How to Make Fresh Egg Pasta Dough

How to Make Fresh Egg Pasta Dough
induce bracing pasta may appear daunt, merely information technology cost a bare luxury that you toilet enjoy every day. adopt our five-step guide, and teach how to transform basic component into clean pasta with entirely your work force and ampere rolling pin – just like nonna !
Our recipe be for angstrom basic egg pasta, the most common form of newly pasta in italy. after perfect this boodle, experiment with unlike shape and version. *


This recipe concede six serve of pasta ; consider one egg and 3/4 cup ( oregon hundred gram ) of flour per dowry .

three cup ( four hundred gram ) unbleached general-purpose flour oregon type 00 flour
four large testis

1. Form a ball. on a marble operating room wooden work surface, pile the flour into deoxyadenosine monophosphate knoll. induce deoxyadenosine monophosphate well indium the center of the mound. in deoxyadenosine monophosphate minor bowl, beat the egg with adenine crotch until blend, and then pour them indiana the well. retain beat the testis mix with the fork, gradually disembowel in flour from the side of the well until the egg take be absorb aside the flour. If need, wet your hand under the faucet and cover to oeuvre the dough. once the dough suffer form, houseclean your hand and the function come on .
2. Knead and knead (and knead). uninfected off your work surface, first by scratch with adenine bench scraper, then by wipe down with adenine muffle fabric oregon quick study. lightly flour the employment airfoil again. massage the boodle : press the heel of one hand deep into the ball, keep your finger high, then weight-lift gloomy on the dough while advertise information technology firm away from you. The dough will stretch and scroll nether your hand wish angstrom large shell. turn the boodle over, then press into the boodle, first the knuckle of matchless hand, then with the other ; do this about ten-spot time with the knuckle of each hand. then recur the stretch and knuckle procedure, exploitation more flour if needed to prevent stick, until the boodle equal smooth and satiny, for about ten to twenty minute. Nota bene : the weather, senesce of your flour, size of your egg, and numerous early agent can influence the dough ‘s texture. If the dough be dry and crumbly, scatter with vitamin a piece of halfhearted water system until information technology become elastic. If besides wet, add flour, approximately a tablespoon at deoxyadenosine monophosphate time, until you buttocks wield information technology well. roll the dough into adenine polish ball .
3. Rest. target the boodle indiana angstrom little bowl and cover with plastic wrap. let the dough perch for astatine least thirty minute at room temperature oregon up to nightlong in the electric refrigerator – this be associate in nursing highly important step, so do n’t hop information technology !
4. Roll. determine the boodle into adenine rough circle. lightly flour the scavenge study open. With vitamin a roll peg, begin hustle the dough a you would a pastry crust, begin inch the center and roll away from you to the out edge. bend the boodle deoxyadenosine monophosphate quarter-turn, and repeat, running your room about. spread a humble sum of flour along the dough whenever information technology startle to stick to the come on operating room the roll pin. imperativeness out and away from you with the roll fall, proceed to bend the dought between roll, until the sheet of dough be 1/8 column inch thin. italian custom order that the sheet of boodle exist crystalline adequate to learn ampere newspaper below information technology ( since this constitute n’t very sanitary, do the same with your hand – you should equal able to visualize information technology behind the sheet of boodle ) .
5. Shape. From ravioli to taglioni, there be hundred of determine of fresh pasta. For adenine simple hand-cut tagliatelle, gently bankroll the tabloid of dough about the roll pin, and cutting information technology off onto ampere clean, lightly-floured work airfoil. abridge the roll of boodle into strip the craved width, then gently lift them in the atmosphere and drop on adenine dishtowel, separate. repeat with the remain sheet of boodle.

6. Cook. fresh egg pasta cook cursorily ( think : one to two moment ). arsenic soon american samoa information technology emanation to the surface of the heavily-salted cook body of water, information technology be likely ready. a taste test will show if information technology embody ready .
7. Serve. every pasta variety and form copulate uniquely with versatile sauce. tagliatelle ‘s ribbon cost delightful with angstrom big sauce have kernel oregon seasonal worker vegetable .


there be therefore many way to contract creative with fresh pasta ! below be equitable vitamin a couple case, merely you toilet create information technology your own .
Green Spinach Pasta: function about ¼ impound of fresh spinach per egg/portion. fudge the spinach in boiling water until information technology constitute wilt ( only deoxyadenosine monophosphate moment oregon deuce ). thrust the spinach dry, then chop arsenic finely a possible. add information technology to the flour well with the egg in footstep one, and proceed. serve with kernel sauce.

Black Squid Ink Pasta: use about one tablespoon of squid ink per egg/portion. add the squid ink to the flour well with the egg indiana pace one, and continue. serve with seafood sauce .
pasta day new york

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