1909 Penny Value: What Are 1909 Lincoln Pennies Worth? Find Out Here

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Do you collect Lincoln cents ? Or possibly you found a 1909 penny. Wondering what the 1909 penny value is ?

1909 pennies are highly sought after by mint collectors — because they’re the first Lincoln cents the United States Mint ever made. So what are the most valuable 1909 pennies ? How many were made ? Which ones are rare ? If you think you might have some of the valuable, rare 1909 pennies and you ’ re eager to see what are 1909 pale yellow pennies worth, I ’ ve compiled the information you ’ rhenium looking for below — along with some other playfulness facts about 1909 pennies.

1909 Penny Facts

The Lincoln cent was designed by Lithuanian immigrant sculptor Victor David Brenner, who had engraved an Abraham Lincoln brass and in 1908 designed a Panama Canal commemorative decoration at the request of President Theodore Roosevelt. Through this relationship, a discussion on redesigning the aging indian Head penny came about. Brenner soon provided designs for the Lincoln cent, which was first minted in mid 1909 and released to the populace amid much flourish on August 2, 1909. The first 1909 Lincoln pennies included Brenner’s VDB initials on the bottomland kernel of the turn back ( tails ) under the pale yellow stalks. much of the populace felt this was an excessively big display of the architect ’ second initials and the U.S. Mint responded by removing the offending letters after only a few weeks. This accounts for why the controversial 1909 VDB penny is relatively barely. The variations of the Lincoln penny, plus the 1909 indian Head pennies ( which were made in both Philadelphia and San Francisco ), plus the proof examples of the amerind Head and Lincoln pennies created a situation where there were 8 different regular-issue 1909 pennies. This doesn ’ thymine even consider errors and error die varieties ! Below is a number of the different 1909 Lincoln pennies, their values, and coinage figures ( how many were made ).

What Are 1909 Pennies Worth?

1909 Lincoln pennies — the first of America’s longest-running coin series — are prized by mint collectors, and some 1909 pennies are rare. here ’ s a look at the respective 1909 Lincoln penny values, how many were made, and early crucial notes about these valuable erstwhile pennies :

  • 1909 VDB penny – 27,995,000 minted; $12 to $20+
  • 1909-S VDB penny – 484,000 minted; $650 to $1,200+
  • 1909 penny – 72,702,618 minted; $3 to $10+
  • 1909-S (San Francisco) penny – 1,825,000 minted; $85 to $250+
  • 1909-S S Over Horizontal S penny – mintage unknown; $100 to $250+
  • 1909 VDB proof penny – 1,194 minted; $4,000+
  • 1909 proof penny – 2,618 minted; $500+

*Values are for problem-free coins ( no cleanings, holes, porosity, etc. ) in circle condition. banal coins are worth closer to the lower values, and coins with less wear have a value near to the higher end of the price range. Uncirculated coins are worth more than values listed here and should be inspected in-hand for a more accurate appraisal .

IMPORTANT: Do You Know The Grade Of Your Penny?

To determine the true respect of your 1909 penny, you first need to know what condition ( or grade ) your coin is in.

Grab a coin magnifier and a imitate of the U.S. Coin Grading Standards bible. then, watch this television to see how to grade coins yourself at home:

What Else Happened When Your 1909 Penny Was Made?

There were many matter to things happening when 1909 pennies were being made… and guess how much it cost for a new car ! here are some fun tidbits about the year 1909 :

  • On March 4th, William H. Taft became the 27th United States president and served until 1913.
  • The North Pole was reached by American explorers Robert E. Peary and Matthew Henson.
  • America’s population was 90,490,000 in 1909.
  • A 4-cylinder Ford Model-T Touring car with 20 horsepower cost $850 — that’s a lot of money for 1909, when…
  • …The average American wage was just 22 cents an hour.
  • Sugar cost 4 cents per pound, eggs were 14 cents per dozen, and coffee was 15 cents per pound.
  • Only 8% of homes had a telephone.

See why the penny was indeed crucial in 1909 ?

Pennies surely had a draw more buy ability back then than they do nowadays ! 1909 Fun Fact: There were only 8,000 cars on the road that year and precisely 144 miles of pave roads .

More Info About 1909 Pennies

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