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If you ’ re not the most creative person, the good news is that designing a custom-made challenge coin doesn ’ thymine have to be equally daunting as it sounds. Our team of artists are great at bringing different ideas and designs to life. You dream it, we create it ; it ’ south barely that easy. When you ’ re ready to create your own customs challenge mint, you want a company that can best assistant bring your vision to life. Having created challenge coins since the year 2000, our key signature Coins team knows all the tricks of the deal. We ’ ve taken all of our experience and created a quick and easy system for designing a challenge coin. When you spouse with the best challenge coin maker in the industry, you ’ ra sure to leave with a product you can be gallant of .

We make creating custom challenge coins easy!

But we would prefer you hear it directly from early customers 😉

Create Custom Coins with Signature Coins

Handing over your ideas for a custom-made design can be both exciting and nerve-racking. When the intersection in doubt means as much to you as challenge coins tend to mean to the people ordering and receiving them, making certain the company bringing your ideas to life can handle the duty is a major business. Which is why we ’ ve distilled the challenge mint design procedure to the follow three immediate and easy steps.

Step 1 - Requesting a Custom Coin Quote

Step One: Get a Free Coin Design and Estimate

The process of ordering challenge coins starts with a simpleton request. When you request a quote and artwork from us, you receive both completely detached of charge. early companies charge a tip to create challenge coin artwork and send you a quotation. however, all quotes and revisions from signature Coins are completely free. Requesting a quote is vitamin a childlike as possible. In accession to our quote request form which allows you to attach images and select some of your preferable mint options, we besides have a absolve mint template you can download and sketch your coin purpose ideas onto, or add them digitally and return the template to us. The challenge coin purpose template is a helpful tool, but it ’ s not necessary to start an order.

Step Two: Unlimited, Free Challenge Coin Design Revisions

Artwork proof are delivered within 48 hours of a request being made. once you have your proof and free quote, you ’ rhenium welcome to make as many changes to your coin design as you like. All revisions are completed detached of charge. A challenge mint company that doesn ’ thymine charge customers for the inaugural quote or proof will about always commit for revisions. however, it ’ s extremely rare for the first proof a customer receives to be precisely what he or she wants. Sometimes it ’ s only after seeing a full professional mockup of their challenge mint design that a customer sees a better option for their fructify of custom coins. here at Signature Coins, we don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think you should be penalized for changing your mind. Whether you decide to make 100 changes to your coin design all at once, or a few changes spread out over multiple proof, you ’ re guaranteed to not pay a dime for any step in the process. Though our artists will thank you if you make all of the changes at once.

Step 3 - Ordering a Challenge Coin

Step Three: Ordering Your Custom Challenge Coins

When your challenge coin design is perfect, place your order. With each revision to the artwork, we ’ ll station you a newly quotation as well. Because our quotes and orders feature no shroud fees, you ’ ll always know precisely how much will be due when the fourth dimension comes to place your arrange. once we ’ ve received your payment, your coin order is immediately sent to our production team. Our turnaround time of 14 days or fewer is the fastest in the diligence without losing quality. other companies offer options to get your coins to you faster, but they can merely make that promise because they sacrifice choice for speed. With Signature Coins, you ’ re guaranteed the highest quality with the fastest possible turnaround time. Couple all of this with our free UPS Air Shipping and 100 % quality guarantee, and you can be sure your coins will arrive quickly and safely. In the consequence that you receive your coins and there are any output errors, simply let us know and we ’ ll replace the coins absolve of cathexis. All of these factors combine to make touch Coins the best loose on-line coin graphic designer in the industry .

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