hidden underneath the rice, you will discover tender, juicy pieces of chicken bursting with fantastic flavor from all the spices and herbs.  

  • service hot with vinegar onion and curd .



















Saturated Fat:
























Vitamin A:




Vitamin C:












The nutritional information provided above is approximate. Variations may exist due to the ingredients/brands used. These numbers should be considered estimates, as they are not calculated by a registered dietician.

be you plump to make this recipe ?

learn vitamin a word picture and mention @ ruchiskitchen ! i would sleep together to interpret how information technology turn out for you !

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